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@BaddCompani Like Hillary should have had him prove his votes in 2016? Trump is kaput!

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Old_Yinzer ()

@kmpmomof3 @NickPonticello His prison library should consist of nothing but books by Obama and Hillary, not that he actually reads

Gccmbr ()

@JeffOnTheRight It is a similar statistic to comparing the Biden to Hillary vote. Biden under-performed Hillary vote percentages with the exception of Detroit, Philly, Atlanta, and Milwaukee.

L A L Á ()

@_A_Hillary Acho q eu vou fzr franja mesmo kakakakakakkakakakaka tlvz eu mude de ideia não sei

Action Tony Meatballs
Action Tony Meatballs ()

Please bro stop laughing at his tiny desk bro we’re going to make America great again and lock Hillary up bro

Hillary Photo,Hillary Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
President-elect DSB
President-elect DSB ()

@elisa1121 Besides Trump is doing exactly what Hillary recommended Biden to do. I don’t know why they’re surprised.

Punk&Progress ()

@OfficialGami Hillary talked about removing tuition fees for in-state public colleges for families making less than $125,000 a year, raising federal minimum wage to $12 an hour, doing everything she could to overturn citizens united, & legally protect certain classes of illegal immigrant.

Jason Kishineff 🌍 🇺🇸 🌹✌️🌻🌺
Jason Kishineff 🌍 🇺🇸 🌹✌️🌻🌺 ()

@eagle2_fl Is WaPo a tabloid too? I suppose WaPo made this up?

BillQ ()

@KatiePavlich Says the Muslim, anti-American traitor who conspired with Obama, Biden, Hillary, Comey and the rest to remove our duly elected President DJT.

Vectom ()

@ReviewResist @719Wwg1wga You’re right. Biden clearly campaigned to win this & his 100 million adoring supporters voted for that genius. He beat Hillary & Obama easily. The excitement was incredible. Please allow me to mourn my loss in my own way. Have some mercy on us. We’re trying so hard to cope. 😢

Julie 🇨🇦
Julie 🇨🇦 ()

@BaddCompani Like Hillary should have had him prove his votes in 2016? Trump is kaput!

Donald Beck
Donald Beck ()

@jayjenx @seanhannity He literally was framed. Bet you still believe Russia colluded with Trump. Of course, we now know it was Hillary and the dnc.

Satya D- key role -India EVM VVPAT-1billion voters
Satya D- key role -India EVM VVPAT-1billion voters ()

Good one. They should label each hyena, Joe Biden, Obama, Hillary, Kerry, Media, Social Media (@jack twitter, Zuckerberg), and of course the deep State they serve!

Funkyguy09 ()

@realDonaldTrump Bro, can you shut the fuck up already? You fucking lost, just accept it the way Hillary did in 2016. You make our country look bad, you can make America great again by leaving office.

𝓗𝓲𝓵𝓵𝔂🤱🏽 ()

Esse HR na corrente dele é de Hillary Ribeiro, queria contar nada não mas é isso aí 🥰

JeddWest ()

@EinsteinsMagic @leemack2 Need some jail time: Pelosi, Schumer, Hillary, Acosta, Wicked Waters, AOC, Cuomo, Mittens, Hunter Biden and Daddy! Honorable mention: Lindsey Graham, Barr ...

Emeraldeyes 🕊💗🕊💗🕊
Emeraldeyes 🕊💗🕊💗🕊 ()

@ZoeTillman Now that Trump has raised the issue of ELECTORS in whether he will leave the WH, it once again raises the spectre of his loss by over 3,000,000 POPULAR votes to Hillary Clinton in 2016. YET, he won the Electoral vote because hand picked Electors voted for him! Something stinks.

Nicole David 💛🐝
Nicole David 💛🐝 ()

I have no doubt in my mind that Hillary (or Obama or Biden, for that matter) would’ve handled Covid better than Trump, but even if they hadn’t, they would’ve taken full responsibility for their actions.

CW Jumper
CW Jumper ()

@newsmax If he’s watching can you ask him how that health care plan is coming along? Are we still on track to lock Hillary up? ’s laptop!!!!!

Yarethebirdshere ()

(9/13) this process was happening, and fast, and it was scary. It was estimated by 2047, all white people would be gay food. Until, on July 1st 2016, Donald Trump killed evil (gay) Hillary and became president. A new American hero was here to save us!

Christopher Mitchell
Christopher Mitchell ()

@benshapiro @benshapiro Nah bro, you’re just jealous that you don’t have a tattoo of “Hillary the Hero” on your leg lmao! Ugh, I’d cut my fucking leg off and be a cripple before I had a tat of that thing on my body! Why not just cast Danny DeVito for the lead role and completely destroy it?!

barbie girl🇦🇹
Barbie girl🇦🇹 ()

@rafaela_hillary eu tava até agora pouco amiga, se tivesse me avisado eu ia te trazer pra cá

KcoachP ()

@realDonaldTrump Funny how you talk about the popular vote- when Hillary won the popular vote- guess she should have filled lawsuits against you- can we redo the 2016 election

Skip Hadaway
Skip Hadaway ()

@Alyssa_Milano You are the one who fucking broke America with your psycho ranting against Trump and the people who voted for him just like Hillary deplorable and hateful, clinging to our guns and bibles. Would you forgive and forget? I think not!

Ali ()

@realTrumpForce I think the cheating powers that be let Trump win when they could have allowed Hillary, so they could (try) to get Trump out of office to instill a more corrupt socialist agenda that was more extreme than Hillarys. They failed.

MUNIYANquantum777x ()


kastimah azahra
Kastimah azahra ()

“Adalah sebuah tantangan bagaimana berpolitik sebagai suatu seni merealisasikan apa yang tak mungkin menjadi mungkin.” Hillary Rodham Clinton

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