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Joe Crann
Joe Crann

Hillsborough Park you say? See you on June 10, @ArcticMonkeys🫡.

Hillsborough Park Photo,Hillsborough Park Photo by Joe Crann,Joe Crann on twitter tweets Hillsborough Park Photo

The run of huge @ArcticMonkeys dates includes two nights at Hillsborough Park in Sheffield – find all the details here:.

arctic monkeys hillsborough park has been rumoured for god knows how long thank god it’s finally happening . after party at the leadmill gonna be some do this isn’t it like.

Managed to get tickets for AM at Hillsborough Park. Photo: @pjridders.

Hillsborough Park Photo,Hillsborough Park Photo by TravellingBlade,TravellingBlade on twitter tweets Hillsborough Park Photo

Absolutely worth the credit card abuse. Arctic Monkeys @ Hillsborough Park! ✅🤟🏻.

cannot believe arctic monkeys are playing hillsborough park, this rumour goes round every year and they finally did it the mad bastards.

It’s happening! @ArcticMonkeys have just announced their biggest UK and Irish tour for May/June 2023 - inc #Hillsborough park #Sheffield homecoming June 9/10. Tickets on sale Fri, Sept 30, 9am at &.

Hillsborough Park Photo,Hillsborough Park Photo by Graham Walker,Graham Walker on twitter tweets Hillsborough Park Photo

Sam Fender Friday 9th June, St James’s Park, Newcastle ✅ Arctic Monkeys Saturday 10th June, Hillsborough Park, Sheffield✅ Serious weekend..

30 degrees, on the beach, just about to sink the first cold one of the day to celebrate Monkeys at Hillsborough park tickets being secured 🤝🍺☀️.

They’ve got to play “red lights indicate doors are secure” at Hillsborough park haven’t they..

@shiner_sam Get yourself to Hillsborough park for the homecoming 🙌🏻🙌🏻 gonna go off!!.

Arctic Monkeys playing hillsborough, Sam fender playing st James park and courteeners playing Heaton park on the same day, what a day for British music.

Arctic Monkeys in Hillsborough Park next June. Tickets sorted. See you down the front. 🤪🍻🍻.

Long been a dream of mine to see @ArcticMonkeys at Hillsborough. The park will do very nicely #gotthem 🥶🐒🦉🤘🏼.

courteeners heaton park and arctic monkeys hillsborough one after the other? fuck YES.

Arctic Monkeys at Hillsborough Park next June. May as well leave the staging up so Pulp can play there before Tramlines weekend. #Sheffieldissuper.

9th June 2023 Sam Fender - St James Park Courteeners - Heaton Park Arctic Monkeys - Hillsborough Foo Kin Nowan - Stadium of Shite.

I can’t quite grasp the enormity of Arctic Monkeys playing Hillsborough park. This is huge..

rumoured for roughly 97 years, the monkeys hillsborough park prophecy is finally coming true and I am preparing to be crushed in the digital stampede for tickets given it sounds like about 112% of the sheffield population are planning to be there.

The annual “Arctic Monkeys are playing Hillsborough Park” rumour is actually true for once.

Arctic Monkeys at Hillsborough Park?Fuckin come on then 💥 🔥.

Looks like absolute chaos on Penistone Rd through Hillsborough this morning. Would avoid!.

@SwfcGurny I think there’s going to be loads going for these Hillsborough park gigs that’s all. So I’m hoping you’re reyt!.

@StagecoachYrks Got there in the end but why did the last person say it was serving the park and ride? Best going round houses and getting off in Hillsborough! Cheers Stagecoach for making our journeys much harder..


2 standing Artic Monkeys tickets at Hillsborough park for sale. Numbers 1-15 £50 a number. RT’s appreciated #ArticMonkeys #AM.

@Powell_Matthew I managed to get Riverside, going to try for Hillsborough Park tomorrow.

Hillsborough park in June to watch the arctic monkeys I don’t mind if I do 💥 🍺🍺🍺🍺.

Biggest stress trying to get tickets but arctic monkeys at hillsborough park sorted 😆😆 get me there now.

If you’re doing Courteeners that weekend instead of AM in Hillsborough Park I feel sorry for you.

Courteeners at Heaton Park on the Friday and Arctic Monkeys at Hillsborough park on the Saturday, some weekend that. 🕺🏻🎸.

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