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Nuestra visita al Embajador Británico George Hodgson para expresar nuestras condolencias por el fallecimiento de la Reina Isabel II..

Hodgson Photo,Hodgson Photo by Álvaro Uribe Vélez,Álvaro Uribe Vélez on twitter tweets Hodgson Photo

5 without a win for England (worst run since under Roy Hodgson) More than 7 hours without a goal since open play Relegated from top Group in Nations League 1 game left before The World Cup in 56 days.

Hodgson Photo,Hodgson Photo by Ian Abrahams (Moose),Ian Abrahams (Moose) on twitter tweets Hodgson Photo

@LFCDaytrippers Paisley Shankly Klopp Dalglish Benitez Houllier Souness Evans Rodgers Hodgson.

It’s clearly not working now though. Southgate should rightly get credit for rebuilding England post-Hodgson and Allardyce. But I think he’s now hit his wall. England need a fresh approach, if not before Qatar 2022, then certainly after it..


@curtiswoodhous8 @prodnose Realistic? A 72 year old who hasn’t managed for over 4 years? May as well get Hodgson back!.

@LFCDaytrippers @WeAreLiv3rpool Paisley, Shankly, Kenny, Klopp, Fagan, Benitez, Houllier, Evans, Rogers, Souness, Hodgson.

Hodgson, Allardyce and Southgate. Does that manager list make you feel that the FA have done everything possible to insure that England achieves the best result possible?.

@henrywinter Henry, he’s old schoolboy Hodgson type of manager. Saftey first. So pragmatic. Look at the attacking players at his disposal yet I’ve seen 5 at the back when Italy had possession. No where near good enough. Imagine Klopp or Pep with the players Southgate has at his disposal..

@Craig_Pankhurst He should have gone after blowing the uefa final with his choice of tactics then his line up for the shoot out. His first instinct is to get a draw, looks good undefeated. Similarly to the failure known as Hodgson he will not walk away from a world cup..

SUPERTRAMP - Fools Overture - Composed and sing by Roger Hodgson via @YouTube.


@curtiswoodhous8 @markbeard37 You definitely didn’t say this last summer in the Euros final. Doubt you said it during the World Cup 2018. Also, did you live through Roy Hodgson’s reign? I tried to overdose on Domestos bleach at least 4 times during that. My god..


@delfayte @demarkesports Kendi stadında 1-0 önde oldun Euro finale vermek büyük bir fiasco bence. Adam Hodgson’den iyi katılıyorum ama genede iyi hoca değil.

@aki_ayaani @terryflewers Sven consistently failed with arguably the best team we’ve ever had. McLaren failed to qualify for the euros. Capello saw us get embarrassed out of the World Cup, Hodgson lost to Iceland. Southgate has taken us to a semi and a final..

Declan Rice there, “trust me, we’re gonna be good” Sounds like me when Hodgson took over. 🤣🤣🤣🤣.

@LFCDaytrippers Shankly Paisley Klopp Benitez Fagan Houllier Dalglish Evans Rodgers Souness Hodgson.

Southgate gotta be done after this WC surely. Made huge progress from the dreadful Hodgson era but it’s time for the next step now.

@AVFCTrey It’s funny because Hodgson took over for Euro 2012 and England lose to Italy in the Quarters on penalties that tournament 😂 couldn’t make it up.

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@curtiswoodhous8 Sadly our FA would ask Roy Hodgson , Steve Bruce or give us a really good laugh @GNev2 and this time Harry Maguire taking corners and Harry Kane on goal kicks.

@rebekkarnold No one left. It will probably end up being fucking Brendan, Hodgson back at it.


@SteveMadeley78 I feel like he had the best talent and the easiest set of games. Southgate is no different than Roy hodgson to me.


One of the most adaptable and genuinely quality England sides in ages and it’s all going to be ruined by a 20 year younger hodgson.

@BroadcastMoose No surprise it’s a record like Hodgson Both clueless at this level against any half decent opposition and must be absolutely soul destroying to be managed by either.

Not sure I’ve seen a more negative team than England since Hodgson’s Liverpool. The talent England have and they serve up that. 🤣.

England genuinely played better football under Roy Hodgson then they do under this horse faced Pussio..

@LFCDaytrippers Paisley Shankley Klopp Dalglish Benitez Fagan Houllier Rodgers Souness Evans Hodgson.

@grunners85 @JamieONeill88 Hodgson & Southgate been the blokes for 12 years nearly (big same doesn’t count) they wouldn’t touch Jose.

@patcorraine Is that the actor Rock Hudson or the former England Manager Roy Hodgson mate 😂😂😂 as I don’t know which is the worse analogy as either are better than him.


@swightman77 Nah, just because Hodgson lost to Iceland doesn’t make us beating Sweden a brilliant achievement. He’s got a terrific squad and he’s squeezing all life out of them..

Starting lineup for the Broncos goes as follows: GK Hunter Morse Jonathan Robinson Jalen Shannon Dylan Sing Daniel Nimick Eric Conerty Tanner Hodgson Matt Lockwood Mike Melaragni Charlie Sharp Carson Hodgson.

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