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What is the safe and legal route for a 16-year-old orphan escaping an African warzone to join their sibling who is legally in the UK? Home Secretary Suella Braverman struggles to answer Tory MP Tim Loughton.

If you weren’t sure @SuellaBraverman is unfit to hold any national office never mind Home Secretary - take a look at this clip ⬇️ it will leave you in no doubt..

“I’m a 16-year-old orphan from an East African country escaping a warzone and religious What is the safe and legal route for me? Conservative MP Tim Loughton asks Home Secretary Suella Braverman to explain how a refugee could reach the UK to claim asylum..

The Home Secretary says it is becoming incredibly difficult to source accommodation for asylum seekers and refugees..

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Home Secretary struggles to explain how an asylum seeker can arrive legally in the UK (unless they are from Afghanistan/Syria/Ukraine). Important as govt continues to argue that people shouldn’t come ‘illegally’, but question is how else do you arrive?.

Having a Home Secretary who doesn’t appear to know the basics of how the asylum system in this country works should be of concern to everyone, whatever your political beliefs or affiliation..

If you see the *Home Secretary* today, please show her this thread about the system she presides over & defends without remotely understanding….

@Number10cat if only we had a Home Secretary who knew her brief, a brief that she has no problem banging on about in the media or in the press. There have been some rank bad HS since 2000 but she takes the gold medal for being the most dreadful.

Secretary Pete wants to help us get home for the holidays. Very Mayor Pete of you. 👍 Happy Thanksgiving @PeteButtigieg.

@PippaCrerar @timloughton So the only way to claim asylum IS by crossing the channel, to paraphrase the Home Secretary. Almost as if closing the safe and legal routes to politicise the migrants was a choice. (It was and is).

The home secretary had to defer to her colleagues when she could not answer the question put to her by fellow Tory MP Tim Loughton..

Painfully embarrassing that we have a Home Secretary so ideologically wedded to maintaining a system of cruelty, that answering a simple question seems beneath her.

I fail to see how it electorally helps the Conservative Party to have someone as Home Secretary who visibly doesn’t understand or even seem to have an active interest in their brief..

Incapable even of being deceitful convincingly. That this devious woman is Home Secretary makes me ashamed of this country..

I would have thought all those specific safe and legal routes you repeatedly reference as the alternative to illegal entry to claim asylum would have tripped off the tongue Home Secretary. But no, reality caught up with you. There are no such routes, by your own admission..

In which the Home Secretary - so out of her depth she has to seek the aid of officials - makes the case asylum seekers to enter the country illegally..


@Arron_banks He totally skewered her on asylum too. With a Tory MP destroying a Tory Home Secretary in committee, Labour need just sit back and watch..

@PippaCrerar @timloughton Intellectually, Braverman is not up to the job. She has been placed in such high office by puppeteers simply to provoke, incite and appeal to the far right of political thought. A sad indictment of the state of our politics in the UK that she is there as Home Secretary..

The Home Secretary is not up to the job she can’t answer any questions and does not appear to be in control, can you imagine David Blunkett or even Michael bloody Howard getting in this much of a tangle when people are simply asking questions!.

Well done @timloughton Finally, someone has asked a pertinent question of the home secretary 👏.

This is incredible. The Home Secretary of the United Kingdom, a KC in the third great office of state, quite unable to answer a question about her own policies, floundering, tongue-tied, out of her depth, speaking utter nonsense. Surreal stuff.

Union Home Secretary Ajay Kumar Bhalla & Secretary DDR&D & Chairman DRDO Dr Samir V Kamat, today jointly reviewed the ongoing collaboration b/w the DRDO & the Ministry of Home Affairs institutionalised to develop technologies & systems for Low-Intensity Conflict (LIC) operations..

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The World Cup may be taking over the media, but just a reminder that this hopelessly out of her depth Home Secretary is still in position..

@suemcdonald342 Define “illegal”. If you can you’ll be doing better than the Home Secretary who is being questioned by a committed Brexit supporter.

@SimonJonesNews The Home Secretary and Tories as whole are a Security risk to the entire country #GeneralElectionN0W.

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@toryboypierce Not even the Home Secretary, when asked by a Conservative MP, could name 1 way a person seeking asylum could apply to enter the UK before actually getting here So, how can any be classed as illegal until they have been refused entry after being assessed.

Real tragedy that we’ve ended up with this Home Secretary. Callous, and also just so farcical..

Ladies and gentleman this is your Home Secretary. Clueless, floundering but also inadvertently admitting that there are indeed no safe legal routes for refugees to enter the UK..

@campbellclaret One of the top jobs in UK and unable to respond without notes or colleague intervention - Ladies and Gentleman - our Home Secretary..

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