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Oliver Dowden is a decent and honourable man who has clearly decided that he can no longer defend the indefensible..

Reached Indore!! Inshaallah @aimim_national will contest Muncipal Elections in various places in Madhya pradesh under the leadership of our party president Honourable MP Barrister @asadowaisi.

The man sitting helplessly on road waiting to be seen at Jinnah Hospital is an honourable member of Pakistan’s Parliament. #ReleaseAliWazir.

Honourable Photo,Honourable Photo by Shama Junejo,Shama Junejo on twitter tweets Honourable Photo

In Toryland, the dodgy Oliver Dowden somehow counts as a ‘decent and honourable man’..

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@JhaSanjay Not just honourable Eknath Shinde &rebels, majority of the honourable voters of Maharshtra too,who voted overwhelmingly for BJP led alliance in the last polls,want BJP to lead the govt in Maha..

@Tobias_Ellwood @IsabelOakeshott If he was honourable he’d have apologised for his disgraceful lies and smears on here. But he hasn’t. So in the bin he goes with Johnson and his criminal cronies..

@campbellclaret What makes Grant Shapps, aka Michael Green, aka Sebastian Fox, honourable ?.

@SirRogerGale He is neither decent nor honourable. That is quite clear from his past disgusting behaviour. Your loyalty is commendable, but your head seem to be in a place where no sight or sound or honesty will or can, penetrate. Your judgement is fatally flawed..

He was spitting in your face only 18 days ago. He is not decent, nor is he honourable..

@yakubumandeiya @AnnanPerry The attorney General should go ahead, honourable Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa is not afraid of him #Cowards.

@aaronfac51 @RickyDHale In truth, although I despise his stand on it, he’s actually sticking by what he did in a relatively honourable way, and not clutching at opportunities, if you know what I mean. I can’t help like him in those interviews too, I just like no shit people 🤷🏻‍♀️😂.

@its_miaow Join the Knights in their honourable fight against the Savages then 💪🏻meet your destiny! 👑.

@SirRogerGale Was he honourable the way he treated the #footballindex mess he helped cause? Thought he just fobbed everyone off until he let nadine take over and be as useless as he @OliverDowden.

@SirRogerGale A decent and honourable man who, by your own admission, has been defending the indefensible. The con in conservative party made clear in a single sentence..

Warm Birthday greetings to the honourable @AndhraPradeshHM Smt. @tanetivanita garu. May the lord balaji bless you abundantly with good health and happiness..

Honourable Photo,Honourable Photo by Maddila Gurumoorthy,Maddila Gurumoorthy on twitter tweets Honourable Photo

Why are so many saying Oliver Dowden has been honourable by resigning? He is running away from a mess that he has made. He helped #LiarJohnson into Now when it looks like things are turning he jumps ship and shirks his responsibilities. Honourable? Just Tory. #AllJohnsonnow.

@Tobias_Ellwood Nobody gives a toss what you think and it’s about time you did the honourable thing and resigned #BackBoris.

@Tobias_Ellwood ‘Honourable’ would have been resigning a long, long time ago, when it became obvious he was party to a criminal clique running the UK. Let’s hope the criminal courts get involved in due course..

@asz_tee Enjoy your well earned holiday. Teaching is an honourable gig that needs dedication and hope for the future. Holidays are always well earned, by teachers as much as the kids they teach..

Maybe it is now time for YOU to also do the honourable thing. Resign, and help bring down this incompetent, corrupt, mendacious government. You guys have done enough damage to our country #TimeForChange. ..

A mostly sordid crew, with some honourable exceptions. #GravyTrain.

Totally agree. It needs a multi-level approach, with forensic linguists, psychologists and those with an enquiring mind. Leave the academics to teach, they are rubbish at everything else (with those honourable exceptions of course!).

@Tobias_Ellwood Hardly Tobias. Another nodding dog putting himself and party above the people of this nation, disgracing the ‘honourable’ position he was voted in for. Too many of you abusing the privilege afforded to you by the people of the Time that was changed..

@Tobias_Ellwood It’s not exactly honourable to only accept responsibility once the sh!t has already hit the fan..

@SallyMi83941850 @interestedbys10 Or the really honourable thing to do would be to resign as an MP and allow the constituents to choose their new representative..

@SirRogerGale But yesterday and all these past weeks he was a decent and honourable man who had decided he could defend the indefensible..

@SirRogerGale He never was honourable. He never was decent. This early morning resignation was to avoid press interviews & so he could eat his caviar breakfast in peace this morning!.

@draiochta14 Especially when 6! of its so honourable members appear to be extremely biased‼️ Would it be inconceivable to research their affiliations a little more? 🤔.

@SirRogerGale Not that decent or honourable as he has ceonsistantly and gleefully defended the indefensible assisted with more than a smattering of culture war nonsense and dead cats to divide, stir and whip up hate He is a corrupt liar.

@Tobias_Ellwood If a traitor says something is honourable then it is clearly traitorous..

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