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#IBelieveAmberHeard (she is amazing!!!!!!) 💜💜💜💜💜 - - -- - - - - -- - - -- - - - -- - - - -- - - - -- - - - -- - - - -- - -- - - - - - - I believe that Amber Heard should go fuck herself, and so should the people who keep making this shit trend. Just quit it already. Yawn..


#IBelieveAmberHeard is trapped in a web of her own lies. Please please watch Incredibly Average. #JohnnyDeppWon for a reason and the reason was justice..

#IBelieveAmberHeard is as horrible as she sounds on her secret “private” blackmail audio tapes..

#IBelieveAmberHeard Is a vile, evil individual who destroyed an INNOCENT MAN WITH FALSE ALLEGATIONS. She deserves to be in jail. A FALSE ACCUSER IS A CRIMINAL!!!.

#IBelieveAmberHeard--- Is a liar Is an abuser Is a narcissist Committed Perjury.

#IBelieveAmberHeard Photo,#IBelieveAmberHeard Photo by Illuminati 💊☠🖤 .,Illuminati 💊☠🖤 . on twitter tweets #IBelieveAmberHeard Photo

New issue of Aquaman out this week with Mera on the cover #IBelieveAmberHeard #AmberIsOurMera.

#IBelieveAmberHeard Photo,#IBelieveAmberHeard Photo by Ambers unpaid PR BOT (Springer),Ambers unpaid PR BOT (Springer) on twitter tweets #IBelieveAmberHeard Photo

Bars oh bars🤯 Fvkn BARS 🥵🥵🔥🔥 Blacko #doggy #IBelieveAmberHeard.

#IBelieveAmberHeard Photo,#IBelieveAmberHeard Photo by SylB,SylB on twitter tweets #IBelieveAmberHeard Photo

shut you goofy clown asses up no one cares #IBelieveAmberHeard.

#IBelieveAmberHeard Photo,#IBelieveAmberHeard Photo by hungsowlow,hungsowlow on twitter tweets #IBelieveAmberHeard Photo

#IBelieveAmberHeard is a lying con artist who thought she’d get away with it, but she didn’t! The world saw through her bs and she can’t handle it.

#IBelieveAmberHeard anyone who believe the mega bitch are clearly retarded and needs to go talk to a real victim as they clearly dont know what one looks like as amber turd is an abuser not a victim and if you cant see that then your either dumb stupid blind or all three..

#IBelieveAmberHeard was using that baby as a prop to make herself look good but since she lost the trial, not one baby over 2 months. #WhereisOonagh.

This is trending why? #IBelieveAmberHeard is an abuser & isn’t a very good liar.

#IBelieveAmberHeard got exposed telling 8 material lies during a 6 week trial, therefore lost a defamation case, and now owes Johnny Depp a truckload of money..

If you #IBelieveAmberHeard is truthful you are a CUNT and I suggest you ring up your mother to tell her that you have come out as an utter CUNT if your mums deceased you better get to her graveside to apologise to her for being such a CUNT! CUNT.

#IBelieveAmberHeard about as much as I would if she said she had a bridge to sell me..

@yassibooks Every time I allowed other’s to respond, I got bullied for my feelings about Amber Heard, & I’m a DVS myself. If you can’t talk to me, without bullying me then your blocked. Some do comment, are nasty. #IBelieveAmberHeard💜 IStandWithAmberHeard💜.

I’m almost the judge, jury & witness and my gavel says Johnny Depp is an abuser 👩‍⚖️ #IBelieveAmberHeard.

Depp stans u know u secretly love her - that’s why u can’t stop thinking about her #IBelieveAmberHeard.

#IBelieveAmberHeard Photo,#IBelieveAmberHeard Photo by Ambers unpaid PR BOT (Springer),Ambers unpaid PR BOT (Springer) on twitter tweets #IBelieveAmberHeard Photo

This! - and you know why? because Maxwell was assisting predators by giving them prey. Men love that - what they don’t love is people like Amber holding abusers responsible for the consequences of their own actions! ✨#IBelieveAmberHeard.

#IBelieveAmberHeard, a transparent, pathetic attempt by a failing mainstream media to salvage the reputation of a rightfully disgraced women that almost everyone has seen right through..


#IBelieveAmberHeard in all the things she does. She makes the BEST choices ever and was totally abused by Johnny Depp. I cant believe he got away with it. She showed the REAL therapist notes. This is bullshit..

The fans that send, 10,000 tweets came. Congratulations to everyone. #IBelieveAmberHeard.

#IBelieveAmberHeard & particularly her enablers should go away. I could go.

Woman? All I see is an abuser, gold digger and narcissist. I #believeallwomen except those who lie. #IBelieveAmberHeard could have leaked the photo to get $$..

the first thing that popped up for me on #IBelieveAmberHeard no opinion, just funny.

#IBelieveAmberHeard Photo,#IBelieveAmberHeard Photo by Komik,Komik on twitter tweets #IBelieveAmberHeard Photo

#IBelieveAmberHeard abused her husband and then told the world a viscous lie to ruin his life when he finally decided to leave her. #JohnnyDeppWon.

The Hashtag #IBelieveAmberHeard is up to 10,000 tweets 😱 #WeBelieveYouAmber.

#IBelieveAmberHeard Photo,#IBelieveAmberHeard Photo by DBZ/DBS,DBZ/DBS on twitter tweets #IBelieveAmberHeard Photo

#IBelieveAmberHeard should move on and leave that poor man alone, so he can recover from 6 years of loss and suffering over that vile self-centered deluge of bullshit she served the entire world as well. Thanks..

#IBelieveAmberHeard is a liar, abuser and bed shitter and also a terrible actor.

#IBelieveAmberHeard Photo,#IBelieveAmberHeard Photo by kaitjulia,kaitjulia on twitter tweets #IBelieveAmberHeard Photo

#IBelieveAmberHeard will take a 🧻SHIT💩 in YOUR BED🛏️😴 tonight🌃 UNLESS‼️ you 👉RETWEET🐦 this in the next 👀3 MINUTES🕖😱.

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