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Updated: September 17th, 2021 11:39 AM IST

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Rangers letting away fans into Ibrox for European games but not letting any SPFL teams have an allocation? Give them half of the Roseburn and be done with it, don’t want to see them getting the full stand again 👍🏻

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Strolled in to Ibrox with a pizza before the game 🤣🤣🤣🤣👏

@raghavsood9 Mental some fans opinions about tonight. Aye ibrox should be a fortress but when your up against that level of class what can ya expect. Their centre half tonight was braiding his hair for the full 90. We offered nada. Every game against these plebs in the league is massive

This nobody wae hiz wooden spoon again,@RangersFC the culture at Ibrox,wit diz he mean by that.

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Steven Gerrard & James Tavernier Post Match Press Conference - vs Lyon at Ibrox stadium. Lyon won 2-0 on the night.

Actually listened to a full on argument for 20 minutes tonight going crazy because people were standing up in Ibrox supporting the team 🤣🤣🤣🤣

@MichaelDaly64 That’s an interesting perspective - I’m speculating here but I wouldn’t be surprised if Sutton /Lennon are invited to comment at Ibrox in a domestic setting but not European - UEFA/SPL have different 👂 👂

@CelticIg The Scottish media should be concentrating on how it is not safe for a presenter to present a game at ibrox ?

Neil Lennon and Chris Sutton denied entry to Ibrox for Rangers’ Europa defeat to Lyon

Tonight just felt… weird at Ibrox. Didn’t recognise a lot of the folk around me and lots of empty seats.

@CelticIg Same old even fat sally on tv Leverkusen aren’t the same team as leverkusen at ibrox terrified incase we get a result 😂

@OldRangersVideo @RangersFC I was at Ibrox to watch the beam back live broadcast on a big screen. Remember I could hardly see anything much of the time cos of the sun shining on the screen!

European nights back at Ibrox 💙 Not the result we wanted but a first for Cooper and a night he’ll never forget

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fact that i left my car window completely open last night in IBROX and no one touched it just shows u what a piece of shit my car is

I think the Ibrox club should think about changing their everyone anyone slogan. Perhaps staunch & Protestant would be more fitting as that seems to be the criteria for being welcomed in

On this day in 1992, @RangersFC 2 v 0 Lyngby in the Champions League qualifier first leg at Ibrox


You have to wonder why @GlasgowCC have given Ibrox a saftey certificate when TV pundits are told its unsafe for them to work there. I suppose they want to make Glasgow unsafe for Catholics at the weekend

The Ibrox Galacticos pumped at home. And Lyons top man not playing. But aye, Morelos 😂😂

Rangers ultras spray painted profanities on Lyons team bus & Lyon repaid the favour by beating them 2-0 at Ibrox.

@ibrox_blue That was poor. But I actually think we were better team first half. Showed them far too much respect. Looked afraid. Last 35 mins just totally dissolved.

Rangers letting away fans into Ibrox for European games but not letting any SPFL teams have an allocation? Give them half of the Roseburn and be done with it, don’t want to see them getting the full stand again 👍🏻

@RangersFC @EuropaLeague Slightly ironic taking the knee. From the club who needs a “diversity programme” for their racist fans. There goes the “ Billy Boys” too. Steeped in racism. Disgusting club. Shame about the ibrox d

Arranca el partido en Ibrox,comienza nuestra aventura por Europa League. De paso iremos un poco atrasados ya que busqué una transmisión en español,sepan comprender.

Very confused here, they getting the bus n driving round ibrox then back off again?

@tenaciousV56 Would the Celtic team be safe? I hate football especially the old firm games but what with the vile OO out in force and needing to stop Celtic fans going anywhere near ibrox it’s just gone beyond tolerable. It’s all got to be stopped@

Why has Welsh our most consistent defender been defence has went back the way from Ibrox where we were solid for the most part.

@MLTim88 Ange game management 2-0 up and 2nd half at ibrox absolutely non existant, been shown right up

Ibrox on a European night canny beat it c’mon the Famous 🔴⚪️🔵

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I’ll hold my hands up when I’m wrong! Thought the graffiti would be bad news for the club! Turns out the main talking point is not letting a couple of wet wipes in Ibrox! So with that in mind… carry on lads, as you were! I stand corrected 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

@Official_T4O Not a good look at all. They are not Rangers fans that done it. They are hooligans that are not welcome at Ibrox.

They can join you outside the stadium, at let you have some company out there while we are all in ibrox

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