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I’m a little concerned about @GreggAWallace’s shelf under the weight of his Encyclopaedia #InsideTheFactory

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David McGhee ()

Gutted to miss the program about Heinz Tomato Sauce tonight but it’s I’ll watch it on ketchup #insidethefactory

Frugalpac ()

Great to see our coffee cup recycling partner @bywatersuk feature in #InsideTheFactory this evening. You can find out more about our partnership here.

Mae ()

Has anyone else noticed that Greg Wallace is inside the Heize factory but the beans he opened towards the end of the show was Branston? Do Heize make Beanston beans? 😂 We’re pissing ourselves. @ this needs 😂 @BBCR1 #insidethefactory

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Cat ()

@GreggAWallace @BBCTwo I need to know why Heinz cans don’t stack, it drives me insane! #insidethefactory #heinz

Heather ()

Just watching Inside The Factory. Who knew that Baked Beans were cooked in the tin once it’s sealed? Who knew that a 45 year old tin of fish was still good to eat? 😳 #insidethefactory

HectorsHouse 🐾🏡 ()

Who’d have thought production of baked beans would be so interesting #insidethefactory

Helen Murphy ()

There’s Greg Wallace putting a tin of Batchelors Baked Beans into a pan when the programme is all about Heniz Baked Beans 😮 #insidethefactory @BBCTwo

Minion MelO ()

#insidethefactory he opened a can of Branston beans, not good on a programme promoting Heinz

Lee Matthews 😷 - Human to @JacK_GingerCat 🐾🐾 ()

Filming #insidethefactory in a Heinz baked beans factory and Gregg opens a can of Branston baked beans at home.

🌻🐈RachAel🐈🌻 ()

It’s quite amazing what work goes in to our food and how factories work #insidethefactory

Beth Culshaw ()

Is that three bottles of althetes foot spray on the bookshelf behind Gregg Wallace? 😳😳😳😳😳😳 #insidethefactory

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Scott Keir ()

Really liked the human element to this week’s #insidethefactory - Gregg asking not just how the factory workers were doing at work, but at home too - behind every product is a human, good to have that emphasised. Curious it took so long to get to screen.

Damian ()

Great to see some positivity rather than all the other shit out there hats off to everyone at #essity #insidethefactory

Andrew P. Sykes ()

I’m a little concerned about @GreggAWallace’s shelf under the weight of his Encyclopaedia #InsideTheFactory

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Richard Upton ()

Those Readers Digest encyclopaedias are going to come a cropper on Gregg Wallace’s shelf #insidethefactory

BBC Points of View ()

If you missed #InsideTheFactory on @BBCTwo, it’ll be available on @BBCiPlayer shortly! Was the exploration of how we get our toilet roll an interesting look at a suddenly essential item, or was it just bog standard at best? Be sure and let us know what you thought of it!

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Dai  🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 ()

Is anyone else worried about Gregg’s bookcase… #insidethefactory

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🌻🐈RachAel🐈🌻 ()

You’re a key worker matey as there’s no way we can be without loo roll 😳 #insidethefactory

Deb ()

@TeachEnglish146 Excellent! We’re watching #insidethefactory about poo & loo rolls. What fun-filled lives we lead!

Auntie Bex ✨ ()

I just LOVE this programme 🧻🙌🏻 And @GreggAWallace is like a kid in a sweet shop when he goes to these places 😂 #InsideTheFactory

Laura Jackson ()

Lovely to hear @BombaySapphireB are making hand sanitizer for the front line staff #insidethefactory #IsolationLife

Simon_ih ()

96 thousand years of bog roll. I bet some folk have still got that much stored in their garages. #insidethefactory

Stacey Murray ()

Gregg is rhapsodising over a monster toilet roll and you have to laugh, you really do. #InsideTheFactory

Carl Draper ()

Their both communicating via the headphones right? So does Greg really need to shout? #insidethefactory

Lauren Andrews 🇪🇺 ()

I would quite like #insidethefactory to go inside the factory that makes the huge machines which are used in these factories.

Josh ()

I think @GreggAWallace could do with reinforcing his encyclopaedia #insidethefactory

Iainjw ()

Gregg Wallace needs a stronger set of shelves. #insidethefactory

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Sian mannion ()

I wish I had @GreggAWallace ‘a enthusiasm about my life/job!!!!!! #insidethefactory

Kirsty Williams ()

Can’t deal with the bendy shelves in Gregg’s house. They look like they are about to cave in! #InsideTheFactory

BBC Two ()

Now all I can think about is King Kong shopping for loo roll. 🤷‍♀️ #InsideTheFactory

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