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“When you’re this you ain’t gotta sell no drugs”. #Waze #Insomnia 🐾🪐🧨🚀

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Presiden Rebahan Indonesia ()

Mata ini akan mengantuk jika kita ingin melakukan sesuatu . Coba yang insomnia tengah malam niatkan gini, Duh susah tidur , ngaji dulu ah Nah ntar langsung tertidur

Diana⁷ ()

I really can’t sleep insomnia so bad rn and depression too for the past few weeks 🚶🏻‍♀️😪

𝕟𝕒𝕧𝕚 ∞ ()

here we are again huh insomnia? I’ve been trying to go to sleep for the past couple hours lol 😩

IdontfckAround 🎯 ()

sent this nigga ima hype to get my insomnia cookies but the mf done pissed me off in the process 😒

XoDeeRichellexo ()

so insomnia is real, like yall deadass be having trouble falling asleep?. thank god I fall asleep perfectly fine. i be out like a light.

Jas 🦋 ()

anybody have any tips on pregnancy insomnia because i literally can’t sleep at night but i’ll fall asleep during the day quick af.

⚫️Aleph from Malakhim ()

A friend is joining me in insomnia-induced emails because it’s actually become difficult for him to sleep without what he calls “Hackney Birdsong”— aka the intermittent bursts of sirens.

Andrew 𖤐 ()

I guess after 4 years I can believe the insomnia diagnosis - stoked I don’t break 60 hours awake anymore tho 😇 getting better

Toby rights! 🍒(🍐) ()

insomnia sucks! i should be getting more sleep than ever! instead my body shuts down for 3 hrs out of exhaustion then says haha wake up fucker

Daniel Castillo ()

Music for Quarantine, Calm Music, Meditation, Insomnia, Spa, Relax, vía @YouTube

「아기치타」루아🤘 ()

@DC_PanDAMI 뭐야아ㅏ 용용이두 금손이자나!! 나중에 가능하다면 저도 한 장 그려주실 수 있나요??

Blake M. Ody ()

Insomnia thought: maybe this is God punishing us because John Schnatter lied about eating 40 pizzas in a

Stephanie Espinoza ()

How’s quarantine going for me? well im breaking out in hives because of stress and im taking drugs because of i guess its going pretty great🙃

🚦# nata⁰³²⁵ ()

i got: MINJU M: miroh - stray kids I: insomnia - stray kids N: n/s - stray kids J: joahamnida - day6 (?) U: umpah umpah - rv

VirtualDJ Radio Ch4 ()

LIVE NOW: DJ Trainwreck | Insomnia Sessions #nowplaying | | @virtualdjradio4

Mike McLarty ()

New Butch Walker track greeted my insomnia. Seems like a very fair trade!

Julien🌻🌙 ()

I drank a whole bottle of wine straight from the bottle in hopes of out running my to be sober by 11 and up till 1-2am with a head ache.

不眠症🌸 ()


Venüs ()

Roller tersine döndü #coronavirus umudunu yitirme gülümsemeyi unutma #hepbirliktebasaracağız

Parker B ()

Isolation has worsened my insomnia so I’ve started listening to music all night. Last nite was up till about 4am before I passed out till 7:30ish. I need help 😩

Precious ()

My journey with anxiety & insomnia explained: Imagine closing your eyes to fall asleep, followed by an automatic recalculation your day, week, planning & decision making. Then realizing you may be conscious through each thought and calculation.

(資)ダイスの魔王 ()

@insomnia_23pbw いいえー。急いでパソコン選ぶと高いのにいいのにならないからねぇ

「아기치타」루아🤘 ()

진정 저와 반모를 하고 싶은 분이 없으십니까?? 반모가 부담스럽다면 친해지는 거도 좋아요ㅜㅜ 이 할 일 없이 탐라에 떠돌아다니지만 낯가려 말 못거는 저에게 관심으르...

Geh; ()

i got: youngbin y - youngblood (5sos) o - over again (one direction) u - unlimited (sf9) n - nobody like you (itzy) g - good guy (sf9) b - butterfly (loona) i - insomnia (stray kids) n - nice too meet ya (niall h.) comment an emoji and ill give u an idol ☀️

Stillgai ()

If yu have insomnia hit me up so we can both loath about life at 4am ;)


❝ I have insomnia so I’m technically a nite owl by no choice . . . ❞ Rafael joked lightly as he walked over to the still warm tea kettle on his stove, wandering if Arran wanted a cup.

ふみん のっこし ()

@Gumumubau 有難う…………えーーーーーんほんとにお手間をお掛けして…………申し訳なし……………😢😢😢😢😢😢

新規卓夏まで入れないきょう ()

@insomnia_23pbw なるほどね!よかった〜庭師の用意しながらやからアレやけど見学行くね 昨日はなくなったって聞いた

Lindsey June ()

Quarantine day : this is the first time I’ve experienced insomnia and I have no clue why, send me some zzzzs plz

Chip ()

“When you’re this you ain’t gotta sell no drugs”. #Waze #Insomnia 🐾🪐🧨🚀

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☚ #FishCustard #colour_collective ☛
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