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Sneaky clip of tonight’s #InteriorDesignMasters on @bbctwo, 8pm don’t miss it!.

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So what did you all think of Episode 2?? #interiordesignmasters.

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Watching #InteriorDesignMasters. Having a drink every time they say Signature Style. Been sick a bit to make space..

#interiordesignmasters next week Frank does an Indian inspired 🙄🤔😕.

“I’m so proud of myself” such a powerful thing to acknowledge and say, and as someone who suffers with imposter syndrome I’m going to try and say it more, well done Trish #interiordesignmasters.

I agree Trish is the one to go but I think she would have been able to have learnt more going forward. Cassie’s design was so depressing & she didn’t understand about cleaning so I think she had a lucky escape. #interiordesignmasters.

Ooh, looking forward to next week. Mary Portas telling it like it is is one of my very favourite TV genres. #interiordesignmasters.

That wall was the most creative thing/inventive idea in the houses and he gets booted off first?!? #interiordesignmasters.

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Kyle can re-design my interior anytime. #interiordesignmasters.

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I think Interior Design Masters could be my new fave programme! @Fearnecotton #interiordesignmasters 🏘💡📺🙆‍♀️.

Re. #interiordesignmasters I am missing The Great Interior Design Challenge with @tomdyckhoff and @Danielhopwood.

#interiordesignmasters did not disappoint! My new Wednesday night indulgence 🤩.

Nope. A large 4 bed detached house is NOT aimed at a young market, and a black bedroom and #changingrooms pink arches are not it. #interiordesignmasters.

Jerome should have gone home - a 12 year old could design that room #interiordesignmasters.

What a load of bollocks. Jim was the only one to build his own. He had some great ideas. #nobuilderrequired #interiordesignmasters.

#interiordesignmasters judge says “You’re all very talented”. No they’re not. Sorry, this is utter crap..

Watching #interiordesignmasters. These contestants all have one thing in common for sure: they have no clue about how to decorate a house. Vapid, uninspiring, pretentious, all style-no substance. A house is a home to be lived in, not for showing off to the Jones’. #foreheadslap.

Really want to like this but it feels a bit bitchy so far. Hope we get more interior insight and a mature take on interior challenges and less drama! #interiordesignmasters.

Oh Jim! Jerome should have gone! And I liked Nikki’s room! #interiordesignmasters.

Living in that second house would have been like living in a massive blancmange! #interiordesignmasters.

Agreed. A pink sitting room has no place in modern post-Brexit Britain #interiordesignmasters.

I like to keep things neutral OH DO YOU NOW? #interiordesignmasters.

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The amazing thing is that Fearne Cotton is actually in the picture of that room. #interiordesignmasters.

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The pink arches represented my dead Hamsters #InteriorDesignMasters.

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Black-room woman is deluded Pink-lounge guy is on acid Pink-bedroom guy is clueless #interiordesignmasters.

Sneaky clip of tonight’s #InteriorDesignMasters on @bbctwo, 8pm don’t miss it!.

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