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The hour of DOOM has come, disgusting humans! Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus streams now, and WORLD DOMINATION FOLLOWS!.

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Dude did y’all watch the Invader Zim movie? It’s the best pls go watch it.

@gaypricot invader zim is really good and florpus just felt like a higher budget continuation, i loved it.

Happy that invader zim is on @netflix ❤️😍.

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Us 2019 predicted invader zim movie.

Damn they’re making a Invader Zim movie , dope.

Us 2019 and invader zim movie are the same.

@Film_Addictt Nah. Trying to renew my Netflix sub so I can watch the Invader Zim movie, and I don’t have a proper TV so I’d have to download Stan on my PS4, which I can’t do at home. PSN is blocked..

can I watch the Invader Zim movie without having seen any Invader Zim thing ever before?!.

why am I the only one excited for the invader zim reboot y’all need some taste.

I binged hard today, got Invader Zim, Canon Busters, 3Below season 2. What a good day. Glad I was able to squeeze in some hw and rigging tutorials in. Gonna share more rigging tutorial previews tomorrow.

I’ve waited years for more Invader Zim and Enter the Florpus is pretty much everything I could ask for..

the invader zim movie slapped me in the face with my childhood and forced me into a drug trip.

@mirandadied4u Hahaha. Invader Zim was a wacky show in 2002. They stopped airing shortly after I graduated. The movie is new so I am excited for nostalgia sake..

Invader Zim Enter The Florpus was excellent, probably the funniest the series has ever been, was laughing, pretty much every joke hit bullseye for me..

Glad to see no spoilers from the invader zim special on my feed. Time to go watch it. :D.

i just watched the invader zim movie with pan and it made me realize how much i missed the show. Every single joke got a laugh out of me and im so happy with how much more rounded of a character they mad gaz in it too.


my experience with invader zim is that my older cooler cousin told me id like it and then i watched the organ harvest episode in the middle of the night and it scarred me for life.

@Wildbergerrrr I LOVE Invader Zim, and watching this made me nothing but happy. It stayed loyal to the series and was really good, to boot.

i for invader zim its capturing all that i really liked about the original without leaning on it.

INVADER ZIM: ENTER THE FLORPUS is out now on @Netflix and if you don’t watch it then Gaz will punch you in the stomach. Gaz punching you in the stomach is not as funny as it sounds and is actually really horrible. WATCH THE MOVIE. #EnterTheFlorpus #InvaderZim.

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Remember Zim? That little short Invader? Whatever happened to him?.

Unpopular opinion but man that invader zim movie was disappointing, its just a really REALLY long invader zim episode, but i guess the charm is seeing the old characters back since 13 years ago, dont like how they handled it at all but more power to the people who did.

The hour of DOOM has come, disgusting humans! Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus streams now, and WORLD DOMINATION FOLLOWS!.

Doom is finally at hand. Check out this trailer for upcoming Invader Zim movie, Enter the Florpus!.

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