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He has tagged the Irish Labour Party. True, it wasn’t a good result for them. They weren’t playing.

Failed negotiator failed diplomat and now a failure at twitter as well. I am sure the Irish @labour party will be somewhat surprised to learn that they won the Wakefield.

Important to cut through the noise and spin. This idiot tagged the Irish Labour Party. I doubt many of its members voted in Wakefield or Tiverton..

@aoifegracemoore @Helzbels Looking forward to the Irish Labour Party setting out their policies for Devon..

@davidallengreen @DavidGHFrost Looking forward to the Irish Labour Party putting candidates up in Devon ....

@NicholasTyrone Frost tagging the Irish Labour Party is just the cherry on top. 😂.

@CAChalmers_ He cannot tell the difference between Irish Labour Party and UK Labour Party. 😂.

Includes the Irish Labour Party rather the the UK one . Astonishing attention to detail from the bloke who helped deliver the car crash that is Brexit.

This is classic Frost. Does all his own research! It’s not good for @labour because that’s the IRISH LABOUR PARTY. In Britain they’re called @UKLabour. #byelection2022.

Showing the famed attention to detail which resulted in such a great Brexit deal, here we have Lord Frost tagging in the Irish Labour.

on one technicality he is right it was not a good result for the Irish Labour Party as they were not standing..

@ArcticReviews He even linked the Irish Labour Party in his initial tweet! With such attention to detail, i am glad he was in charge of the Brexit negotiations!.

@chigworld He’s right though…he’s tagged the Irish Labour Party, who admittedly did have terrible results in yesterdays by-elections. Because they’re in another country and didn’t run any candidates..


@iainmartin1 @RoryStewartUK He still, still, fancies himself as a savvy player - do the maths, but what’s the Irish Labour Party got to do with it? It’s like being governed by a phalanx of Alan Patridge. It’s performance art..

@campbellclaret Kudos for his consistency, once again seeing the ‘lose-lose’ where nobody else could. And the eye for detail in tagging the Irish Labour party.

@mrjamesob It must be said the Irish Labour Party @labour did have a terrible night not getting a single vote..

Lord Frost’s attention to detail and sense of diplomacy are somewhat undermined by tagging the Irish Labour Party in his thread. Which, for the avoidance of doubt, didn’t stand in either of yesterday’s two UK parliamentary by-elections (nor any others in UK electoral history)..

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