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We can’t wait to be joined by guests @wossy and @Kathbum on Friday! Send us your #IsItOk tweets now! #TheLastLeg.

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#IsItOk that children with ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) will be banned for life from giving blood yet their parents are accused of fabricating their illness?.

@TheLastLeg #IsItOk that the worst thing about #TheresaMay could be her successor???.

#IsItOk that @TheLastLeg thinks that to make a satirical comedy programme all you need to do is say f*ck every few minutes? Satire & comedy are dead..

@TheLastLeg #Thelastleg #IsItOk that I care more about unicorns and fairies than Game of Thrones?.

@TheLastLeg #isitOk that my 74year old mother can’t pay her rent on her council house and is being threatened with eviction but British steel can ask the government for £75m extra on top of the £120m loaned to them already!.

#isitok to say that @adamhillscomedy now appears to be morphing into my dog Delphi? Matching beards? #TheLastLeg.

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#Isitok that we get the tuba man following Nigel Farage about for the lead up to the European elections? @TheLastLeg.

#Isitok you still look like Geoff out of byker Grove #TheLastLeg @adamhillscomedy.

We can’t wait to be joined by guests @wossy and @Kathbum on Friday! Send us your #IsItOk tweets now! #TheLastLeg.

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#IsItOk that hundreds of thousands of students have to take their GCSEs whilst their country’s economy and political system crumbles around them?.

Forgot the tag! One day I’ll get the hang of this twatter! #IsItOk.

@TheLastLeg #isitok the courts have basically valued Hillsborough victims lives at £67 !!!.

@TheLastLeg #IsItOk that the American film industry is pulling its filming from Georgia in response to his newly signed law? #yesitis.

@TheLastLeg #isitok this is what you’ll look like when Brexit is finished with? 😂.

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@TheLastLeg #IsItOk that Danny Drinkwater has a driving ban for not drinking water? #TheLastLeg.

@TheLastLeg #IsItOk that one of my gcse exam invigilators is the spitting image of Jeremy Corbyn 😂😂 Hilarious #gcse2019.

#IsItOk that traffic lights stop you in the middle of the night despite road being clear considering air pollution.

Were you guys showing how planes fly on your [email protected] #IsItOk that F-15s and F-35s have joined B-52s conducting visible air patrols over the Persian Gulf in what the US hopes is a deterrence message to Iran. @barbarastarrcnn.

@TheLastLeg Can’t wait to have the beardy one back on TV. #isitok to see how long @adamhillscomedy can grow a section of his beard until #brexit is it might become a comb over 😋.

@TheLastLeg #IsItOk that I’ve done one GCSE exam and I’m pretty coincident I’ve failed them all 🤦🏼‍♀️😂.

@TheLastLeg #IsItOk climate change is getting so bad we might not have long to change it ? 🙄.

#IsItOk that I’m thrilled to bits that these guys are back on Friday? #TheLastLeg.

@TheLastLeg #isitok will you still be platforming without challenge those that have activly voted to make dissabled peoples lives worse?.

@TheLastLeg #IsItOk to be living in Scotland right now and thinking what fkn season is it?!.

@TheLastLeg #IsItOk that the mirror thought it was more appropriate to focus on the dresses woren at the baftas than the actual events..

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