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Lou ()

#isitok that school sent letter saying teacher had positive volunteer Covid test but asymtomatic. BUT school are still opening a Monday and key worker kids who were taught still allowed in

John D Bennett ()

I’m awake stupidly Plan is to go for a run with @Nickie_Louise when she is awake; #isitok to wake her?

Dirty Alex ()

@TheLastLeg #isitok there was no mention of #GeorgeFloyd s murder on your show tonight. Or the tone deaf comments of Donald Trump.

Mike Hodge ()

#IsItOk Is it OK that when we see Adam’s monitor it looks as if Josh is waiting to go out to bat for his local cricket team?

Laura #endthelockdown ()

#isitok that the majority of people are losing income, education, and joy to protect a minority? Especially when there could be measures put in place to protect said minority without locking everybody else up.

Sollicitus ()

#isitok that we told dying COVID patients and their relatives that they couldn’t see each other, but Cummings can do what he likes and go where he likes?

Liam Bosley ()

@TheLastLeg #isitok that we can just focus on the sentiment of the @hornesection song #wemisspeople

Em ()

#isitok that I can’t feel my legs after downing way too much booze after your show set the mood lol #TheLastLeg

Poggers champion ()

#isitok that corona virus is more annoying to hear about in the news than Brexit #thelastleg

The Last Leg ()

Not long until we’re live on air!!! Tune in at 10pm on @Channel4 Send us your #IsItOk tweets! #TheLastLeg

Caleb Wynne ()

#isitok that The Last Leg broadcasts “live” in London at 11pm on channel 4 but @adamhillscomedy’s clock shows 7am Melbourne time. Which would be 10pm London time?

Belinda Pattison 😊 ()

@TheLastLeg #isitok that Josh got two fireplaces, has one of them got a Hollywood style mirror above them???

Mitchmaxd ()

#isitok when every time I try to get my cat to play with a laser beam she just ends up licking her own ass #lastleg

Kimberley Walker ()

@TheLastLeg #isitok that I call upon Google to home school my all the time 🙈

Ailsa ()

#TheLastLeg #isitok that now Adam Hills mentioned he has a dog, it’s all I see when ad break starts and finishes. Well his tail anyway.

Kelsarama ()

#isitok that Adam has a lit barbecue in his garage? That cough might be carbon monoxide poisoning #justsaying

Paddy Emmerson ()

#isitok that I started out lockdown looking like the pic on the right and I now look like the one one the left, a tough few weeks

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Jo-Anne Burrow ()

@TheLastLeg #IsItOk that @adamhillscomedy is an early morning* breakfast presenter on a late night show? *noticed his clock saying 7am

Joolz 🇪🇺 ()

#isitok that knowledgable professor resigns over lockdown breach but scheming spin-doctor stays? Priorities Boris?

Flamingo_Fan_account159 ()

@TheLastLeg @Channel4 #isitok to be positively negatively positively negative with covid-19

Vicky martin ()

@TheLastLeg #isitok for me to ask you interview @sarahcpr this season due to her outstanding contribution to comedy with her Trump voiceovers

Jonathan ()

Getting to see my 58 year old dad going next door to get the ball he kicked over #onegoodthing #isitok

Tim Marriott ()

@TheLastLeg #isitOK that I had cancer just before covid and lost all my sympathy to this - gutted

PeteGooner ()

@TheLastLeg @Channel4 #IsItOk Subtitler thinks Josh wants to do this?

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The Gimpy Biker ()

@TheLastLeg #IsItOK that my #OneGoodThing is that people are finally realising that the tories are a self serving shower of shit?

Andy ()

@TheLastLeg #isitok that we can’t work out how to get 22 men into 100m x 60m but we can get 15 children & a teacher into 4m x 5m


#isitok that Cummings is running the country for whatever dark forces are paying for him yet nobody voted for him? #TheLastLeg

Nikki ()

#isitok Dominic Cummings breaks the rules whilst testing positive and driving over two hundred miles? Whilst the is in lockdown @joshwiddicombe @Channel4

Dylan Dodds and Friends (Friends Not Included) ()

#IsItOk that Dominic Cummings travelled from London to Durham to stay with his elderly parents when he and his wife caught coronavirus? #thelastleg

The Last Leg ()

Not long until we’re live on @Channel4! Tune in at 10pm for #TheLastLeg Send us your #IsItOk tweets!

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