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Nice to see the Italians standing up and taking charge! Next up to bat? The good ol USA🇺🇸.

Dear @vonderleyen, many Italians are wondering what are the tools that are available in case Italian elections do not go in the way you like..

The Italians led us into lockdown, it’s only right they lead us back out into the light again..

People everywhere are fed up with the Radical Left’s insane agenda. Italians just took their country back. America is next..

BREAKING: Polls open as Italians vote in a general election that could yield the nation’s first government led by the far-right since the end of World War II..

italian far right: we hate many people. gay people, trans people, migrants, people of jewish faith, centrist: oh i get it, you just care about the financial hardship facing italians italian far right: …yeah.

#UPDATE Italian far-right leader Giorgia Meloni, whose party came top in general elections, says she will seek to lead the next government and work for all Italians. Italians have sent a clear message in favour of a right-wing government led by Brothers of Italy, Meloni says.

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Dear Italians, Is there any exchange We will give you Rahul Gandhi for free..

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As a global community, we come together to curb Covid, reverse climate change, AND root out tyranny! Italians are repeating the main slogan of the protestors: woman, life, liberty! Donna, Vita, Liberta! Grazie! #MahsaAmini.

At some point we can just say “uh yeah Italians are basically fascists” and not feel bad about it..

Independent of whatever people think Meloni may or may not be, she ran on the most explicit and unqualified anti-left campaign in a long time. That is what Italians heard, that is what Italians decided they wanted, and that is why it is threatening to Western liberal democracies..

I see many Italians afraid of fascism under Meloni, but I saw nobody opposing the lockdowns, the green pass and all the consequent inhuman limitations. Fight the true fascism, as FdI ideas have nothing of that. #ElezioniPolitiche2022.

it will be INCREDIBLY funny to see meloni try to sell italians on eating bugs & freezing in winter because good guy uncle joe told her that this is what italy needs right now.

None of these guys can quite pin down precisely what is wrong with her beliefs other than “associations.” She thinks Italy should only be for Italians? 😱 She thinks Christianity should be at the center of her people’s culture? 😱 That globalism is very bad? 😱.

In France, they think they have the best wine 🍷 Italians think everything is better in Italy including wine 🍷 this wine is fine 🥂 Salute 🥂.

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So pleased to have hosted Georgia Meloni @CPAC FL. Media calling her “far right” because she sees the evil of abortion and globalist power and wants Italians to be proud of Italy. Good luck Madame Prime Minister elect.

@WSJ We Italians no longer want to be the servants of the United States and the slaves of the European Union..

Italians are tired of the Left, so they took their country back and voted extreme Right, that’s smart…. Waiting for Americans to do the same.

Why is the msm concerned about who has been democratically elected in🇮🇹? Are they anxious that Georgia Meloni will lock Italians down? Enforce medical tyranny? Create a fake climate crisis? That’s already been done by the progressive liberals that are all about ppls rights..

Notice to skippers: Italians voted in free democratic elections. Winning coalition will be accountable and judged by facts. Stereotypes only hamper cooperation EU needs and backfire on moderate agendas. Fear of right or populism? Get to work and propose something people can vote!.

She’s Cristian, pro-life, anti illegal immigration, against the alphabet mafia. She platformed on that and Italians “damn straight!”👍💯.

@PopulismUpdates Outside of Italy, only left-wing Italians have been elected on a national level this year, whereas the right wing one is about to lose..

The Italians are. Apparently people started to realize who and which ideologies are responsible for having brought us to this global mess. For those who dont know Istvan is member of the Hungarian Socialist Party. They have more members than voters. Maybe around 8…He’s sour..

The sailing championships in Nova Scotia have clear winners - the Dutch and Italians! But champions are not born but made. Are you there yet? The next time you are out in the water, try how you fare on Waterspeed! #49erfxsailing #sailinglife.

Els italians no saben votar, no com els catalans, que votem CUP, ERC i altres perles..

italians walk to the local market to get fresh meat and produce 2 or 3 times a week.

On can hope the mood is shifting in Italy. God bless these Italians for protecting their children..

@whospacaa @itzy_eddeong Italians about to bring world war 3 to your doorsteps.

Bangladeshi-Italians are the unseen victims of anti-migrant campaigners.

Boulevard des Italians #cortes #postimpressionism.

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