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Jacques acting completely unbothered is giving me the absolute ick. If someone tells my man they want to move to me he should challenge them to a duel, loser dies! #LoveIsland.

Cadê a plaquinha da imobiliária concorrente, a Jacques Leclair?.

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Akıl, yavaş yavaş gelir, önyargılarsa sürüyle ve koşar adım gelir. Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

He had 4 blocks & 3 finger wags in 12 seconds! Happy Birthday to 4 x DPOY Dikembe Mutombo Mpolondo Mukamba Jean-Jacques Wamutombo.

Gravée dans la mémoire de tous, la poignée de main entre Jean-Marie TJIBAOU et Jacques LAFLEUR le 26 juin 1988 appartient à l’histoire de la Nouvelle-Calédonie. Animés par un esprit de responsabilité, ils ont fait le choix du courage car la réconciliation est un chemin exigeant..

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Salmaan Moerat and Elrigh Louw are in line to make their Springbok debuts as Jacques Nienaber names his team to face Wales at Loftus on Saturday..

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Le Gorafi
Le Gorafi

L’abstention détrône Jean-Jacques Goldman comme personnalité préférée des Français -.

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N Digital

Cancillería de Haití había informado que Jacques no es cónsul desde el pasado seis de junio #NDigital.

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💬 Jacques Villeneuve about Max Verstappen on the F1 nation podcast: “Just a typical Max Verstappen. He’s always at 100%.He’s always in top shape, there’s never a weekend where he is off the pace, he doesn’t make mistakes. He is a tough driver to beat because of that”..

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Without a clean & full-of-life ocean, we have no future. -- Ocean activist @FCousteau, grandson of Jacques Cousteau, is at the UN Ocean Conference to inspire young generations to protect our planet for a better future. See how you can #ActNow:.

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Confessez donc vos péchés les uns aux autres, et priez les uns pour les autres, afin que vous soyez guéris. La prière fervente du juste a une grande efficace. ( Jacques 5:16 ).

EXACTLY thank you!! “How can you hate Ekin Subflr being “messy” but love Jay, Jacques or Luca?? Y’all hate women #LoveIsland #TALKSWITHASH.

Nah - Ekin su’s character isn’t my problem- it’s Luca and Jacques side comments. Is it your business? #TALKSWITHASH.

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wonder if luca is only ‘close’ to jacques so he can mimic him and make gemma fall in love #TALKSWITHASH.


Paige looks so hot and then there’s Jacques in his tighty whities #LoveIsland.

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Luca is only friends with jacques to make sure that he can keep on eye on him so he doesn’t go back to Gemma. #TALKSWITHASH.

Lehkonen also has joined Jacques Lemaire (2 in OT including the 1977 Cup clincher), Patrick Kane (3 in OT including the 2010 clincher) and Martinez as the only players in NHL history to record at least 1 #StanleyCup winning goal and multiple career playoff series winning OT goals.

A country is governed by good dinner parties. -Jean-Jacques-Régis de Cambacérès, Second Consul of France under the Consulate, Archchancellor under the First Empire.

„I prefer liberty with danger than peace with slavery.“ Jean-Jacques Rousseau * June 28, 1712.

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🌹 Une tendre pensée pour Jacques Martin, né le 22 juin 1933..

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The Epic Crew is in town! Expect some fresh content with Chris & Jacques 👀.

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have we thought that the villa has terrible bad vibes detectors if they like predator Jacques ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #TALKSWITHASH.

Jacques and Paige are cute and all but I WANT CHAOS #LoveIsland.

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The same people getting onto Jacques for dating Gemma at that age are on here thirsting over Ekin Su’s 16 year old brother 🤨 Yikess #LoveIsland #AfterSun.

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French GP, Magny-Cours, 30th June 1996 🇫🇷 #F1 Pole Position: Michael Schumacher (Ferrari) Winner: Damon Hill (Williams-Renault) 🏁 🇬🇧 🏆🍾 2nd: Jacques Villeneuve (Williams-Renault) 🇨🇦 3rd: Jean Alesi (Benetton-Renault) 🇫🇷 Fastest Lap: Villeneuve (Lap 40).

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Eww what the fuck is Jacques wearing whilst Paige is wearing the pretty red dress #LoveIsland.


jacques is a gameplaying p3d0 who is definitely not into paige like shes into him #LoveIsland.

I’m sooooo dead at Ekin immediately going to tell Paige & Jacques about Gemma. Someone needs to hire her as a producer for the winter season bc the way she effortlessly stirs the pot deserves a check ASAP. #LoveIsland.

Jacques Majorelle (French) Sudanese Market, Bamako, circa 1945-1946 Private Collection.

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@LoveIsland #loveisland Jacques is giving me “I forgot my PE kit” vibes 😂😂😂😂.

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