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How many teams can win the title? 🤔 Will Haaland be a roaring success? 🤔 How do you solve the Ronaldo situation? 🤔 Roy Keane, Gary Neville, Jamie Carragher, Micah Richards, and Jamie Redknapp answer the key.

🗣 Back three with a combined age of 100, which is phenomenal in this day and age. Jamie Redknapp says the most important thing for Chelsea was to get three points.

Fans have found reason to compare Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi once more after the latter produced a classy overhead kick to score a goal for Paris Saint-Germain..

The only thing missing from Jamie Redknapp’s punditry is any semblance of intelligence.

@chelsea_mark @SkySportsPL Someone hopefully gonna say one thing Jamie Redknapp never did was play for England. 😵‍💫 Complete 🔔 bellend. So disrespectful to Thiago Silva and ChelseaFC. The host instead of correcting him sat there clueless. Skysports is done 🙄.

So Jamie Redknapp thinks Thiago Silva has not won the champions league, why do you still employ this muppet @SkySports ? Prices keep increasing yet the pundits are always the same clueless band of misfits.

Simon Jordan is right, when you listen to Jamie redknapp, you become thicker when he’s finished talking.

Jamie Redknapp is the most perfect example of “it’s not what you know but who you know. Benefitted from who his old man was. It’s opened doors for him. Weren’t all that as a player, even less so a pundit. Meanwhile decent players/pundits miss out because of it..

Jamie Redknapp is one of the biggest mongs out of all the pundits.

@SkySportsStatto @ChelseaFC Also, and this may be a surprise to some (Jamie Redknapp), he won the Champions League a coiled of seasons ago! Does that put him in the “ToP bRaCkEt”?.

@BoundForCFC Jamie Redknapp is another Sky pundit who knows nothing and the obvious bias on Sky Sports is getting worse..

@CFCDaily Jamie Redknapp is on tele because of his dad. The guy couldn’t tell you 1 knowledgable thing about football. It’s actually embarrassing..

Did anyone notice how Jamie redknapp said Tiago has won 21 honours but not the champions league has he forgot we beat Man City and Tiago got a medal 🏅 😂😂😂 on sky sports tonight after the game.

And then to top if off Jamie Redknapp stating Thiago Silva has never won the Champions League!!! My oh my, he gets paid to do his reserch of football and makes errors like that!.


Hi Jamie Redknapp you utter fucking pillock.

Jamie Redknapp Photo,Jamie Redknapp Photo by c,c on twitter tweets Jamie Redknapp Photo

Jamie Redknapp is the guy whom you see and tell yourself “if this nonce has a job then even a stone is employable” 🙄🤦🏻‍♂️ #CFC @ChelseaFC #ThiagoSilva.

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