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Summary of Janey Yellen’s testimony yesterday. Ht WSB u/M_Scaevola.

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What a great review .. .. Janey Godley is a comic with the common touch – her final tour is as much communion as standup | Janey Godley | The Guardian.

Janey Godley is a comic with the common touch – her final tour is as much communion as standup | Janey Godley | The Guardian.

@JaneyGodley Having had chemo for 6 months, there were days when just getting washed and dressed felt like a win for me. I was at your gig last night. You smashed it and your energy, love ( and vitriol!😁👍🏻!) were of a woman at the height of her powers. Just awesome, Janey..

@JaneyGodley You should be so proud of that picture !! It shows a fighter who has never given up or let cancer define who they are !! A person who has kept smiling and bringing laughter to others despite being in the darkest place of their lives !! #Warrior #Janey ❤️.

@JaneyGodley Have a good journey home Janey Little Honey will be happy to spend Mothering Sunday with her Momma Caring hugs 💕 xx.

@JaneyGodley Safe journey back up the road to Glasgow. Thanks for including London on the tour. Happy Mother’s Day Janey💐. Love and best wishes to you both. I‘m going to visit friends in Belfast, coincidently the same time you are there😂😂❤️.

@JaneyGodley What a vile human! You do look beautiful Janey! I also survived cancer so this has touched a nerve. xxx.


@JaneyGodley Janey thank you ! Since march 2020 you have kept millions going .The good you have done is immeasurable. Lots of love .Oh your wee dug has brought so much happiness ❤.

@janey_wayney13 My mother told me that when the ice cream man played his tune, it meant he had no ice cream left 😢.

@janey_wayney13 You definitely would be a super mum. If there is a chance then you should think about it. It’s the most beautiful thing a human can experience and feels top of the world. I literally live for my daughter and I gave her everything possible, she will become doctor by end of March..

@blhtrixya I just checked it for DR Holland and indeed both Janey and Puny won the rusical😦.

Ye Larki Boht agey Janey Wali pr #Hellyshah jese dost kismat walon ko milte h Wo b Mehenat se agey barego Apni r #Vidhipandya ko motivate r encourage krte we MashaAllah dono Dosto hamesha Sath rhe R mehenat kr k r b young girls ko inspire krte rhe Ameen.

@outdoorpagan @JaneyGodley Janey is an inspiration to others while you continue to tweet in an impotent rage to your 35 followers..

@janey_jane68 Exactly what I thought last year! I’m in New York at the moment and prices are horrific - had a $50 breakfast too and it really wasn’t very much 😡.

@JaneyGodley The photo of a warrior after all you have endured sending hugs Janey 🤗.

@JaneyGodley You are beautiful inside & out Janey. Your beautiful locks will grow back. Have a great life 🌹.

@janey_wayney13 Thank you Jane - not only for your kind good wishes but also for your selflessness and ability to make informed decisions. Too many hav children, and like puppies arecast to one side once the cuteness has passed by. Being a parent is tough, hugely rewarding but also a commitment.

@JaneyGodley You are amazing and funny and absolutely beautiful Janey. I loved seeing you in London on Thursday.

@JaneyGodley What the actual eff is wrong with people??!! You’ve got more beauty and strength in your little finger than this absolute fool, Janey x.

@janey_wayney13 Anyone want mine ? You would soon try to return her. Not spoken in over 30 years and not missed either..

@JaneyGodley Janey, you didn’t even need to respond to the bellend. Those of us who adore your comedy and the person you are have always found beauty in all you are and all you do. Have a great Sunday, girl! 💪🏻❤️.

@GrayDa45072675 Good morning, lovely Janey, sending you all the love and hugs you need to get you through this. Keeping you in my thoughts, darling! ❤️💋xx.

@JaneyGodley @ashleystorrie Happy Mother’s Day Janey, safe journey home. Your mam would be that proud of you, for the mam you’ve become and for just haudin gaun. You are an inspiration..

@GrayDa45072675 Good morning beautiful lady janey hope you are well have a lovely day take care xx 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰.

@JaneyGodley Janey you are a beautiful person, you have kept smiling through it all. Ignore the detractors they are jealous that you have something they will never have, humility & love ❤️.

@worqas happened wmy brother and his frnds they were stopped by Punjab Police for tinted windows(which i agree was a right thing) but youngsters being youngsters tried to escape the situation by syingwe are tourist janey dein kpk k se aye hein policeman said 1/2.

@JaneyGodley Well done Janey, and Ashley. You’ve played a blinder this tour. Watch out now it’s over, you may have a lot of feels to deal with. Be kind to yourself, give yourself space, and remember that whatever else is going on you bloody rock, woman!.

@ImranRiazKhan Laal haveli ka scene ON karna chah raha hai. Mariyam ka Inteqam aur uski Fironiyat na janey kitno gharon k chiragh bhujayegi aur is mai hisse dar naamaloom afraad bhi hosaktay hain jaisa k loag keh rahey hain. Khair PSL khatam hua Pakistaniyon ab koi aur Shugal dhoondein?.

@JaneyGodley Fantastic Janey. Loved seeing aw the photos from your shows. Safe travels home. You are both troupers 💙.

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