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Incredible use of camera technology at the @rugbyworldcup 😳😳😳 #JAPvSCO.

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Guess how many times I watched the #JAPvSCO highlight? 10 times so far. Watching the full game replay soon. It feels so good.

@sevenislandsz1 外国勢が JAPvSCO と失礼なことしてますが、日本人も思想関係なく物凄い数が使っており…涙.

My eyes have seen you. #POTM #JAPvSCO @RWC2019Heineken.

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#JAPvSCO Japón rompió con todos los pronósticos y en su Mundial se metió entre los ocho mejores del torneo. >>.

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So forgot to post this yesterday in the excitement, but it turns out I wasted my time waiting up to hear if #JapvSco was going ahead. Sam kindly called me at 4 from Tokyo tower to tell me the weather’s great and match happening! #asone 😳.

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Scotland played a villain even trying to take legal action to “giving a great victory” to those affected by the typhoon. In Japan, this is called Tsundere. A Japanese girlfriend. Scotland is my wife #JAPvSCO #Scotlandteam #Scotland #RWC2019.

Love this from both players. Talk about rugby values 💪 #JAPvSCO #Respect.

Just watched the #JAPvSCO match properly (had to watch it between watching my nephew play under 13s at the weekend). Wow! What a sporting spectacle. @JRFURugby are, in my opinion, the most entertaining team at #RWC2019. Pace and precision is incredible. Can’t wait for the QFs!.

Incredible use of camera technology at the @rugbyworldcup 😳😳😳 #JAPvSCO.

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