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Dirrty, but make it #Strictly 🔥 Jayde and Karen really cleaned up with that Samba! @jaydeadams @karen_hauer.

Come through Jayde and Karen, #Strictly 2022 is calling for you! @jaydeadams @karen_hauer.

Rumour has it Jayde and Karen brought all the drama to their Tango 🔥 #Strictly @jaydeadams @karen_hauer.

I’m watching #Strictly on a delay but I love Jayde Adams, she’s fucking brilliant. Also, every year I curse my choices that I’m never going to be in Strictly & stunning the world with my Argentine tango instead I must stay home drinking gin with a picky tea..

As a Queer woman in a relationship with a man sometimes the biphobia makes me doubt my sexuality. But then I watch Jayde & Karen dance… #Strictly.

Prediction: @HelenSkelton wins. I loved her, the Ellies, Jayde, Hamza and Fleur. #strictly.

1st fave duo is jayde and karen 2nd fave duo is jayde and kai #strictly.

Jayde Photo,Jayde Photo by beth,beth on twitter tweets Jayde Photo

What an amazing first show! Will was amazing. Hamza is just gorgeous. I love Jayde. I think Fleur was done a little hard by. Loved Helen. Loved Ellie. Molly was fab. Going to be a great series @bbcstrictly.

Jayde!!!!! @jaydeadams you were like Sunshine in Samba form. I salute you. Lap up every gorgeous moment. ❤️.

My #Strictly first impressions based on the group dance… High potential: Fleur Hamza Jayde Kym Molly Tyler Could come good: Ellie S Ellie T Helen Richie Will Lots of work to do: James Kaye Matt Tony.

catch me rewatching the celeb pro group dance back a concerning number of times tonight 😭 jayde, tyler, will and hamza looked pretty strong out there to me but i’m so buzzing for tomorrow to see everyone dance in full.

Jayde & Karen and Ellie T. & Johannes had to dance off. The judges saved Jayde & Karen. Ellie T. & Johannes were eliminated! #Strictly #StrictlySpoiler.

Jayde Photo,Jayde Photo by The Strictly Spoiler,The Strictly Spoiler on twitter tweets Jayde Photo

@CromwellStuff It was cringeworthy tonight. The worst was straight dancer Giovanni with gay Richie Anderson. Giovanni looked uncomfortable & his routine avoided anything in hold. as for Karen & Jayde Adams, well that’s just weird. I’ve given up on it already this year..

Strictly Come Dancing 2022 couples include unannounced additional same-sex partnership.

Jayde Adams: ‘Women are smashing it, babes. Men are having to work a bit harder’.

Not Jayde and Kai being arm and arm!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. She said I “will not miss my opportunity”..

Well. Officially obsessed with @bbcstrictly for another year. Highlights for me… Jayde, Will, Ellie and Hamza..

Jayde and Karen on Strictly are EVERYTHING. My god they are gonna be electric and iconic ⚡✨💃💃#Strictly.

My top three are really not who I thought they would be!! Loved Helen, loved Hamza, loved Will. Still stanning Ellie Taylor and Jayde Adams. #Strictly is BACK BABY.

Jayde Adams interview: ‘Women are smashing it, babes. Men are having to work a bit harder’.

i saw a friend of mine the other day, and he told me that my eyes were gleaming. i said i’d been away, and he knew the depths i was meaning… he said i’m happy to have you ‘home’..

the three I’ve been so keen for ellie t, jayde and hamsa, have all been incredible!!!!!! #strictly.


Jayde Adams just brought the roof off the Strictly Come Dancing studio 💃.

Everything you need to know about Strictly 2022 star and comedian Jayde Adams.

@loveinsecret4 They need to get Jayde Riviere if she declares for the draft that needs to be Gothams number one pick since they traded Dydasco and they need to get a speedy forward that can finish balls honestly maybe they should try and coax Mia Fishel to come 😂.

Richie & Gio, Molly & Carlos are the standouts for me. Loved Jayde & Karen, Tyler and Dianne, and Ellie & Nikita too. #StrictlyComeDancing.

Calling it now. Jade and Karen top 4 Jayde can MOVE!! #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing.

@yasbryant @pernicegiovann1 They are the best, brilliant words Yas 👏👏 great to see Jayde and Karen too.

launch show first group dance ranking 1-Fleur 2-Jayde Tyler 3-Kym Will 4-Helen Molly Hamaz 5-James Richie 6-Matt Tony 7-Kaye😩 #Strictly 1-5 all have a lot of potential.


do people not know jayde is pan? even if she was straight there is nowt wrong with her dancing with a woman bc. sexuality shouldnt be a factor in who you can dance with😭.

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