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Is she the one who predicted the toothless man stole the dolphin necklace on #jeremykyle #ThisMorning.

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Two dodgy looking old men arguing over her sexual affection 🙂🙂 #jeremykyle.

Is she the one who predicted the toothless man stole the dolphin necklace on #jeremykyle #ThisMorning.

U CAN CHAT WITH YOUR “BIRD”... u SEXIST [email protected], Kyle!!! 😞🙄😡#jeremykyle.

Oh this is the episode where he runs onto the floor of the Corrie makeup room 😂 #jeremykyle.

#jeremykyle There was a 3 month gap when they heard nothing. She was imprisoned for sticking a prawn ring from Iceland up her top.

Let’s be fair to the guy. He ain’t got a small cock it just ran inside when she offered him oral. #jeremykyle.

Why’ve you come back katie? .....a free night in the Salford travel tavern and their sumptuous all you can scoff breakfast buffet #jeremykyle.

Katie’s village and gurns at the same time #jeremykyle.

Update: the child is now in the care of Social Services, Penfold has upgraded to Contact Lenses, and Mother and Father are still going at it, like the little bitches they are #jeremykyle.

Oooooh the mongs have been dragged back. Spoiling us today #JeremyKyle is klaxon.

’s wrong the way he’s treated but wait till I get him in the #jeremykyle.

If plucked more hair out my arsehole than what these two have on their faces 😂😂#jeremykyle.

#jeremykyle watching James bond later with his trousers round his ankles rubbing his ball.

I’m really not used to hearing an educated Scottish accent on the Jeremy Kyle show it’s really disconcerting #JeremyKyle.

I always try it on with the widow at a funeral. You know they’ve been doing without for at least a week. 🤪😂😂#jeremykyle.

you can have male friends without having any romantic or sexual feelings towards them #JeremyKyle.

camera cuts dramatically to cheap Lizzie Duke ring lying forlornly on the banquette #JeremyKyle.

The double whammy of a Jeremy Kyle proposal, and the fact the that he asked because the audience were chanting for it - so romantic! #jeremykyle.

Update: since this show he was sadly killed after being blown away and landed on a railtrack in front of the Manchester to Bradford express. #jeremykyle.

And the DNA results you related to Quark from Star Trek #jeremykyle.

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The high of criminality when you throw a orange at your front door at Christmas, call CrimeWatch someone! #jeremykyle.

How many times can Jezza say I dont know why I bother having a stage, Kyle Olympics and you can contact us on Facebook or Twiter what ever that is FFS change the record #jeremykyle.

You want to watch how you say things if you want to play the high and mighty you silly cunt! #JeremyKyle.

Jezzer stands by the lie detector test 1,000,000% .................... unfortunately the courts don’t lol!! #jeremykyle.

grammar. I meant to say when you #jeremykyle.

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