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You sit down on a couch in JK Rowling’s house and she’s like, “Careful, Dumbledore got railed there.”.

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This is all good until JK Rowling comes out tomorrow and says Tom Riddle was an ardent anti vaxxer..

best meme of all time has to be the use of miss jk rowling to spew random fake unnecessary facts.

Nobody: JK Rowling: There was a secret threesome going between Harry, Ron and Hermione 🧙🏻‍♀️.

god why does every over sexualized jk Rowling meme have to involve precious innocent Dobby.

People obsessing over the @rowlinglibrary & @jk_rowling not defining gay characters to their liking really is an example of the worthlessness of twitter, gutter mentalities & the power of lazy people. I’m gay. A writer can define their characters however they.

A JK Rowling indo dizer que algum personagem do universo de Hogwarts faz parte de alguma minoria.

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@mnqrosa ai mano dá licença sabe a jk rowling defendeu até o johnny depp e se vc n viu ngm reclamando do james gunn talvez seja pq vc não segue gente q presta pau no seu cu.

@jk_rowling Sooooo i think we’re all curious. The elder wand looking like anal beads is a coincidence.

@jk_rowling Go full MSM on em. Fuck ethics. I trust you with the power. Use them, gain influence, push your agenda. Help fix this planet, using their bias as a catalyst..

I don’t believe anything JK Rowling be saying. Her first name be reeling you everything you need to know.

@Misfit_PNG Nobody: Jk Rowling: Harry had a gay orgy with the enitre quidditch team.

@gaystarnews @jk_rowling Nope she is just a transphobic and homophobic pos trying desperately to remain relevant whilst maligning amab queers..

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JK Rowling made it canon that Dr Eggman came in to my house on May 18th 2011, and used by grandfathers recliner chair as a fleshlight.

JK Rowling revela que (a ver qué nos depara el texto predictivo) #trenDelMame.

JK Rowling coming out with the dumbledore sexuality stuff is weird because I remember the books and movies being asexual but maybe I was a child when reading them.

Mi meme favorito es JK Rowling desvelando cosas aleatorias: -Dobby tenía un pollón -Dumbledore le daba fuerte y flojo a Grindewald -Los Hufflepuff se hacen pajas en grupo -Los magos cagaban por las esquinas de Hogwarts Lo gracioso es que no sabes qué ha dicho realmente y qué no😅.

JK Rowling , ruining an innocent kids fantasy story that she wrote herself. JK giveth and JK taketh away..

Speaking of heterosexual privilege: Once again Ms. Makkai presumes to speak FOR US. @rebeccamakkai @jk_rowling Please ladies, take every seat..

@GGAD_love @jk_rowling ~ *молится* Я те оч сочувствую. Надеюсь, флешбеков будет столько сколько нужно для выздоровления ✨ поддерживай здоровье, лечись - читай побольше фанфиков, только флаффных ( чтоб инфаркт не словить ) желаю удачи 💚.

@Asensiazo @jk_rowling Exactly. She’s a desperate attention seeker. Probably paid to say all this fucked up shit. Her audience are kids to make it worse. They’re barely know the world and they’re being shovelled with this disgusting shit. She’s clearly doing it for clout or under orders..

No one: JK Rowling: Fetish gear didn’t free elves when they received it, so Dobby amassed QUITE the collection. His 18” Dumbledore-fist-shaped dildo sold at Sotheby’s for over £90m to a private buyer. Possibly unconnected, but Harry & Ron were seen walking oddly shortly after..

JK Rowling seems to be recreating Hogwarts as the school of witchcraft and.

na verdade isso é escroto pra caralho e devia ser uma crítica a vcs que acreditam em qualquer notícia que começa com jk rowling revela, não é ela que revela coisas, são vocês que inventam e compartilham sigam o @cacocardassi pq ele fala sobre isso além de outros assuntos fodas.

I wonder who they’ll cast in the remakes when jk rowling decides harry potter was actually a dog.

You sit down on a couch in JK Rowling’s house and she’s like, “Careful, Dumbledore got railed there.”.

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