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Robert Miller ()

@Jim_Jordan That’s funny. Hahahahaha from The Ohio State Joe Paterno You cant unsee things Jim. Once you know you know and you failed those boys. What are you so afraid of ?

GiveMeSport Football ()

On this day in 2011 📆 Joe Jordan and Gennaro Gattuso went at it on the sidelines at San Siro 😳

Paul McDonnell ()

@IanCheeseman ..and the scorer of the best headed goal I have ever seen vs Ipswich 02/04/1977 (I think). Best wishes Dave Watson. Loved his battles with Joe Jordan, no quarter given.

Robert ()

@thespursweb I thought Joe Jordan was very restrained and Gattuso should thank God every that he was, because otherwise we would be talking about his funeral today.

Aaron Pegler ()

I Was gutted joe Jordan didn’t smash his head in. Can’t stand the prick and yeah he was massively overrated aswel

FPL depression 🇨🇽 ()

Joe Jordan taking on the little cunt Gattuso. Absolute icon 🤩😂 #THFC

Mikeeee ()

🎵 Joe , Joe, Joe Jordan 👏 🎵 That was his song with us Loved Joe and big Gordon McQueen 👍

Monty Snyder ()

@HuffPost Jordan is a whinny little B. Did he know and do nothing about it? Those steps you hear behind you Jim are those of Joe Paterno

Dana Pruchnicki ()

Dear @Jim_Jordan #JimJordan, Got anything to say about this? You appear to be the Joe Paterno of Ohio St.

Craig Campbell ()

@splbanter Might be making this up but didn’t Gattuso say after the match that he hadn’t realised that it was Joe Jordan and he wouldn’t have bothered if had known because of Jordan’s reputation when he played for Milan.

Mongo revera ()

Jordan Peterson on Unearned Moral Superiority (from Joe Rogan via @YouTube

Stylo Matchmakers® ()

Joe Jordan in his Stylo Matchmakers for @LUFC back in 74. What a tough SOB and player Joe was 👊⚽️💪

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Kyle James Frazer ()

The day Gattuso nearly lost every bone in his body by squaring up to Joe Jordan.

Amber allan ()

If you get the chance watch Joe Rogan Experience #877 - Jordan Peterson ,,I was floored with how much I learned!! 6mill views it is from 2016 still very relevant!


“Joe Jordan” regardless of the Guttso incident JJ was a pretty decent centre forward in his day

Anthony ()

There is very few FA’s I want the Eagles to go after WR- Robby Anderson DE- Yannick Ngakoue DE- Arik Armstead DE- Donte Fowler LB- Joe Schobert LB- Jame Collins CB- James Bradberry S- Karl Joesph And keep RB- Jordan Howard DT- Hissan Ridgeway

Fitbawbag ()

I have always said. Joe Jordan would have fucking obliterated the little turd stain

Nick carriedaway ()

A lot of fans in the comments have made the assumption that Gattuso was scared when he squared up with Joe Jordan , the problem is that Gattuso probably didn’t even know who Joe Jordan is and the last emotion he felt that evening was fear 😂

Matt Chalk ()

I know who’d I have my money on between Joe Jordan and Gattuso.

Angelina ()

@holydnero @Elcrucifixio Alison Adrian Andy lonergan Andrew Robertson Trent Alexander Arnold Virgil vandikj Andrew Robertson Sadio mane Salah Dejan lovren Joe Gomez Jordan Henderson James milner Divock origi Ben woodburn Rhian Brewster I help you put one jara

Brandon ()

Good god what joe jordan would’ve done to that little pashun merchant

🇾🇪 ()

Joe Jordan would have made mincemeat of Gattuso 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿


Can you remember Sejal from JHMS or Joe from Love Aaj Kal? The characters are written so poorly that it made the whole film disappointing. This is not Imtiaz Ali. His approach towards Geet, Veera, Jordan, Ved and Tara was his own ideology but he went wrong in case of Sejal & Joe.

JH ()

Just seen that Gattuso/Joe Jordan fight again, I still don’t think it was wise for Gattuso to pick on a bloke whose nickname was Jaws,and was probably the only man on the Spurs bench that would have eaten him for breakfast! 😂😂

Dominic Attenborough ()

@gibgibgib1 I remember this so well. I would NOT take on Joe Jordan.

Dan Thomas ()

@BenSte3le Milan were brutal all game. One of them chopped Corluka in half and this was the match Gattuso had an all advised pop at Joe

Cenk ()

@Semprista @mikewzwsk1 Joe Jordan would have eat him for breakfast, lunch and dinner if he wanted to.

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Wood ()

Joe Jordan would drop this greasy nonce without breaking a sweat

Blindpew ()

@PhilHowarth I remember that game. His piss-poor head-butt, the flouncing about on the pitch. Gattuso was lucky Joe Jordan wasn’t playing still.

Steve Palazzolo ()

Most positively graded plays outside the pocket, 2020 NFL Draft Class: Joe Burrow Jalen Hurts Jordan Love

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