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Need that video of van Dijk chasing Joelinton at lightning speed and flooring him with a cracking challenge at the halfline..

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74mins: Magnificent off-the-line clearance from Schar. Connolly breaks through on goal, beautifully lobs Dubravka, but Schar gets back to acrobatically clear off the line. #nufc counter, Saint-Maximin feeds Joelinton, whose shot is blocked out for a corner. The noise levels rise.

75: Dunky with a fantastic block up the other end to deny Joelinton! 😅 ⚫️ #NUFC 0-0 #BHAFC 💚.

Then ASM tees up Joelinton but his shot is blocked! Volume level has gone up here!.

Need that video of van Dijk chasing Joelinton at lightning speed and flooring him with a cracking challenge at the halfline..

Linesmen are pointless now, Joelinton and Muto both through 1 on 1 and both given offside, replay shows they were onside #NUFC.

We got undone by pure class today and a couple of errors but it wasn’t an embarrassment. Personally thought that was Joelinton’s best performance for us and the shape looked good overall. Better than the last visit #nufc.

Segundo gol do Liverpool foi exatamente assim, Joelinton fez um puta pivô e tocou pra Atsu que perdeu a bola e Firmino tocou pra Mané... gol.

@AdamNUFC_ Brain dead when he picked out joelinton for our only win of the.

Full time thoughts: •Firmino is the cog for our team •Mane is clinically underrated •Matip bossed Joelinton •Great to see Ox get minutes •Shaqiri came on •VAR is useless •Top of the League.

Willing to move on from this game just desperately hoping Hayden & Schär come away without injuries after watching them gobble around. Actually thought Almirón looked a little better today. Joelinton still not in the box enough. #NUFC.

Joelinton puto da Vida com esse Time, o cara roubou a Bola armou o contra ataque pro imbecil tocar errado.

Que gol absurdo do Liverpool. O passe de Firmino foi qq coisa, mágico. Que partida do brasileiro. Absolutamente, ele é outro jogador quando veste a camisa do time inglês. Liverpool 3 x 1 Newcastle. Joelinton - isolado - mal consegue pegar na bola. Newcastle todo, todo atrás..

Caramba, o Joelinton tem 23 anos somente. Parece que ouço falar sobre ele tem uns 5-6 anos. Tem tudo para crescer na @premierleague, apesar do jogo que o @NUFC impõe para ele. #LIVNEW.

Joelinton has gone down holding the back of his leg after a challenge. He is back up to his feet when #nufc get the back, but he is feeling the back of his leg again. Looks OK to continue though.

Joelinton just looks like he’s playing in slow motion even when the ball comes to him he still looks very reactive instead of anticipating it- Almiron needs less pace more composure #LIVNEW.

Water break giving #nufc a chance to regroup. Bruce passing on a message to Hayden and Joelinton while Agnew has some words with Willems. Big 10 minutes ahead now in sweltering conditions before half-time. Firmino about to come on now, too., for injured #LIVNEW.

@theobaker_ Refereeing has been poor all game so far. Joelinton wrongly called offside when he was 1v1 and now this. Premier league refs are shocking.

Newcastle, en los primeros minutos, estaba dando sensaciones de peligro en sus transiciones con Joelinton, Atsu y Almirón. Además que Shelvy estaba encontrando pases por el centro. Mejora el Liverpool en este final de partido..

There’s no way the linesman could be 100% sure joelinton was offside. What is the point of VAR? #nufc.

#premiereleaguenaespnEsse Joelinton é muito bom jogador, sabe proteger a bola como poucos, além de ótima finalização. Futuro jogador de seleção brasileira..

Joelinton through 1 on 1 with the keeper, would have been 2-0, wrongly given offside! #NUFC.

That is awful, Joelinton onside but the lino had his flag up and play was stopped before he got a shot away????.

Joelinton was onside. Don’t they play on until the end of play or do they not do that in the prem.

What happened to the play going on and then VAR bringing it back if offside? Joelinton was clearly onside.

A little bit of pushing and shoving between Adrian and Joelinton. Liverpool still trail..

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