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Il y a 22 ans, Christopher et Jonathan Nolan livraient un chef d’œuvre: #Memento. Guy Pearce y trouvait son plus grand rôle grâce à une écriture magistrale couplée d’une mise en scène superbe et d’un montage malin dès la première image. Classiquement culte, la Nolan touch’..

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Jonathan Pearce “no-one will want to play Brighton in the semi finals” Sheffield United will you absolute fucking moron..

Jonathan Pearce at Brighton recruitment team identify candidates to replace every player in the team. What a novelty, not relying on a 35 year old full back or an academy keeper..


Jonathan Pearce talking about fences because some Grimsby fans are throwing paper onto the grass.

Jonathan Pearce: “No Hollywood fairytale ending for Grimsby. Of course it was Hollywood nightclub in Grimsby where Ian Huntley met Maxine Carr so maybe some justice there.”.

Jonathan Pearce going off on one at people throwing paper on the pitch. He’d of had a meltdown if he was commentating on the 78 Argentinian, ticker tape WC final..

Bryce Mitchell (@ThugnastyMMA) is getting some rounds in with Eddie Bravo (@EddieBravo) ahead of his fight with Jonathan Pearce at #UFC288.

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#FACup Jonathan Pearce get a grip you melt. Scrunched up paper for ffs!! You are what’s wrong with society today..

How many pointless and stupid stats do you reckon Jonathan Pearce will spout out in the first 15 minutes ? I’m going 2,395 . @BBCSport.

Jonathan Pearce: “This is being reviewed by VAR and Caicedo doesn’t go down easily let me tell you.” The drama. Replay shows Caicedo going doing ridiculously easily. Premier League stuff..

Jonathan Pearce when someone chucked some paper on the pitch..

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Jonathan Pearce is an absolute wetwipe. Used to get turned on by robots, now nearly crying over bits of paper. #FACup #GTFC.

@liberdadenumen 3- Sobre as motivações de Woods e se quer se a inquisição ou cruzadas foram ruins para humanidade (oq eu discordo), vc pode pegar estudos muito mais extensos q o dele e q o comprovam: Chesterton, Ernest Hello, Joseph Pearce, St John Henry, Jonathan Rilley-Smith,🧶.

@BBCMOTD The way Jonathan Pearce is talking you would think the Grimsby fans are throwing grenades FFS ! #FACup #BBCFootball.

Can someone have a discreet word with Jonathan Pearce and Leon Osman to take a breath and allow this match to breathe? They are talking far too much and it’s an off-putting drag. #FACup @BBCSportUpdates.


Jonathan Pearce saying that throwing scrunched up paper on to the pitch is illegal, is very very funny tbh. #BHAGRI #FACup.


Jonathan Pearce is a fully grown man giving a lecture on live television about the moral depravity of throwing bits of paper..


“Major shock at the time” says Jonathan Pearce about a match from 1930 as if he was doing commentary for it..

@skjelbredAMS Moet ik altijd denken aan de zoon van commentator Jonathan Pearce, die voor beide clubs is(????).

Jonathan Pearce is the worst commentator going! Some of the guff he has come with today 🙈.

Jonathan Pearce. I wish he would just stick to match commentary when he’s commentating..

Jonathan Pearce saying that throwing paper on the pitch is illegal in the same tone of voice he might tell you that someone has to accept stamps as legal tender.

#BHAGRI Great to see that Jonathan Pearce still has no clue about modern offside rules..

I know that Jonathan Pearce has always primarily been a football commentator but every time I look up after hearing his voice I expect to see Robot Wars.

Please please BBC get rid of Jonathan Pearce and stop him commentating on matches. He totally ruins listening to games spouting endless useless facts and stats. Please he’s awful.

This is one of my absolute favorite live performances, I also just noticed that Jonathan Pearce from The Beths is playing here as well..

Feyenoord vs Shakhtar Donetsk has World Feed coverage. With commentary from Jonathan Pearce. For more details see #Feyenoord #ShakhtarDonetsk.


@PremiershipYrs Teddy was steady and ready with a glass of sherry! Fcn Jonathan Pearce!.

@ITV Nine minutes in Sound off already Commentary makes Jonathan Pearce sound like David Attenborough.

Jonathan Pearce has the worst patter in football history. Clutching his pearls at bits of paper on the park and finding amusement in the presence of a seagull..

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