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Love that we’ve clearly been working on Jullien getting free for back post volleys from corners 😂

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Johnny ()

Trying to work out how Jullien is 6’4, but only 6’ when he jumps when defending a high ball.

Stuart lally
Stuart lally ()

Between eddy scoring tap ins and Jullien trying to score backpost volleys from corners. I think this is gonny be a good season😂😂

Henke ()

@CelticFC Positions needed: - 1st choice centre back to partner Jullien - Left back, sell Boli - Striker if Griffiths is going to be inconsistent -Winger that can play on either side

Kevin Hackett
Kevin Hackett ()

@DaleMMcGovern Celtic fans crack me up big jullien has made more mistakes than Ajer but he gets called a baller 😂

John-Paul Mason
John-Paul Mason ()

@martin239 I’m not saying Bain should be number 1, no way, but I just don’t think many keepers that would have saved that, he had judged the first deflection and had that covered until it came off Jullien

Tam Sellics son
Tam Sellics son ()

Need Broony tae snap Martin and Jullien tae score and take his tap aff celebrating 🤞

steven mccourt
Steven mccourt ()

I have a feeling that big Jullien is going to put away a few cracking volleys this season. #CelticFC

Fraser Bissett
Fraser Bissett ()

@FantasyScotland 100% Jullien OG, its off target, Mcgregor knocks it on target and Jullien takes it past Bain

🍀 Celtic1967.com 🍀
🍀 Celtic1967.com 🍀 ()

Half-Time Thoughts: - Frimpong is running riot down the left - Two assists from Taylor - Hamilton have given us a few concerns - Unlucky to have conceded in the way we did - Took a big deflection off Jullien and went wide off Bain #CELHAM

MarkQuigley80 ()

@meatsglasgow At least Jullien is threat at set pieces. If somebody comes in with good offer for Ajer we should bite their hand off. Need another CH.

King Jobbie
King Jobbie ()

@Gastro_Celtic Bain and McGregor definitely not to blame. Think Jullien needs to either blast it or leave it but not exactly a howler

Marcus ()

@CelticFansTV Really bright, broony is giving the ball away a bit too much! Jullien looks dangerous tho

Marc McArdle
Marc McArdle ()

Big Chris Jullien’s fancying an August Goal of The Month trophy with these full volleys at the back post. Hope one of them comes off because he’s got exception technique for them, particularly for a centre half.

Merrydholl ()

@1CraigMorris I saw signs of a burgeoning wee Taylor/Moi partnership in France. Hope so. Also love the Jullien volley corners.

Jamie Gordon
Jamie Gordon ()

@DominikDiamond Well greasy. And Jullien well deserves a thirty yard volley going in after the chances he had 🤦‍♂️

Dominik Diamond
Dominik Diamond ()

Good first half from Celtic. On another day that Hamilton shot does not get two deflections AND Jullien has two volleyed goals from corners. Some sweet football going forward, Frimpong and Taylor strong on each flank. Looking forward to second half. #CelticFC #CelHam

Paul Cockburn🐐
Paul Cockburn🐐 ()

Good to see Jullien has spent lockdown getting his Mrs to swing a couple of corners in for him to smack on the volley

Paul ()

Love that we’ve clearly been working on Jullien getting free for back post volleys from corners 😂

Declan Mcgougan
Declan Mcgougan ()

Half Time At Paradise. Celtic 2-1 Hamilton Celtic Scorers(Edouard,Frimpong) Hamilton(OG Jullien) #CELHAM

Marc McArdle
Marc McArdle ()

@ConMcQ Barkas has been signed as Forster’s replacement mate. Bain plays today, he might play for another game or two until Lenny’s convinced that Barkas is up to speed and has started to develop a relationship with Jullien/Ajer, but Barkas is our number one for the season.

Sky Sports Scotland
Sky Sports Scotland ()

OFF THE POST 😬 It has been end-to-end stuff at Celtic Park so far but Jullien has come closest to opening the scoring 📺 Watch Celtic v Hamilton live now on Sky Sports Football

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