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Fantastic match between @The_MJF and @boy_myth_legend tonight at #AEWDON. Might’ve been Jungle Boy’s best match yet in AEW.

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John LaRocca ()

I hope AEW has a plan to really breakout Jungle Boy. By 2021 I would like to see on his own & out of the Jurassic Express. #AEWDoN

Stephen Vandelli ()

@JDfromNY206 Absolutely great review tonight good brother! I also stand by my MJF and Jungle Boy comment for many reasons lol

John LaRocca ()

After that really bad Party City v Best Friends & a disappointing ladder match, a real good MJF v Jungle Boy match was much needed. It went about 5 minutes too long, but overall I really liked it. The poison rana was unnecessary & dangerous spot. The Highlight so far. #AEWDoN

WhatCulture Wrestling ()

Our #AEW Double Or Nothing Review podcast is now available! The CRAZY Stadium Stampede match! Did any titles change hands? MJF vs. Jungle Boy! Who was the mystery entrant in the Casino ladder match?! @adamwilbourn @PhilMyChambers #AEWDON

Tiffany Castagna ()

@AEWrestling #AEWTOP5 #AEWDON 5. MJF vs Jungle Boy 4. Dustin & Brandi 3. Ladder match! 2. STADIUM STAMPEDE ( I could do a top 5 just with moments from this match!) 1. CODY BECOMES FIRST EVER TNT CHAMPION.

Roel Esquivel ()

@JRsBBQ By buried he must mean that it was absolutely amazing because it was absolutely I don’t want to use F bomb but… Absolutely F bomb amazing! I loved it and it had a Stacked card it was so much to see MJF at that level along with jungle boy! Every match was Superb! Thank you AEW

Fan of Japanese Deathmatch Wrestling Legend Luther ()

Official AEW ratings (100% objective, and good) Stadium Stampede: 6 Shida/Nyla: Moxley/Brodie: MJF/Jungle Boy: Cody/Archer: Ladder: 4 Spears/Dustin: 2 (but that’s good bc that’s what it needed to be!) Kris/Ford: 3 Private Party/Best Friends: 3 Thanks

Ty Reisdorf ()

@AEWrestling Stampede match 2. Hangman drinking in the lounge 3. Lee vs Mox 4. MJF vs Jungle boy 5. Talking about vanguard 1 saying “god bless his little robotic heart” #AEWtop5

PartsUnknown ()

View pinned tweet for explanations Casino Ladder Match 🌟🌟🌟 MJF vs Jungle Boy 🌟 🌟🌟 🌟 Cody vs Archer 🌟 🌟🌟 🌟 Statlander vs Ford 🌟 🌟 Rhodes vs Spears 🌟🌟 SHIDA vs Rose 🌟🌟🌟🌟 Moxley vs Lee 🌟🌟🌟 🌟 Stadium Stampede 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 #AEWDoN #AEWDoubleorNothing

Peter S ()

Double or Nothing was the perfect remedy for what has been a really rough week for me. It goes without saying that the Stadium Stampede was probably match of the night for me personally, but Jungle Boy vs MJF was a very close second #AEWDoN

Robert Donovan ()

@AEWrestling Hard to pick just 5. 1. That One Winged Angel. hates Mascots 😂😂😂 3. Sammys fear of modes of transport. 4. Jungle Boy vs MJF. 5. Hangmans Horse.

Karl Argila | La Voz del Underdog ()

@DeLasLuchas Nos han con un buen sabor de boca. El Stadium Stampede, el Mox vs Lee y el Shida vs Rose han convencido. La Casino Ladder no ha alcanzado las expectativas, mientras que el MJF vs Jungle Boy las ha superado. El Cody vs Archer podría haber estado mejor, lo demás es saltable.

Movie Man ()

My other takeaways from #AEWDoN : •Brian cage looks awesome. •MJF and Jungle Boy killed it and both have very bright futures. •Shida is probably the best womens wrestler in the company. •Brodie Lee looked great. •Sammy Guevara = Star •Great show

Hangmans boot (lefty) #IWB ()

mjf and jungle boy had the best wresting match of the night. stadium stampede was def the most entertaining. #AEWDoN

Johnny Appleseed ()

@view_raw MJF v Jungle Boy, Shida v Rose, Mix v Brodie and the main event were all really good.

Marco Solis Martinez ()

@AEWrestling 5 moments! I have like 30!!! But I’ll 1. Shida winning the title. 2. MJF vs Jungle Boy. 3. Brian Cage! 4. Hangman/Hager at the bar- Stadium Stampede. 5. Moxley vs Brodie Lee. #AEWTOP5 #AEWDON

Señor Peanutbutter en Cuarentena ()

Falta la lucha Estampida pero hasta ahora mi ranking es: 1 - Moxley vs Brodie Lee 2 - MJF vs Jungle Boy 3 - Rose vs Shida 4 - Lucha Casino de Escaleras 5 - Final Campeonato TNT 6 - Private Party vs Best Friends (Buy In) 7 - Spears vs Dustin 8 - Statlander vs Ford #AEW #AEWDoN

Dominic DeAngelo of WrestleZone.com ()

Brodie Lee & Jon Moxley have terrific chemistry with one another. Just edged out MJF & Jungle Boy for match of the night, IMO. #AEW #AEWDoN @WRESTLEZONEcom

Kev ()

Really enjoyed Mox/Brodie. By far my motn. Right behind them would be MJF/Jungle Boy, and Shida/Rose

David Bixenspan ()

@naturalbornheel @TrevorDame If they have a match even half as good as MJF vs. Jungle Boy then I’ll be pleasantly surprised

Travis McNeill ()

@NINaylor MJF/Jungle Boy both look so good and went bananas and crushed it but it can only reach a certain level. You put that same match in front of a crowd tonight and it’s an all-timer.

Travis McNeill ()

Love Shida, happy she won. I think this show has just reeeeeeally burnt me out because my timeline seemed to have like that actual match way more than I did. Outside of MJF/Jungle Boy, this PPV has done nothing for me. COVID wrestling is still tough.

Liam Winnard ()

So far #AEWDoN has been really good overall, but that Spears vs Dustin match was a bit naff. Would MJF over Dustin, and Jungle Boy over Spears, been better than MJF over Jungle Boy, and Dustin over Spears? Not saying it would necessarily, just throwing the idea out there

𝘼𝙆𝘼 𝙇𝙮𝙧𝙤𝙮 ()

@LaurRin_ Mon avis perso : Ford vs Kris était bien, Jungle Boy vs MJF était vraiment très bon. Le casino Cody vs Lance trop long et overbooking

•The Wrestling Brotherhood• ()

@LaurRin_ MJF vs Jungle Boy, le reste est vraiment oubliable voir assez 🤷‍♂️

Chad ()

So I’m gonna be honest. This PPV has been average at best. I usually love AEW PPVs. Hopefully the next few matches live up. The MJF/Jungle Boy match has been my favourite thus far.

#Flawless Kayla 💙 ()

It’s close to the end of the show and I really didn’t expect to say as of rn MJF vs Jungle Boy has been match of the night #AEWDoN

Pete Davies ()

@dirtydirtyseven @FightfulWrestle Nope sorry disagree, mjf VS jungle boy was a clinic, Cody VS archer was very good match.

EliteAEW ()

Quick thoughts on the show so far. Ladder match and MJF/Jungle Boy were just great, really passed my expectations. Archer/Cody was good but I think could’ve been better, Tyson shoulda KO’d someone and the belt look ehh. Overall going well so far! #AEWDoN

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Ryan Satin ()

Fantastic match between @The_MJF and @boy_myth_legend tonight at #AEWDON. Might’ve been Jungle Boy’s best match yet in AEW.

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