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Sad to think that we will have to live in a world with 3 Trump appointed justices for the next 25 - 30 years. Decisions like this will be commonplace

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Robert Kelner
Robert Kelner ()

It’s really not even close to terrifying or appalling. Get a grip. There are reasonable arguments on both sides. And well framed opinions by the Justices on both sides. And the First Amendment is kind of

Salamis ()

Will the 5 justices go to religious services soon, packed shoulder to shoulder with few if any wearing masks?

Iddqd ()

@SethMacFarlane He’s not stupid, he just crooked as hell just like the rest of the trump-owned justices

Michael K West
Michael K West ()

@UrbanAchievr @BillKristol And this approach to decision making characterized by overturning precedent and a desire for an expansion of presidential power combined with at least 2 of the justices being bought and paid for by Trump is why he wants to take the election to them.

Grandpa Jim 🌊🌊🌈😷🌊🌊 Trump MUST GO
Grandpa Jim 🌊🌊🌈😷🌊🌊 Trump MUST GO ()

Is it wrong to hope that each of the justices that voted for this is adversely affected by the loss of a loved one. Is that what it will take to straighten out their warped minds.

JoyfulNonna ()

@loud_broad In all fairness, it’s not just her. There were four other justices who sided with her.

Joseph Sullivan
Joseph Sullivan ()

@tsykes8888 You’re bat shit crazy. The Constitution! That is what those justices are there to uphold. Period!!! Not policy!!!!

PatsyWiggins ()

“... how 4 justices on the SCOTUS valiantly tried to save the nation from this pandemic.” @Sifill_LDF

(*-*) ()

Conservative SCOTUS justices demonstrate once again, when it comes choosing between the welfare of people and interests of church they will side with the church everytime. What kind of legal nitpicking allows them to come to this decision and how do they sleep?

Fernando Laguarda
Fernando Laguarda ()

Did you know the Catholic Church survived hundreds of years in Japan without a single Mass? It won’t kill the Church to make a sacrifice for the public health. But tell that to the five Catholic justices who think they’re a persecuted minority.

Norm Kujawa
Norm Kujawa ()

SCOTUS justices are supposed to be among the most intelligent, thoughtful (I know, I know) people in the country. Apparently they lack common sense.

Joe Flintosh
Joe Flintosh ()

@ShannonBream And yet there’s no pushback on the progressive SC justices continuing to vote in their block; that includes Roberts.

Pamela Van Beekum
Pamela Van Beekum ()

It’s feeling a lot like Iran this Justices Barrett, Alito, Thomas, Kavanaugh and Gorsuch decide religion trumps all else. Religious freedom now equals neutering of public Heath officials, endangering public health & freedom of the community from COVID spread.

Schwaigi ()

@SebGorka Say why is it always betrayel when decisions by justices the gop pushed for don‘t go the way you expected/wanted? Why not just a „difference of opinion“ by people who should have more legal knowledge than you?

America is Safe
America is Safe ()

What do the liberals have on the CJ? With every decision in which he sides with the liberal justices, I’m beginning to wonder if this is the same “John Roberts” that showed up on the flight logs of Epstein’s #LolitaExpress.

Shawn Haynes
Shawn Haynes ()

Sad to think that we will have to live in a world with 3 Trump appointed justices for the next 25 - 30 years. Decisions like this will be commonplace

LA ()

@KCBoyd3 This is literally dangerous and will spread COVID and deaths Those lives lost -sacrificed on the altar of theocracy- are stains on the souls of the five Covidiot Justices

Will Holland
Will Holland ()

@waltshaub The churches argue that they are singled out and named ... but the law singles them out for LESS restrictions than secular institutions. Silly justices, Trix are for kids.

Constance Meyer
Constance Meyer ()

@ChrisDJackson One of the justices was actually pro life. Unfortunately she died on September 18th. RIP RBG.

Riconap ()

Amy Covid Barrett must be neutralized by a Democratic controlled Senate voting to increase the number of SCOTUS Justices, thereby allowing President Biden to appoint several non Religion driven Justices.

Magoo ()

Too many judges and Justices who are slaves to their opinions and treating the Construction as second class .

Doggur ...
Doggur ... ()

So, where were these Justices when Trump banned Muslims from America? (Barrett is a real stinker.)

Kempton Lam 🇨🇦
Kempton Lam 🇨🇦 ()

//The self-proclaimed pro-life justices are privileging ritual above life. Communicable disease control requires sacrificing some personal desires to protect [HT Marc]

PT ()

@KaraSnowflake @LauraMiers Medical/Healthcare providers - Do no harm! Justices do as you will.

gerald cook
Gerald cook ()

@ReesusP Some can be impeached, or seats can be added to increase the number of justices, hopefully with fair minded , patriots, that put people above institutions.

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