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Lamar Jackson would be RB16 with just his rushing stats, one spot ahead of Alvin Kamara 🤯.

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Alvin Kamara has 2 TD’s this season He hasn’t scored a touchdown in 8 consecutive #FantasyFootball.

C’est kamara qui perd son duel il me semble? Faut arrêter d’enfoncer nos joueurs pour rien ! Toute l’equipe n’a joué qu’une mi temps ! Il est la le problème !.

Best Positions in the NFL QB: Drew Brees RB: Alvin Kamara FB: Juicycyk WR: Michael Thomas TE: George Kittle T: Ryan Ramcyk G: Yanda C: Erik Mccoy DE: Cam Jordan/Donald DT: Chris Jones LB:Wagner CB: Lattimore/Gilmore S: Derwin/Jamal K: Will Lutz.

#TFCSDR mi-temps 0-1 + Oudin, le travail défensif-offensif de Kamara - des disparités dans les efforts, Romao-Foket très limites.

@johnIynch49ers Or miles sanders? The nigga they say is better than kamara and barkley lmfaoo.

@OM_Fadaaaaa Ce qui a porté défaut cest strootman il a été nul donc avec un Kamara au milieu je pense que ça aurait été mieux donc mauvais choix.

Lamar Jackson would be RB16 with just his rushing stats, one spot ahead of Alvin Kamara 🤯.

honestly saints could’ve rode Latavius Murray a bit harder. I don’t believe Kamara is fully healthy the way he’s playing but hey at least we can resign him on a cheaper contract now.

Is it time to discuss that Murray is a better back than Kamara or we still in denial..

Mandanda 6 Sakai 6 Alvaro 6 Caleta-Car 7 Amavi 8 Rongier 7 Kamara 7 Sanson 9 Sarr 6 Germain 2 Payet 7 #OMFCGB.

@FrankMcCourtoff Le milieu Kamara Sanson Rongier me rappel Busquets Xavi Iniesta de la grande époque et wlh je suis srx.

@DrJesseMorse Kamara’s 3x value on draft kings based on his stats this season make him a $ player. It’s actually much lower after today. 7k was too expensive for him this week. People are still thinking after 13 weeks he is last years player. He is average at best based on his asking price.

I see #kamara trending and I assumed DJT misspelled Kamala in a tweet. This is where we are. 🤷🏽‍♂️.

@KidAdidas26 Yeah it was a tough call, only reason I made it is bc the Texans run defense is absolutely awful and give up 28 points to backs on average or some shit lmao. Im blanking Kamara’a 3 points for my loss 😡.

They don’t need to give Kamara the ball they following him to the bathroom 🙄😓 #Saints.

Alvin Kamara is butt dawg, I’m done giving this nigga a pass. This nigga is just a gumbo Andre Ellington. Boy got my fantasy team out here looking crazy.

@footalitaire Alvaro les relances ce soir c’est pas très bon, kamara est plus à aise pour relancer de plus loin.

okay sean, on this last drive do NOT force the ball to kamara like u been trying to do the whole game.

How the saint put up 40 points and kamara can’t manage to get double digits? Smh.

Jsais pas si ya vraiment faute de De Preville sur Kamara en fait. Après Adli l’a met bien ce tarba 😭😭😭😭.

Saint need to trade kamara for dat #1 pick in da draft so they could get joe burrow 🤔✅.

Everyone: Wow what a high scoring game for Saints-Niners. I’m sure Kamara has a touchdown or Kamara:.

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I love Kamara but he’s not playing well today I better not see any run plays go through him instead of Murray.

@BenFennell_NFL Coming into this week he had barely over 600 yards on a subpar ypc average. He has his moments of explosiveness but hes not a consistent enough player to warrant more carries than the amount hes had, which is more than Saquon, Kamara, Gurley, Melvin Gordon, Breida & others..

Saints have 262 yards and 27 points in the first half. Alvin Kamara and Michael Thomas have combined for DK points..

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