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@Devy_Kane How old are you? Those are a lot of mine. Also had some: Yellowcard Me First and the Gimme Gimmes New Found Glory Green Day Bowling For Soup Sugatcult Jimmy Eat World

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数学だけは得意ですっ あっ、でも、理数系というわけではないんですよねっ 理科得意じゃないですしっ(苦笑 #夢月の独り言

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Kane criticizes NHL player safety after suspension - National Hockey League News -

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神我狩の「種族」は技能、タレントも関係するんだが、主能力値の大方がここで決まる。まぁ、成長していけば誤差になるんだがな。 「戦士」「汎用」「魔法」の3タイプがある。何がやりたいかによってどれを選ぶか決めればいい。12種類の3タイプ、つまり36種類から選べるってわけだな。


7 albums to know me: B’Day x Beyoncé 4 x Beyoncé LOUD x Rihanna The Pinkprint x Nicki Minaj Sweetener x Ariana Grande Danity Kane x Danity Kane Destiny Fulfilled x Destiny’s Child Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel x Mariah Carey (I had to do 8🌚)

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fmk last in dms — fuck - kane marry - carson kill - charlie 😬

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@WolfyAndDergons The lamia slides up next to Kane. Her tongue flickers out, tasting the air and sensing the strong liquid in the flask. “Hm. Doesn’t that burn when you drink too much?”

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@hockeynight Never been a fan of Kane’s irresponible play but he’s right on target w/ this comment 👏🏻👏🏻 @NHL

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@electrxmagnetic adecuadas, fue entonces que un suspiro salió de sus Gracias por pensar eso, y no eres la única que no tiene pensado irse, quiero quedarme a tu lado, sin importar -Kane se paro para después tenderle la mano a la fémina para de esta forma guiarla hasta la salida +

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@Runel_1127 저때 몇 시였닠ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 나 유튜브 보느라 못 봄ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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I’d love to see Evander Kane appeal a speeding ticket by saying that other people also speed

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Catholic Clergy Accused Of Sexual Assault In Kane County: List

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@Devy_Kane Oh yeah! You have the starter kit made! Then everyone can add in their bonus features

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@DeadlyDonck @premierleague Oh yeah fuck I only remember Kane’s left foot banger😂

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@hollandcourtney @DanRodimer How many former WWE Wrestlers have entered politics? I live in Knox Co. TN and our mayor wrestled as Kane.

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@Devy_Kane Add in A Day to Remember, All Time Low and Fall Out Boy to your list and it’s basically my list

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@originalsteel @puterdoc2009 I agree. The league wreaks of inconsistencies and Kane needs to take responsibility for is actions.

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@jkj0787 @NHLPlayerSafety He’s not wrong but he’s got it backwards. His tone comes off as “Chara didn’t get suspended so I shouldn’t be suspended” when in actuality Chara should have been suspended and Kane should have gotten 5 or more

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@Devy_Kane How old are you? Those are a lot of mine. Also had some: Yellowcard Me First and the Gimme Gimmes New Found Glory Green Day Bowling For Soup Sugatcult Jimmy Eat World

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@Pasta88Bruins Well kinda sorta like I’m not here to be Kane’s defender but Pionk kinda sorta maybe turns a little bit making the hit more awkward

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Reminder, the Wild just fired their coach and were shut out by one of the worst teams in the West playing without Couture, Hertl, Karlsson and Kane, playing less than 24 hours after beating Winnipeg the night before.

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@BradIey98 I love how people think Kane is credible for advocating player safety. The guy is a clown

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Kool G Rap & DJ Polo, Big Daddy Kane & Biz Markie - Erase Racism

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Two wrestling stories: DeKalb and Kane markets – done. All that’s left is SLM. I think it’s no surprise who I lead the Kane story

☚ #askhhh all star ☛
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