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NEW VIDEO!! #RandPaulHatesAmerica RETWEET!! @RandPaul is screwing America one disaster at a time. Rand Paul has blocked, delayed or voted against aid for 9/11, Hurricane Katrina Victims, Hurricane Sandy victims and many other AMERICAN tragedies. #WinslowDigitalArmy.

So I went for a drive to put air in my tyres and the sound on the machine wasn’t working so I ask my partner just to tap on the glass when it reaches the number…. He tooted the horn for every bloody tyre 😬 then gave an additional toot just to annoy me more 😡.

Katrina survivors were told they could use grant money to rebuild. Now they’re being sued for it. - ProPublica.

Haunted house or haunted woods? Nick Groff & Katrina Weidman share their experiences.

Katrina Photo,Katrina Photo by Haunted Getaways,Haunted Getaways on twitter tweets Katrina Photo

@PRGuy17 @northway_debbie In the same way Katrina was an exceptional hurricane for New Orleans..

Katrina Survivors Were Told They Could Use Grant Money to Rebuild. Now They’re Being Sued for It. - ProPublica.

@nochaonovinha Fontes me dizem q seja Kevin Jz Prodigy Feat. LEGENDARY KATRINA EBONY - HERE COMES the hURRICANE LEGENDARY KATRINA.

@justin_author #Permillia these are issues the MCs go for Humans who think monsters are good (Mandy) People who don’t act like their roles (Mollay) People born of two kingdoms (Katrina) People who don’t identify with any kingdom (Cupcake) People who are considered monsters (Dell).


@Katrina_Charles What’s best so far? I make a pretty great mac and cheese so I will make it for you one day soon..

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