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On this day, Kyrie was the first pick of the 2011 NBA draft despite — An injury limiting him to 11 games in his lone season at Duke — Only participating in medical tests at the NBA combine He still won ROY in a class that includes Kemba, Klay & Kawhi

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@NBADraftAddict Guys like Paul George/Damian Lillard/giannis/Kawhi/Pascal/steph etc are late Paul George and Giannis actually got taller after they got drafted man lol harden not a late bloomer


@samizaynpiedKO @TheHoopCentral Nope he forgot Kawhi. Plus Curry is coming off of an injury and has a legit case to not be top 5

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@JustEsBaraheni Think what Boucher gives is a bit redundant w Marc/Ibaka being at full strength. Whereas RHJ will always have utility as another body you could throw on the big wings/forwards across the league Tatum/Brown/Giannis/Bron/Kawhi/

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One thing I’ve learned following the NBA for so can surprise & exceed expectations. You can use all the numbers, film, models & project but nothing is 100% certain. Look at guys like Kawhi, Steph, Harden, Giannis. People saw them being players they are today?

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Juli🥵 ()

@Valenvaneck @lautydela6 corte era mi cumpleaños pero el chabon ponia que cumplía kawhi, un amigo

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I view it three ways, most important raptor was Vc, because he made Toronto what it is with his influence. Best raptor was Kawhi, and and the greatest raptor is Lowry

Samuel H. Quinn
Samuel H. Quinn ()

@Hospey I suppose it’s an important distinction. Vince is the most important player in Raptors history. Kawhi is the best single player they’ve ever heard. Lowry had the best overall Raptors career.

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@brettsolis12 Obviously I will never complain about 2014 and what followed after this game, but I still can’t believe some of happened. Tony and Kawhi were making huge shots, Tony got fouled on the last shot of the 4Q, Manu got hammered on that last drive in OT, it was insane.

Matt Kaimer
Matt Kaimer ()

@TheWorstTakeNet I think all Giannis, Lebron, and Kawhi will be fantastic. Just depends who wins it

dirtbag daddy
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@Game_Blouses_ @arielhelwani retiring kawhi’s number is like getting a tattoo of a girl you had a one night stand with

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En caso de que esto pase, que top ocuparía Kawhi en el ranking de mejores jugadores de la historia?

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@Hackedsecret Like Giannis is having the best season but he’s not a better player than KD, Kawhi, or LeBron

JBrewInnaStu 🦈
JBrewInnaStu 🦈 ()

Kawhi not better than KD or AD so can ya please stop w this narrative lol

ParaG ()

That’s why Michael Jordan is miles ahead of you & Kawhi has your ticket

Freddy ()

Spurs Kawhi didn’t have the handle he has now so ima go with Melo.

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@BearingTheDowns Where would you rank Giannis? Also Kawhi? Even tho he isn’t real flashy.

_ad.nan_ ()

Kyle Lowry will no doubt be first Raptor to get his jersey retired. Vince and Bosh ditched Toronto. Kawhi did great things, but he still left after only one year albeit on good terms. DeRozan might but not before Lowry.

JimmyB ()

11-0 kawhi. If its make-it-take-it & melo starts with the ball, give kawhi a steal

John ()

Twitter told me the east was weak when lebron went to the finals 8 straight times If Giannis doesn’t make the finals this year with kawhi gone , kd and Kyrie out and Ben Simmons not being able to shoot a lick he’s not a top 5 player in the nba lmao

Statman T
Statman T ()

@emanoj12 Nah not really kawhi limited lebron massively his legacy tarnishing series were 2014 and 2011 🤷🏻‍♂️

Luis Carlos Villa ✊🏼✊🏿
Luis Carlos Villa ✊🏼✊🏿 ()

@Rolls_Roiz29 I can only agree with Luka. If we’re talking rn rn without injuries only. Kawhi would be in mine

Danilo Lolo
Danilo Lolo ()

@RedNationBR provavelmente meu segundo pick seria kawhi, mas pelo que disse, porem dentre esses 4 o dame ta tendo uma melhor temporada sem duvidas, ele é top 5 nba hj

Nasir 💈
Nasir 💈 ()

@KingJames @LFC Stick to choking against Kawhi and Iguodala. LeFlop James. 3-6 🤝 Michael Jordan could never

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@Deleitus97 Has visto el ranking que ha hecho su hijo😂😂😂 despues de papa dice que van lillard,harden,giannis,davis y KD los 3 últimos vale pero no nombra ni a curry ni a kawhi 😂😂 que le han quitado 5 anillos, debe ser sacrilegio esos nombres en casa del calvo😂

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@el_budget @DragonflyJonez Philly cries like the Kawhi bounce in the 2nd round kept them from a chip too. Game is the game lol

Dom Ricky Rubio
Dom Ricky Rubio ()

@KawhiPraiaGrand @caetams Lógico que é eu mano. Kawhi praia grandense ta aí de prova

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Denver Melo .... cause kawhi scoring didn’t come along until his ‘15& ‘16 with spurs .... Denver Melo was a menace from jump offensively ... & yes I’m being self awareness is a high characteristic trait

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Ja ()

Kawhi Leonard beat the warriors ass last year. I loved every second of it. Sweet revenge from Zaza dirty play.


Kawhi and the Raptors closed out Golden State to capture their first championship in franchise history! 🏆 Warriors vs. Raptors, 2019 NBA Finals Game 6 - 4pm ET on NBA TV!

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On this day, Kyrie was the first pick of the 2011 NBA draft despite — An injury limiting him to 11 games in his lone season at Duke — Only participating in medical tests at the NBA combine He still won ROY in a class that includes Kemba, Klay & Kawhi

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