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Ken Livingstone Twitter Trends - Top Tweets

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Tweet247 | Updated: Wed, 18 Apr 2018, 00:06 AM IST

Ken Livingstone Top Tweets On Twitter

  • [email protected] applauded as he calls the Labour leadership "a disgrace" for failing to expel Ken Livingstone:.

  • "You can’t expel someone for telling the truth." George Galloway tells us why he thinks expelled Ken Livingstone should be invited back into the Labour Party. @georgegalloway | @matthew_wright | #wrightstuff.

  • Ian Austin getting applause for incredible intervention saying Ken Livingstone must be “booted out” for his views..

  • Scot Nelson, there, himself suspended for anti-semitism, attacking Labour MPs for calling out the Ken Livingstone shambles..

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  • It’s 2018 and the House of Commons are debating anti-semitism. Corbyn’s lack of reality on this issue is why he will never acknowledge it let alone deal with it. Ken Livingstone still not dealt with after 2 [email protected] years. One debate I didn’t think I would ever see in parliament.

  • I see that Ken Livingstone, The Smiths and Morrissey are all trending. What year is it again?.

  • A round of applause in the House of Commons for the speech by Luciana Berger. Like others, she called for the immediate expulsion of Ken Livingstone from the Labour Party..

  • @WarmongerHodges Finkelstein on Ken Livingstone.

  • WATCH: @IanAustinMP directly challenges Labour frontbench to kick Ken Livingstone out of Labour permanently over anti-Semitism.

  • Ian Austin: Labour "A Disgrace" For Failing to Expel Ken via @GuidoFawkes Ian Austin a MP Labour can be proud of. Well done on the Livingstone subject..

  • Luciana Berger says that antisemitic remarks have already started on Twitter in response to the antisemitism debate. She calls for Ken Livingstone to be kicked out of Labour. She sits down to a prolonged round of applause..

  • "Ken Livingstone" You tell em Ken HITLER was a ZIONIST & PROPHET MOHAMMED WAS A PAEDOPHILE And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free..

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  • @J_VoiceUK @lucianaberger @HouseofCommons The vile abuse Berger received was from the far right, yet the focus is always on anti-Semitism in Labour, even though it is less common than in the Tories. So why do you, Jewish Voice, attack the anti-racist Ken Livingstone? You call him anti-Semitic, but provide no evidence..

  • Calls for Ken Livingstone to be expelled by name.

  • Labour MP Ian Austin Challenges Corbyn To Permanently Expel Ken Livingstone Over Anti-Semitism.

  • @imperiotical That’s laughable if you think you’re in the majority. The majority of the youth-vote have stayed silent. Also, if the Labour Party have dealt so well with Anti-Semitism, why hasn’t Ken Livingstone been removed permanently?.

  • @DickMackintosh Ken Livingstone: Historically politically maladroit #Haavara.

  • All these Blairites need to be kicked out not Ken Livingstone. #Antisemitism.

  • @MooresGhost @IanAustinMP As far as I recall Ken Livingstone did not claim Hitler was a Zionist.

  • @MooresGhost @IanAustinMP Jewish Labour Party members speak up for Ken Livingstone:.

  • Ken Livingstone is trending, what has he said about Hitler this time?.