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Fun fact: the law professor who did the work behind the DC voting rights case Sen Kennedy just asked Garland about was one @RepRaskin.

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Dammy ()

Kennedy thinks we want tion, go to hell. She’s so gassed😭😭🤣🤣 #whyarelondonmensotrash

TINA💔🎰🎲 ()

Hawa is shaped like a oxtail bone Kennedy’s must be still mad over tion, ventrell just wants to be in women’s business I don’t know why you lot even bothered arguing with uneducated people there weird.

Tony De Bolfo
Tony De Bolfo ()

How wonderful to see a great of the game so honored by his old home town New Norfolk. By my reckoning Blight, Dyer, Kennedy, Long, Richards, Rose, Skilton and Whitten are also immortalized in bronze by their respective League clubs at their home venues.

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Van Hipp
Van Hipp ()

“A child miseducated is a child lost.” — President John F. Kennedy #education

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Chuck Schumer
Chuck Schumer ()

Lawyer, feminist, and civil rights activist Florynce Flo Kennedy was a founding member of the National Organization of Women. She also founded the Feminist Party and was one of the first African American women to graduate from Columbia Law School. #BlackHistoryMonth

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☀️🌟✨Courtney✨🌟☀️ ()

Senator Kennedy about Joe Biden and the schools reopening: “He has flip flopped like a banked catfish!” I love Southern sayings! 🤣🤣

Big Unc
Big Unc ()

This and Frank Ocean - Pyramids the longest songs in the world.

NAKED ( Film )
NAKED ( Film ) ()

Have you ever wondered why life models pose naked for artists? Watch the trailer for NAKED: Buy it on Amazon Prime:

Bloomsbury Professional Law
Bloomsbury Professional Law ()

A double page spread in The Times on 1 February consisted almost entirely of negative comments about employment tribunals. The writer, Dominic Kennedy, also Read the full blog from Michael Malone of @ChambersTrinity here: #discriminationlaw

Tolgay Ataokay
Tolgay Ataokay ()

İngiltere kralı, rahmetli başkan kennedy, taçsız kral pele, beckenbauer, kaleci maier, nadia comaneci, brigitte bardot, fenerbahçeli

James Foster
James Foster ()

@georgegalloway I was no Lib Dem supporter. But I could listen to Charles Kennedy making his points without feeling any animosity towards him. He was obviously a very decent, if troubled, man. A giant compared with the current denizens of the Scottish Parliament.

The Louden Tavern
The Louden Tavern ()

So is Kennedy taking up the Murty Role of the banter years or the McDowell 🤔 let’s see if he performs any gymnastics 🤸‍♀️

Timor O’Seery ( Saoroadh )
Timor O’Seery ( Saoroadh ) ()

Don’t forget Kennedy and Strachan. They have to go as well. 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

Deecee1872 ()

Will be interesting to see the deterioration of John Kennedy’s personal hygiene in the coming weeks. One would imagine he’ll be avoiding showers wherever possible.

Bhoysviews ()

I’m sorry , but I don’t see John Kennedy being appointed permanently. I’m frequently wrong, let’s hope I’m not about this one. I feel a new manger has agreed to come , hence the NL “resignation”

Anthony Joseph
Anthony Joseph ()

BREAKING: Neil Lennon has officially resigned from his role as manager of Celtic today. John Kennedy will take interim charge of the team.

Sun Sport
Sun Sport ()

Exclusive: Neil Lennon set to leave Celtic in the next 24 hours

Jb ()

@PaulMcG1994 If the Scottish cup goes ahead they would pay out in Kennedy if we get to the semi final. Can’t see Clarke taking the job. Bigotry too much for him and his family.

Frank Jotzo
Frank Jotzo ()

Meet the author @ourANU: Ross Garnaut in conversation with Stephen Kennedy.

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shannon sharpe
Shannon sharpe ()

McConnell said after Trump won and Republicans regained the house. Winners make policy, losers go get to stepping Mitch, take Lindsey, Tim, Ron, Ted, Marco and John Kennedy with you

Fides my beloved
Fides my beloved ()

were talking ab world war 1 and i got called who got shot and i was so lost i said John F. Kennedy

Dr. Tami Gouveia
Dr. Tami Gouveia ()

I am grateful to the women & men who have come forward to share their painful experiences of alleged sexual harassment perpetrated against them by Tino Capobianco. It is difficult to come forward, especially when challenging politically connected men.

Colombia Post
Colombia Post ()

24 se febrero cortes de energía en las localidades Chapinero,Ciudad Bolívar, Fontibón, Kennedy,San Cristóbal, Santa Fe, Teusaquillo, Usaquén, Usme, Soacha.👇

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Supreme Court Historical Society
Supreme Court Historical Society ()

@gooberkn Jacqueline Kennedy: First Lady of the New Frontier (Modern First Ladies)

Scotty ()

Kennedy in charge for our game at Parkhead on the 21st? We should be looking to absolutely embarrass these cunts!!

Christina_SC #ProsecuteTheGOP
Christina_SC #ProsecuteTheGOP ()

Garland took the bait Kennedy dished up, and served it back to him like a chicken nugget dinner to a 5 year old.

Sean 🏳️‍🌈🔶
Sean 🏳️‍🌈🔶 ()

John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan are the most overrated presidents for their respective parties.

Kenny G
Kenny G ()

@rafaelmacedofmx Kkkkkkkkkk não te avisaram? A gente não comprou, fez um consórcio só

Jules ()

@kylegriffin1 Nothing like using the AG confirmation hearing as a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion training session, Mr Kennedy. We all gotta learn this stuff sometime - you just learned in front of everybody.

Benjamin Wittes
Benjamin Wittes ()

Fun fact: the law professor who did the work behind the DC voting rights case Sen Kennedy just asked Garland about was one @RepRaskin.

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