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Brilliant work by @KilmarnockFC - whether it’s successful or not, a big signing that says Killie belong at the top end of the league 👏.

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It would not sadden me if Sawers announced every Killie signing. Not only would it have comedy value, it would also stop the hordes of people who reply to every single club post asking them to announce player X..

I haven’t heard of the new Kilmarnock manager Angelo Alessio before. However with his experience as assistant manager at Chelsea, Juventus and the Italian national side, he must have something about him. It could be another great appointment by Killie..

Has Killie won the football equivalent of the football lottery and not told anyone 🤷🏻‍♂️. Steve Clarke and now this guy 😳 - big ambition - good luck 🏆.

What a bold, brilliant move by Killie. This guys CV would have made him a serious contender for Celtic and Rangers jobs in recent years..

“Angelo doesn’t need Conte, he’s got Alex Dyer and the Killie choir” 🔵⚪️.

@Emrod_lives @jdc92_ Alessio’s killie will beat us this year. No doubt about it. He’s probably an even better manager than Lennon as well as he’s been at such a high level for a good while. But same can’t be said for Lennon. All we will get bombarded with is ‘He BeAt BaRcA He’S a CeLtIc mAn’.

@StuartSemple85 @KilmarnockFC He has a CV that even I would be proud of!! 😂 an out the box, no usual suspects appointment that should prove interesting. Forza Killie 🇮🇹.

@RJMcL @Acemcl Agreed, although last time that happened with us it was Ebbe Skovdahl, and that didn’t work out so well 😬😬 However, given the progress with Killie and with Dyer staying, I reckon he’ll do well for you..

Why are heaps of Aberdeen twats acting like Killie have appointed Guardiola as manager? No one had heard of this Italian boy yesterday.

That’s a huge signing for Killie, and can only be a good thing for Scottish fitba. Fair play to them..

@MattMcGlone9 Have killie just appointed an Moroccan street vendor or somert? 🤔.

Brilliant work by @KilmarnockFC - whether it’s successful or not, a big signing that says Killie belong at the top end of the league 👏.

Gary Holt and Cammy Bell : Clubs in Britain are to quick to look at Italian or German managers Killie : signs an Italian gaffer I am here for this. Also offer @paska29 a coaching job. Need someone who knows all about the club.

@KilmarnockFC @mcgowan_stephen Are Killie now going to rebrand as Scottish football’s Azzurri?!.

If this guy at Killie is any good then 1st thing he should do is rip up their plastic carpet..

Cos he’s joining Angelo’s Killie revolution? Forza Killie!.

@KingOfIbrox @1903_AX I think the furore to this tweet is people thinking I’m defending Derek Mcinnes which it wasn’t. Merely pointing out a manager like him is a huge risk for a club like killie..

@DN_1903 @b0ydy09 How so? Why are aberdeen fans all sticking up for killie’s appointment 😂.

@PureFitbaw Wait till you get the usual suspects saying it blocks the path of a scottish manager, I like seeing appointments like these, something fresh and while its a gamble could turn out to be a great appointment for Killie.

Decent appointment on paper for Killie, although going by this the last few weeks, they could have announced wee Gus and they’d all be sleverin all over their pies 😂 Fans will be flocking in numbers with their free Roon the Toon tickets 🙈😂.

Whoever is in the killie recruitment team deserves a raise.

@Chubbsafc It’s still a huge risk Chubbs. Assistant manager to some of the top players in the world will be completely different to managing killie. Could stand here corrected in 12 months time but I’d be willing to wager that he will struggle with what he’s dealt with here..

In ten minutes time I’ll officially be off work for 18 days. Just as well as I’m raging Killie didn’t get Neil McCann. Florida here we fuckin gooooooo!.

@ClydeSSB Statue for Steve Clarke forever a legend! He gave killie back to them. Now Zombies hate Killie SO much. NO MORE CAN ANY OTHER FAN say there is some pathetic love from Killie to them. KFC are united in their distaste for them. LET THIS BE KNOWN!.

@gordon_sawers Sawers looks like a killie pie thats just been shat oot yir bum after a few beers baldy wankstain.

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