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Updated: November 28th, 2021 10:39 PM IST

Thank you for your support. We will stick together and get ready for the next games ahead! 今日も応援ありがとうございました。次に向けていい準備をします!

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Even sitting on your arse watching the game, Kyogo inspires you to run down the road, closing down dog walkers & terrifying joggers with relentless pressure!

FT Celtic 2 - 1 Aberdeen It was another one of those games where the dominance was not matched by the scoreline. Went in 1-1 at HT, but came out utterly dominant in the 2nd half. Jota and Kyogo instrumental again

Wee kyogo literally took that second half on the chin. Booted and blootered and never gave up 💪🏻. A massive 3 points today. Onwards and upwards 🙌🍀💚

Deserved, hard-fought victory for the Hoops. 🍀Some shift from Kyogo. What a terrier.

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Kyogo looks a very decent player, I must admit. But I don’t think I’ve think ever seen a softer c*nt than him. Instructions would be to leave one on him early.

Kyogo has done everything but score today. What a shift. Ajeti on for him to waste time



Fuck all men does not apply to kyogo furuhashi rest of them can rot in hell thank you and good night 🥰

Kyogo Furuhashi, Eamon Brophy, Liam Boyce & Tony Watt all out scoring the FIFTH HIGHEST GOALSCORER IN EUROPA LEAGUE WHEN YOU INCLUDE QUALIFYING. Who says Scottish football has no talent?!

Thank you for your support. We will stick together and get ready for the next games ahead! 今日も応援ありがとうございました。次に向けていい準備をします!

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Was Kyogo and Jota fucked? They didn’t seem like they needed to come off. Strange subs to make at that time

@ticfever @JohnHartson10 Bitton was injured and Jota was tired, Kyogo was the 1 for me but Ange knows Kyogo has played a crazy amount of games already.

@RussellBoyce1 @The3rdFrame I’d have kept Jota on longer but Forrest just back and Kyogo had done loads of running. Need to get some quality in during January but still say we are moving in the right direction


Squad not got enough depth to compete with the best. Game was lost when Bitton, Jota and Kyogo went off. Superb to see how far we’re coming game after game💚

Sometimes the universe works against ye, and then there’s the subs for Celtic. January has to be productive in the transfer market. Other than that how fuckin good are kyogo and Jota? 💚💚

The quality of tonight’s subs were far inferior to the players they replaced. Iota and Kyogo a big miss.

Just goes to show that when you take Jota and Kyogo out of that team, we are in actual fact completely shite.

Replacing Kyogo, Forrest and Jota with johnston, Abada and the Ajeti is like having 3 men sent 🤣

@thecarbonflash @FaustGarbanzo67 I think one of Kyogo or Jota has to play close to 90. Our threat on tje break evaporated with them both gone

@CelticFC I love Ange but I need to be honest. We wouldn’t have lost tonight it we had had a well experienced coach instead. No logic approves to take both Kyogo and Jota off 20 minutes to the final whistle unless the the score is secured at least with 2 goals up.

17 G/A in his first 20 matches for Celtic Football Club. Kyogo Furuhashi 👏 #CelticFC

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A sociedade Kyogo - Jota resulta na perfeição para o Celtic. A quantidade de golos e assistências que repartem entre si, o nível técnico que imprimem em todas as suas. Jota marca agora contra o Bayer Leverkusen, na Alemanha. Aí vão 7 golos e 6 assistências em 16 jogos.

The ball from Hart, the flick from Forrest, the pass from Kyogo and the finish from Jota, unbelievable. WATCHING GLASGOW CELTIC PUTTING ON A SHOW!

Fcuking hell, pass from Hart, flick from Forrest, Kyogo pass Jota goal 💚⚽️👏

Long ball from Hart, Forrest flick to Tunrbull, back to Forrest, to Bitton, deflection comes back to Kyogo and he rolls it over to Jota who almost bursts the net Simply stunning.

That is some goal…Joe Hart…Jamesie…Bitton support….Kyogo…Jota…goal. Wow…just wow. What a goal 2-1 🍀🍀

YEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!!! GET IN!!!! Bayer Leverkusen 1-2 Celtic!!!! El idolo del Benfica marca el 1-2 en el Bay Arena!!! JOTA!!! LA MAGIA. #UEL El Celtic-Real Betis VA A SER BRUTAL. Jota-Kyogo Furuhashi desatados.

BT Sportsの解説が、Celticはドイツのチームに勝った事が無い、と言ってました。(いつから、は聞き逃した) それなら今日勝って歴史を変えられたらexciting 💪 と書いてたら、KyogoはVissel Kobeから来た、と解説が話してて嬉しくなった☺️ #UEL #LEVCEL

PENALTY! Bayer Leverkusen 1-0 Celtic Celtic have a penalty awarded after the referee watched back a challenge on Join us for live updates ⤵️

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