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Larkin and Owen are two of our finest poets. Removing their work from the curriculum is cultural vandalism. Their work must be passed on to future generations - as it was to me. I will be speaking to the exam board to make this clear..

Dylan Larkin surprised Moritz Seider an hour before the NHL Awards ceremony. The Red Wings captain flew to Tampa to sit next to the new rookie of the year..

GB News
GB News

Wilfred Owen, Philip Larkin and John Keats axed by GCSE exam board for black, disabled and LGBT poets.

“This is cultural vandalism, and the losers in this campaign to extend the culture wars into every corner of every classroom are the children denied the opportunity of studying a work of genius.” By ⁦@drdavidajames⁩ who writes beautifully..

Nadhim Zahawi: axing Larkin and Owen poems for GCSE is cultural vandalism.

“First and foremost, writing poems should be a pleasure.” —Philip Larkin.

As Philip Larkin might have written about an exam board: They f**k you up, your - your education, your scope, your.

Nadhim Zahawi: axing Larkin and Owen poems for GCSE is cultural vandalism.

The Times
The Times

Removing Philip Larkin and Wilfred Owen from GCSE English literature is “cultural vandalism”, Nadhim Zahawi has said.

Since when did Texas Roadhouse become such a hot commodity? 90 minute wait on a Thursday, I’m just trying to get a sangria swirl and some rolls people.

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Philip Larkin cancelled by the woke GCSE mob simply for having a ludicrous outsize draught excluder of an appendage.

@espn_macmahon @pandahank41 Looks like Josh Green, Jared Cunnighnam, Dominique Jones, Shane Larkin again.

walked into kianna’s apartment yesterday and was immediately handed an arkells shirt, corgi candle, and a dylan larkin hockey card. this is literally my entire personality..

I want to see them starving, The so-called working class. Their wages weekly halving, Their women stewing grass. When I drive out each morning In one of my new suits I want to find them fawning To clean my car and boots. Philip Larkin.

One of the three UK school exam boards has removed poems by Philip Larkin, Wilfred Owen and Seamus Heaney. And replaced them with 15 poets who are “diverse and LGBTQ+” 14 of the 15 are “of colour” and 6 are black women. Bye bye the greats of the English language.

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Culture Wars are a distraction It’s not about Larkin which kids are taught just a fraction It’s about the Tories keeping us in a rose tinted past Cos they’re an arse An extract from the poem ‘Nadhim is an idiot” by Selina J.

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@nadhimzahawi I hate to break it to you but the GCSE exam syllabus is neither the primary conduit of, still less the chief proselytiser for, a love of poetry. Larkin and Owen will still be available. Let the experts in education do their job..

@TheMikeSommer @SeventiesCard Larkin (4), Bo Jackson (8), Pete Rose (3), Dawson (2), Will Clark (2), Boggs, Bonds (4), McGwire (2), Canseco (6), Cecil Fielder, Strawberry. 1987 Topps sales in June alone. Total sales $.

@nadhimzahawi I see why Larkin resonates, Nad. This verse is the perfect encapsulation of the effect of 12 years of Tory education policy. I can just see you in your teenage bedroom shouting Yes, yes, the future! Bring it on.👇 Man hands on misery to man. It deepens like a coastal shelf.

I think it’s entirely fair to say that all those people who have today suddenly discovered a passionate love of Larkin ... are labouring under the beguiling impression that he is the same person as Betjeman..

GCSE students need fresher, more engaging poetry on the curriculum. Owen and Larkin have not been removed from the entire bloody canon for goodness sake.

@nadhimzahawi I mean Larkin should rightly be studied but is very much the Conservative poet du jour..

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We are, if nothing else, great fans of British literature. Not least the work of Mr Larkin who, it would appear, was writing about the current UK govt as early as 1971 #Sweary.

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The absurdity of removing Larkin - Owen I can leave with, to make room for something more contemporary - is that Larkin is *fantastically accessible* and relatable.

Classic poets removed from GCSE English syllabus in favour of diversity. Gone are Wilfred Owen, Hardy, Keats, Larkin. Where does this stuff end?.

I don’t think I ever studied Larkin at school, was he already cancelled in the mid noughties??.

U bald headed stable heater. Our poets wear a wurld beater. Politikal corectness haz maide fings bad. Noe moore englerish poets maikes me sad. Larkin woz gud butt stopping Owen haz droopied uz in a hole. Four Liverpool he woz lethal inn front of goal..

@phil_deeks I think the last genuinely great English poets to date were Betjeman and Larkin..

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