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Lazy Sunday In News: The Most Popular Tweets | United Kingdom

Lazy Sunday afternoon with some friends who came visiting..

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@Painchaud2000 Morning. Glad you got your gaming groove back. ☺️ I’m just having a lazy Sunday playing games..

Lazy #Sunday trying homemade Toulouse Sausage Rolls Is it important to use Authentic images or could we get away with a Stock picture?.

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Happy #StPatricksDay Gates ❤ Have a wonderful relaxing lazy Sunday 😘 @gates_mcfadden 🇮🇪❤☺.

#shrill is a great watch on a lazy Sunday! Good show. I’m not sure if this goes for the Dutch morning after pill is well, but I was shocked to find out that the morning after pill might not work for ladies over 175 pounds ( 80 kg) ... that’s insane! 😳.

Happy Sunday 🌞 are you having a lazy one or keeping busy? I’ve been on a lovely morning walk to Dartmoor and am planning on spending my afternoon sofa bound 💤 it’s been a beautiful weekend💛.

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Lazy Sunday vibes The Beatles - You Really Got A Hold On Me.

Time for a lazy Sunday, whether it’s at one of our venues or at home what are you playing? I’m going with the third best Alien game (after Alien vs Predator Arcade & Alien Isolation).

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Lazy Sunday! I have some time this afternoon to do readings if anyone wants a free theme of the day reading or a paid reading! It would help me get some food in my fridge..

@bonjakobsen ขอบอกพี่ว่าติด lazy sunday พี่สาวมากกกก.

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope everyone’s having a lazy, pj day like these little ones! 😂😍 They also #FightForWynonna.

Hello! Yes, it is me! Time for some #Diablo on this lovely lazy sunday~.

Memphis Queen and Stella on their couch 🛋 Lazy Sunday.

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So after leaving the house at & not returning until yesterday, I am having a well deserved, lazy Sunday with my family. I attended a business conference in….

lazy sunday practising my #ASECSat50 paper to this.

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A lunch,a walk and an audiobook! Sunday is starting off slow and easy, just a lazy day! Had some crackers with hummus, smoked salmon ,avocado,tomatoes and cucumber for….

Teaching two classes then three hours of team circus photoshoot lazy Sunday 😂🤷🏻‍♀️.

Hmm, more Maddie McCann doc today? Or maybe more Lazy Sunday right after a lazy saturday? May as well 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️.

Sunday. Make up free, lazy, crying about work tomorrow after a week off Sunday. Yes mate..

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Spent a lazy Sunday morning at the flea market. Nice to while away a few hours. Lots of bric bats and collectibles. Not antiques. However, there are many antique shops around this place.….

Its sunday so sunday routine day. Yet I am still in bed, unable to get my lazy ass up.

Having a lazy Sunday? Why not pop down and see Betty and Zoe for lazy Sunday night? 😀😀 Doors Open 7pm Zoe Starts 8pm Show Starts You can pay for ViP Seating or Standing on the night 😁.

Looking for a lazy Sunday dining venue today? Why not try @chequers7oaks? #lazysundays #sevenoaks.

What better to do at a lazy Sunday, then applying for @droidconBerlin Keep our committee busy!.

Lazy Sunday afternoon with some friends who came visiting..

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Blue sky, lazy Sunday. Check out our lovely house:.

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