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#LDinsight for me it has been (and is) the ongoing discussion about ‘Growth Mindset’ and ‘Grit’. The evidence supporting and discrediting both notions keeps changing. Also the research for both ideas in the workplace is woefully lacking. it persists..

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@AndrewJacobsLnD Yes, and - where possible, including more non face to face elements to programmes, to avoid excluding those that can’t be there in person or who have shorter working days. #LDInsight.

@LnDConnect 1) Actively sought out difference & diversity. 2) Approached people, rather than merely advertising roles. 3) Hired for a love of people change, irrespective of background, then developed the capability to do it. #LDinsight.

@LnDConnect I think it’s also important for those of us who’ve held senior posts in HR/L&D to tell our stories about how we’ve *provided* sponsorship. How we practice what we preach #ldinsight.

Lift as you climb. Hold the door open for others. Make yourself available. Challenge the perspectives in the room. Test your thinking with people who are different to you. Coach, listen, think: ‘who else might be good at this?’ #LDinsight.

This is key. Finding out how well your organisation represents the communities it serves, which groups are under-represented, under-promoted and underpaid, is the first step to changing the narrative. #LDInsight.

Wow, challenging question! I guess I’ve continued to encourage the provision of free coaching on leadership programmes for educators (the coaches are paid, but free to the coachee/school/MAT) #LDInsight.

@LnDConnect Noticing under-representation and discussing it is a start, without assuming its because said group is not interested in those roles. #LDInsight.

@LnDConnect In a previous place, they had a very active reverse mentoring program where senior leadership training had a component of storytelling and sharing from under-represented people. The senior leaders found it immensely eye-opening and a lot came forward to actively help #ldinsight.

@JayneHarrison3 @PhilWillcox You two! I would so love to have a coffee with both of you to explore this and so much more. #ldinsight I love knowing you both on Twitter, your thinking and kindness inspire me..

After missing #LDInsight for months I dropped in this morning unplanned and was once again reminded of how awesome this chat is. Thanks to everyone involved, now where did that hour go…..

#LDInsight Completing my CIPD Level 5 whilst reading @AndyLancasterUK and Nick’s books. (Positively) challenged my thinking all the way..

@JayneHarrison3 #LDInsight I agree @JayneHarrison3 and at the same time I see myself making a difference in the way I can. Tinkering with my equivalent of the grow model can in some way affect ( I hope) the human crapness..

@LnDConnect I’m in the process of working with a group of managers where I might normally have done more discovery and design, starting by giving them a common language for understanding and solving problems and letting them set the direction. Work in progress but interesting. #LDinsight.

@JWebbConsulting #ldinsight IMHO credibility must feature in there somewhere. It is a variable that can make facts unbelievable and make beliefs facts. I was listening to #bbcqt last night and at times, despite being presented with verified statistics some still didn’t believe them to be true.

doing more talking to phone video camera for reflection and forcing me to communicate with no prep, no editing, and in a lot of cases posting those vids in the spirit of Working Out Loud #WOL & encouraging others to do likewise #LDInsight.

From a personal experience How does L&D really fit into Agile projects? What can Business Analysis offer us? Should we tap into APIs? Should we possess a basic grasp of coding? Does it open new conversations? #LDInsight.

@ChristineLocher @LnDConnect Yes, editing. Deciding what to stop or reduce substantially. If we want to have time to reflect, to think, to make use of data, to play and experiment then we need to let go of some stuff. #LDInsight.

@LnDConnect The influence of public post-truth world behaviours when coaching for values, purpose and authenticity. Conscious of personal deep held biases and a hope for kindness and altruism to prevail. #ldinsight.

#LDinsight for me it has been (and is) the ongoing discussion about ‘Growth Mindset’ and ‘Grit’. The evidence supporting and discrediting both notions keeps changing. Also the research for both ideas in the workplace is woefully lacking. it persists..

@ChristineLocher @LnDConnect Yes I totally get this. Hubby is in UX/Product and I studied interactive marketing a few years (ahem) back. Thinking about the customer - their whole persona is useful for everything. Keeps the human being front and centre- not the topic. #LDinsight.

@LnDConnect I’ve always been more of a consultant and a manager than a trainer, and my natural style is a bit “teach & tell”. I’ve been challenged to take on a more experiential approach to mirror my partners. I mean, I thought I was, but I wasn’t. And I’m loving it. #LDInsight.

@LnDConnect Attending more events of related fields, spent a lot of time immersed in #marketing topics (doing a Mini MBA and working with a marketing team) and it inspired my practice, communication, user insights, segmentation etc. Massively massively useful. #LDinsight.

@coach2therapist I think that is a great call @coach2therapist when we consider the impact of learning events and carbon footprints, perhaps even more reason to leverage digital? #ldinsight.

We are discussing this: What has challenged your thinking this year about L&D? #LDInsight.

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