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@TheCraigKaye Like it - May I return the favour with CARS: - Challenge - Action - Results - Sparkle! #LDinsight.

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Writers bond over their overused phrases Wonder what would happen if we, in L&D, did this? 🤔 #LDInsight #HRHour.

An awesome example from a #PersonalBrand pro 😉 #LDInsight.

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@JWebbConsulting Text to speech: In Microsoft Word, you can use ‘Read Aloud’ from the Review tab. You can use Read Aloud: A Text to Speech Voice Reader (), a Chrome extension, if you use things like Google Docs #LDInsight.

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@LnDConnect Be curious about people’s challenges and ambitions. Then you can you work out of you’re the right person to help them #LDInsight.

Try not to say yes to everything. Be really clear on your offering, values and what you love doing and stick with that. If you say yes to things you don’t want/out of fear, you leave no space for the stuff you do want. It’s scary but it’s worked for me for 7 years! #ldinsight.

Missed #LDinsight today (day off, slept in!). Very interesting and helpful ’t have been timed better as I contemplate my future. One question I’d ask is whether it’s appropriate/professional to advertise the fact you’re looking for new work whilst still employed?.

Might sound simple but do your research if going for an interview or contacting direct. Who in your LI contact list has worked with/for prospect org, or can they intro you to someone who does? Who do you know/contacts know who will be interviewing you? #LDinsight.

Been a great forum this morning. As much as getting a role is about what we great way to find out about those roles is through who you knew. Feel free to follow me and connect via LinkedIn #LDInsight.

Great #LDInsight chat today, thank you for all your contributions. Wishing everyone a lovely rest of the day. :).

@headfirstonly Totally agree, you just wouldn’t be able to keep up the fake persona! Be yourself! #LDInsight.

I would echo this and add - do blog about things in your field - a number of times I have had people refer to my blog posts in interviews! (So make sure you know what you wrote about as well!) #LDInsight.

Oh my goodnes, oh my goodness, oh my goodness! What a completely brilliant tip! Do you have one that you recommend Mike? #LDInsight.

One more then I have to nip out and then will catch up later: Think about your #PersonalBrand. Have a Twitter account you use for work? Is your profile picture and banner the same there as it is on LinkedIn? Does your banner show what you do? #LDInsight.

@ChrisScottBtn @LnDConnect We are, as it happens 😃 Would be glad to connect with the other #LDInsight contributors too. 🙂.

@LnDConnect Keeping contact with old work colleagues, current supplier chain, conferences where you know there will be opportunities to mingle, Twitter pln of course. Formal structures like ELN. I used to do much more than I do now. I need to get out there #LDinsight.

@LnDConnect And finally - remember it’s the best life in the world and we only live it once. Keep going and talk about it lots! #ldinsight.

@LnDConnect go and talk to other people. everyone knows someone who knows the #LDInsight 🙆🏻‍♀️🗣.

@LnDConnect I never forget the reason you wanted to do it. Whether it was flexibility, choice, slower those reasons will never go away and keep you focussed on what you want to do. Don’t panic, stash cash away in good times, live a simpler life! #ldinsight.

@TheCraigKaye Like it - May I return the favour with CARS: - Challenge - Action - Results - Sparkle! #LDinsight.

@YellowdayTrain @LnDConnect #LDInsight Definitely agree with this! Also, work on your personal brand - know what you offer and what your selling points are. BTW: In engineering/STEM, for those in education, strong year-end projects/placements with a high degree of relevance are big selling factors too..

As a side-note, I would recommend this for general checking your content - not just your CV and applications #LDInsight.

@MikeOzzy @LnDConnect And remember to return the favour with recommendations! #ldinsight.

@TheCraigKaye Having sharp interview technique is important, never underestimate how bored interviewers get during the process #LDInsight.

@JayneHarrison3 @JayneHarrison3 Love the values angle. Opportunities can turn out challenging if they don’t align with our professional DNA. We may not always be able to be over-picky with mortgages to pay but value-alignment matters. We need to be able to define what matters to us! #ldinsight.

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