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Le Saux England’s best performer tonight. Astute punditry. Jude always involved and positive. Easily most creative source. Foden must be wondering what’s it’s all about, Pep-ball to this. Dull, dull, dull. Predictable pattern, send for Grealish to try to rescue from bench #ITAENG.

“It’s got to be frustrating for the coach - he has players that aren’t playing regularly for their clubs”, says C4 Co-comm (Le Saux)? Therein lies the problem - pick players that are playing, ffs..

The only thing worse than England so far has been @graemelesaux14 commentary. Dull as ditchwater and frankly out of touch. Hopefully Southgate will get sacked before the World Cup…… and Le Saux 😭😭.

Le Saux “I feel sorry for the coach, He’s got players not playing for their clubs”….then wtf is he doing picking them then? Not as if there aren’t any other options who ARE playing 🤦‍♂️.

Is there a worse co commentator than Le Saux? Is that all Channel 4 could afford? Total 💩💩💩.

Christ, that performance matched the enthusiasm of Le Saux’s co-commentary 😴😴😴 #ThreeLions.

Fuck me what game Le Saux been watching on this showing England will be out of World Cup in group stages so so poor.

Christ Le Saux doesn’t half talk some shit. Frustrating for the coach! He’s picked this bollocks. How do you think we all feel? Tit. #ITAENG.

So according to Le Saux we have to feel sorry for the coach as he’s got players who aren’t playing for their clubs?! He’s doesn’t have to pick them for their country either! #ITAENG.

Never quite understood the North/South Tonight listening to Graham Le Saux biased commentary has made me fully.

Le saux lad was Tony Hibbert Joe performed at top level. Ch4 has nothing to offer.

@TheReaper08 Awful performance to go with awful coverage. With that presenter, commentator and Le Saux I can see why it’s free!.

Watching England has been bad in these last few games, but having Le Saux commentate has killed it for me. Put C4 football in the bin 🗑.

@AnfieldWatch Yeah .the usual garbage. Southgate praised by Le Saux for picking players on form. Maguire started 🤦‍♂️.

@Channel4 please never bid for England games. Please never use Greame Le Saux ever again. Thanks 👍🏻.

Le Saux on comms: “We need to find a consistent way of creating chances” Maybe have Toney on the bench, get the ball in the fucking box once in a while, and tell Sterling and Kane to PASS THE FUCKING BALL..

Who is commentating on Ch 4? Mills? Le Saux? Saying they feel for Southgate as he’s got players who aren’t playing for their club team! Erm…he picked these players!! Proper dumb comment.

Graham Le Saux - it’s tough for Gareth he’s got players who aren’t playing regular for their clubs Ehhhhh why the fcuk are they playing for England then dehhhhh England are shite simple Classic England don’t play players in form.

Still makes me laugh that pig shit thick football fans used to think Graham Le Saux was gay because he could read. #ITAENG #southgate.

Le Saux saying Grealish needs to come inside shows his ignorance, he’s been told to be out there.


@brownh1989 Was thinking the same, Le saux saying we have an easy group 🤣 don’t think we do based if this. USA ain’t to bad, we should beat them all but the we are playing there is no togetherness it seems or creativity.

Le Saux criticising Kyle Walker is a joke, was at England Vs Romania in France 1998 and Le Saux bottled it for their goal. Lost 2-1. Poked in the eye. apparently @graemelesaux14.

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