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Four years ago, Chelsea drew 2-2 with Tottenham to clinch the Premier League for Leicester. Today, they could do the same for Liverpool 🏆

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FOX Sports Argentina
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🔥 VARDY SUPERÓ LOS 100 GOLES EN LA PREMIER LEAGUE 🔥 El delantero del Leicester, máximo artillero parcial de esta temporada con 21 anotaciones, le marcó un doblete al Crystal Palace y llegó a los 101 en la competición.

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@MwanaFA Wapambane na hali zao sisi tuta chinja Leicester na tunachukua uropa hatuna issue na matokeo ya wengine Viburi flow

Devi Sridhar
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Would be surprised to see case numbers stay low over next 2 weeks. Hearing of people renting party buses to escape Leicester lockdown & head to pubs outside, & same for Scottish people crossing border to get into pubs. Pubs/bars highest risk environment for virus to spread.

Martin Daubney
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For fear of appearing racist, few dared speak the truth about how Leicester sweatshops have been working throughout the pandemic Staff - most women - paid £ for slave labour Silence. Perhaps their lives don’t matter to equality campaigners?

India TV
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#PremierLeague #Chelsea With Leicester and Chelsea both losing, the race for European spots is heating up in the Premier League.

Liz Kendall
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One of the country’s leading respiratory doctors and consultant at Glenfield Hospital, in my constituency, confirms what @Keir_Starmer has just said - the true numbers & demographic data were NOT shared with Leicester #PMQS

Andy Burnham
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This graph begs a lot of questions. The biggest of all is this: why did they give the go ahead for the big re-opening on 4th July when they could clearly see what was happening in Leicester?

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BBC Sport
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Leicester say they can safely play their Premier League fixtures at the King Power Stadium, despite the enforced local lockdown in the city. Read more 👉 #lcfc

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Vicente Carrera
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Cierran por un rebrote de coronavirus las entradas y salidas de Leicester (Reino Unido), así como sus comercios y colegios. Sus habitantes deberán quedarse en casa lo máximo posible vía @europapress

WorldWideChels Podcast/Articles
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A well detailed review for the Leicester 0-1 Chelsea by @arohazard Full details on: - Match analysis - Player ratings - Post match thoughts - Depth in tactics Full article 👉 A big game against West Ham on Wednesday, hopefully we keep it up! #CFC

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Christian Martin
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ULTIMO MOMENTO: rebrote de Covid 19 en la ciudad de Leicester. Se triplican los casos en el area central. El Gobierno cierra la ciudad del resto de Inglaterra con cuarentena estricta. Cierran negocios no escenciales y colegios al menos por 3 semanas.

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BBC Breaking News
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Stricter lockdown measures for Leicester announced, including closing of shops and schools, as Covid cases rise

Chelsea FC
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[email protected] v No player spent more time in possession ( per cent), no player had more touches than his 87, and nobody completed more passes than him either (61). 🔥

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Leicester niggas be like I know a spot and it’s the only spot cos it’s a shisha lounge on top of of a mosque on top of a supermarket

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COVID-19 | Kes Naik Mendadak Di Leicester   Leicester menjadi bandar pertama yang berdepan dengan perintah berkurung atau sekatan pergerakan berikutan peningkatan kes COVID-19.

FOX Sports Argentina
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CHELSEA ELIMINÓ AL LEICESTER Y JUGARÁ CON EL UNITED El conjunto de Londres se metió en las semis de la FA Cup. Del otro lado de la llave se enfrentarán el City y el Arsenal.

Leicester City Argentina
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La estupidez que se está planteando en Leicester de defenestrar a Chilwell por una foto donde se lo ve riendo. Por favor, que inútiles. Nada tiene que ver que haya jugado contra el equipo que lo quiere comprar, en todo caso sería peor demostrar al Chelsea que no te importa ganar.

Dr. Ron Daniels BEM
Dr. Ron Daniels BEM ()

Regional lockdowns, such as that being discussed in Leicester, are absolutely right when we have previously unexposed populations showing new clusters of cases. This is not a second wave, this is regional variance.

Gunners Argentina
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El calendario del Arsenal para Julio: 4/7 vs Wolves (V) 7/7 vs Leicester (L) 12/7 Tontoham (V) 15/7 Liverpool (L) 18 o 19/7 Manchester City (Wembley) Simulen este mes, voy a perder la vida.

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Chelsea’s last five games in all competitions: ✅ Chelsea 2-0 Liverpool ✅ Chelsea 4-0 Everton ✅ Aston Villa 1-2 Chelsea ✅ Chelsea 2-1 Man City ✅ Leicester 0-1 Chelsea

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Olieć ()

That midfield really needed a Mateo Kovacic type of player, moves the ball forward so quickly forcing Leicester to sit back

Chelsea HQ
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Kovacic chasing every ball, forcing Leicester into making errors. Exactly what we needed. #LEICHE

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Calvin Stengs thinks - London is 🔵 South Coast is⚪🔵 Wales is⚪⚫ Manchester is🔴 Merseyside is🔴 and 🔵 North East is 🔴⚪ East Anglia is💛💚 Birmingham is 💜💙 Midlands is 🔵🔵- Leicester city. Sheffield is 🔵 Bristol is⚪🔴 Scotland is ⚪💚

Chelsea FC
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[email protected] was on target twice in our last game away to Leicester! 🔥 #LEICHE

Cortes Y Su Kinder
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Se imaginan al Leicester pensando que nunca habían ganado A Independiente del Al Once A Ok, así nos vemos con @FCFSeleccionCol

Andrew Beasley
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19 teams down, none to go. Norwich, Watford, West Ham, Aston Villa, Bournemouth, Brighton, Burnley, Crystal Palace, Arsenal, Southampton, Newcastle, Everton, Wolves, Sheffield United, Man United, Tottenham, Chelsea, Leicester and Man City can’t catch Liverpool this season.

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Em 2016, o Chelsea empatou com o Tottenham e deu o título da Premier League ao Leicester. Em 2020, o Chelsea derrota o City e dá o título da Premier League ao Liverpool.

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ODDSbible ()

🏆 2014: Chelsea beat Liverpool to help Man City win the title 🏆 2015: Chelsea draw with Tottenham to help Leicester win the title 🏆 2020: Chelsea beat Man City to help Liverpool win the title

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⚽️Liverpool 🟥 es el campeón de la Premier League 🇬🇧 2019/20! Un equipo que quedará en la historia. Se consagró a 7 fechas del final. 23 puntos a Manchester City 31 a Leicester 32 a Chelsea 37 a Manchester United 41 a Tottenham 43 a Arsenal IMPERIAL. RESPETO Y APLAUSOS. 👏👑

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B/R Football
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Four years ago, Chelsea drew 2-2 with Tottenham to clinch the Premier League for Leicester. Today, they could do the same for Liverpool 🏆

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☚ Mason Kolasinac ☛
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