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Boris really needs to get Neil Lennon in the Cabinet. He knows how to get out of Europe quickly..

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Piores da Década @Cornetabfr1 Andrey; Jhon Lennon, Brinner, Joao Filipe e Lima; Lucas Zen, Andreazzi, Hygor Genro do Húngaro e Gegê ; Bruno Corrêa e Yuri Mamute; Técnico: Mancini.

【中文字幕】UQ LENNON WALL 昆士兰大学 列侬墙08//12/19.

You heard about the Hong Kong protests, but you live abroad. Is there anything you can do? We got you covered. Here are 6 things you can do to help the Hong Kong protesters. Based on anonymous submissions, list maintained by @jasonli and I..

Would happily sacrifice Europa league if it means Lennon gets sacked but not the fucking league this close to the 10.

14 August 1985: Michael Jackson paid $ for rights to 250+ songs written by John Lennon/ Paul McCartney, outbids McCartney & Yoko Ono..

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Blame Lennon all you want. Everything wrong with this club comes back to Lawwell.

Lennon should never have been appointed in the beginning. Once again Lawells cheap option of appointment has came back to bite us in the arse..

“I’m gutted because we’ve missed out on CL money.” 😔 “I like Lennon & he knows what Celtic’s all about. I won’t slag him off.” “Now we concentrate on getting 9-in-a-row & 10-in-a-row!” 🏆 Alan Brazil has his say on #CelticFC missing out on the Champions League ☘️.



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Como siempre @realDonaldTrump Usted y su egocentrismo. Escuché a john lennon Le hace mucha falta ser más humano y menos Animal..

esgotou o primeiro lote mas tá vindo o segundo mais chato que john lennon no piano.

Macri y la devaluación Macri con la devaluación ganó $ Vos con la devaluación perdiste el 30% de tu magro sueldo. Ahora te das cuenta que no sos de su clase ?.

Latest additions to the Tsuen Wan Lennon wall of course focus on the medic the police blinded with a beanbag round. But because that’s overwhelmingly grim, we also have cats..

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Si les molesta tanto el triunfo del Domingo, armen un partido y ganen las PASO!! #AlbertoYCristina.

fans didnt want lennon to get the job because we hated him. we love him. but our expectations had been raised and it was clear that investing in a quality manager created more success. more quality. so when the board announced lenny it was seen as a diminuation in aspiration..

@PainAndMe40 @rangerslad1983 He’s fucked it. No chance that was liked by accident 😂😂 out of all the tweets to like he’s liked the one slating Lennon and the team 😂😂😂.

If we lose at Ibrox, especially after Lennon’s team’s last performance there(and also the time we had the chance to win the league there but his team selection was crazy and we shat it), would it be safe to say his job would be on the line considering what’s at stake?.

If Lennon still thinks brown is the one to build a team round then he’s as fucking wired as that board.

Nothing less than a treble and the Europa League should see Lennon keep this job. But no doubt just winning the league alone will cos bare minimum Lawwell..

😂😂 brown liking tweets about his gaffer Lennon getting slaughtered 👌😂 good season coming.

Boris really needs to get Neil Lennon in the Cabinet. He knows how to get out of Europe quickly..

🗯️ What I want from the crowd is just the noise, like they always bring on a big European night. The players can feed off that. - Neil Lennon #UCL 📺 #CELCLU is a worldwide @CelticTV Exclusive! Subscribe now ➡️ 🍀.

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