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John Lennon meets el doctor Chapatín. Con cariño, Alberto..

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La vita è ciò che ti accade mentre sei occupato a fare altri progetti 🎸 Jhon Lennon✏ #VentagliDiParole.

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just because i’ve listened to the lennon stella cover of controlla at least 86 times in the past two days does NOT mean i’m not OKAY alright i’m totally FINE everything is fine stop LOOKING at me i’m NOT yelling.

TRENDING: Neil Lennon reveals Celtic’s future plans for Fraser Forster @CelticBhoysFS.

Stand By Me - John Lennon (official music video) via @YouTube.

@sean_m_maguire @robertcarlyle_ Before playing John These words were full of wisdom too ☺️.

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John Lennon meets el doctor Chapatín. Con cariño, Alberto..

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Deluded hun / Gerrard fan - another of the “LENNON BETTER WATCH OUT BECAUSE GERRARD IS A BORN WINNER” crew - fuck off you thick cunt..

@GiddensJarrod You guys do know John Lennon and John LEGEND are two completely different people right?🤡.

@HollyFromLondon @RealDannyTommo Yaxley-Lennon is zionist who cares more about what his paymasters tell him to do than what happens to Britain. He constantly goes after after nationalits like Mark Collett and Laura Towler ..

@randal_wallace @sigg20 Lennon said without Carl Perkins, there would be no Beatles.

@CraigMurrayOrg @sahouraxo War serves the Trump is at war with the (‘war is over if you want so this is christmas, and what have YOU done?’ Could it be Lennon was killed by ‘the system’...???).

#FelizMartes 😊🌹☕ El mejor regalo que le puedes dar a una persona q te ama, es tu tiempo y tu propia felicidad.💕😍😍 Y ningún motivo le hagas daño, x q la vida es un bumerang y mas temprano q tarde se regresa! 🎵🎵John Imagine🎵🎵.

Me está empezando a preocupar que me siguen muchas cuentas con 0 twits, sin fotos de perfil pero le dan likes a mis twits. En esta casa nos cagan los bots..

@ThornfieldHall @grahamholland13 Have seen this used by Yaxley-Lennon types screaming abuse at pro EU at College Green #RemainAlliance #UniteToRemain.

La vida es aquello que nos va sucediendo mientras nos empeñamos en hacer otros planes. John Lennon..

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El ultimo dia de John Lennon. Las 16 horas de Lennon antes de su muerte..

Remember they were celebrating when Lennon was appointed the manger 😭 BOOM 💥.

im a jealous boy, really feel like John Lennon died 1990 december 8th. Juic Wrld death 8th december 2019, RIP.

@SeattleNative57 I was watching Monday Night football in Glen Ellyn, Illinois when Howard Cosell made the announcement. ABC broke the news first cause a reporter was at Roosevelt hospital when Lennon was brought in.

In memory of John Lennon. October 9th 1940 - December 8th 1980.

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15 frases de John Lennon, el cantante del amor y la no violencia.

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@irolands @JesusChrysler15 Lennon was a self absorbed asshole who wrote simplistic, middle school musings, trash for boomers. People die every day. Thanks, Chapman..

Life is what is happening to you while you insist on making other plans. John Lennon (1940-1980)..

who said anything about d word t stan john lennon Julie Gannon instead of voting for fascists.

@stevelukather Remembering John Lennon on this December 8th 2019- love that Ringo closes his concerts with this song!.

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