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@darrengrimes_ @GBNEWS 1. Yes 2. No 3. Free country, none of your business 4. Are you trying to cancel Les Dawson?.

I almost snorted a hot omlette up my nose laughing at Les Dawson. 😂😂😂.

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Watching Les Dawson, what a comedian, just looking at him has me don’t come like him anymore 😂.

Lovely seeing #BlanketyBlank once again. Utter chaos and anarchy, especially with the excellent Kenny Everett. Terry was brilliant hosting but even he was surpassed by the wonderfully lugubrious Les Dawson. All greatly missed..

@BrianFi44651351 watching another Lancashire lad on TV tonight, LES Dawson my childhood and teenage years , blooming brilliant 👏 😀 👍 👌 😄 x.

Tonight’s TV tips: at 7pm, Alan Carr’s Gameshow on ITV. At 8, Les Dawson doc on C5, Royal Guide To Properties on C4, Sounds Of Birmingham on BBC2 or Paul Simon doc on Sky Arts. At 9, Duran Duran on BBC2. At , Rik Mayall doc on BBC4. At , #DragRaceDownUnder on BBC3 #telly.

Absolutely brilliant seeing Les Dawson on @channel5_tv. What a legend! @CharlotteDawsx.

@markthomasinfo You could do worse than listen to his ‘in the psychiatrists chair’ recorded a week before his death:.

@shewithcapitalV Just been watching Les Dawson doing the same Absolutely mental.

Switched over to bbc2 Duran Duran on thing they need to practice now watching Les Dawson funny man.

Dad just came up to tell me he’s watching les Dawson on channel 5 “Louis is on it!” @AlanKelloggs #mbsdt.

Les Dawson on @channel5_tv they really don’t have comedians like him any more. Some are funny, some of the time. Les Dawson was the king of comedy. I’m laughing and crying through this . 😂🥲.

This program on Les Dawson is bloody awful, Les is brilliant as usual… it’s the rest of it #lesdawson.

@mariebudgie1 As long as you’re not turning into Les Dawson 🤣🤣.

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@ariadne50917613 @Darlis_Steff camino, Dawson siguió caminando con Ofelia, y afuera de la cafetería ella le beso, así que supongo que Mérida les vio (eso habrá que leerlo en el siguiente cap) y ahí terminó..

comme le dit dawson les victimes n’ont pas arrêté d’alerter sur les conséquences y a un moment ils ont juste pas voulu les croire c’est tout.

Les Dawson: Flying High | Edinburgh Fringe theatre review.

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Pas si moyen que ça ce début de saison 5 de Dawson en fait. Le passage à la fac était risqué mais les personnages éclosent enfin et les ajouts sont plutot positifs..

Ehat better than 30 great moments of Les Dawson on a Daturday 🤣.

Mi “Les Dawson was the best on #BlanketyBlank “ Mi Julie “he is dead too …… “ 🙈. I think she is watching too much Hollywood graveyard on youtube again.

Watching Les Dawson always reminds me why from a young age I always wanted to make people laugh. He did me and made me feel brilliant 😁 Laughter is and will always be the best medicine x.

@MicheleDotrice On ch 5 now michele les dawson Love and best wishes love always from janet 6 8 2022.

Yo me ganaba la vida vendiendo muebles. El problema era que eran los míos Les Dawson.

@brendanlovesu1 Honestly, the drag queen thing is ridiculous hysteria, especially in the uk. We have a massive history of tea time drag here - I grew up with Dame Edna Everage, Kenny Everett, Les Dawson, Lily Savage etc - all were national treasures! No one ever thinks that maybe the queens….

“A man falls in love through his eyes, a woman through her ears.” – Les Dawson KDLEX MAGICAL NYght #BeyondTheStarsWithKDLex | #KDLex.

@mand_brun I’ve got an image of Les Dawson and Roy Barraclough as Cissie and Ada gossiping over the garden fence #upthere.

@attenburgher I often think of myself as Les Dawson, as i seem to be gradually morphing into him *slobbers lips*.

I used to sell furniture for a living. The trouble was, it was my Les Dawson.

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