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BREAKING: Hearts fans protest against Levein and board at Tynecastle with cops on scene.

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@pwmcomms Dreadful interview with Craig Levein today, Paul. You didn’t challenge him at all about his responsibility for the poor display. Let him completely blame the players. Shame..

Tatical masterminds of Levein and Heckingbottom up against each other next weekend. 0-0 inbound.

Never want anyone to lose their job but can’t help but think Heckingbottom has pulled the wool over our ! On a positive Levein 👍🏻.

I love seeing these dafties like this, long live Craig Levein 😂😂.

He was believed to be a Mr C. Levein from the Dunfermline area..

@mstewart_23 Levein almost completely destroyed my passion for scotland seems like hes doing same for Hearts. What a shame.

@GrahamSpiers As I have always said about Levein he is full of his own importance and that’s about it, Hearts have roughly 5 to 10 times the budget of Motherwell and he hasn’t got a clue #FUD.

Things you love to see. Announce Levein lifetime contract please hearts.

Can Levein fuck off now? Enough is enough, go and ruin another club! #Hearts #leveinout.

Craig Levein “I feel I can turn it around. It’s just about winning matches, isn’t it? It’s that simple. If I didn’t think we were capable of doing that, then it’s a different conversation.” different day, same rhetoric.

@nrpsimpson They need a change kick Levein upstairs, but not the board. Many a club, ahem, would be glad of their ethics and decision-making.

See Craig Levein?? See if yer gonnae act like yer the smartest guy in the room, ye best be able to back it up or ye just come across as a.

Mental how the Scottish media wants to try and get Alessio sacked and don’t even mention Levein..

Jesus what a shitshow, get every cunt that is involved in the coaching of players to fuck, Macphee, daly and levein all gone clubs dying.

BREAKING: Hearts fans protest against Levein and board at Tynecastle with cops on scene.

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Anti levein protest just took moral high ground with ‘hello hello’ there. 🤔.

@pieandbov No way will Levein fire himself unless he can give his manager self a nice redundancy package while his director self keeps his job.

Hearts fans rioting, ha! Both Craig Levein and Paul Heckingbottom will be gone before next weekend..

I’ve seen glimpses of Clare to show there’s a player there but I’m fed up of waiting for it. Just as we were getting back in to it at 2-1 he sold the team out with a careless piece of defending in the right back area, where he was inexplicably put by Levein #HMFC #ScottishFitbaw.

If Craig Levein gets the sack it’ll be a sad day for Scottish fitba. Always up for a laugh, never took himself too seriously and an all round good 🎣😂.

Even our protests are heartless, and I’m not having a dig at anyone there, I’ve given up caring anaw. Sooner Budge and Levein both get to fuck the better @JamTarts.

What’s next Levein? Another we’re almost there comment. Get your stuff and fuck off..

I know it’s not really for me to say as a Rangers fan but with many Jambo pals I’m going to say it, surely Budge has to get rid of Levein as their form in 2019 is woeful and bottom of the league ffs. Never mind the old pals act #leveinout.

A slight detour from rapping up the game to take in the crowd currently chanting ‘Levein must go’ & ‘Specky get tae fuck’ outside Tynecastle now #HMFC #ScottishFitbaw.

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Rangers keep the difference at the top to 3 points, seeing off 10 man Livi, Motherwell pile the pressure on Levein with a great win, Killie stay on the right track beating Hibs and Aberdeen struggle against St. Johnstone..

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