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Did Lithuania accidentally enter as France? Because this is the most French thing I’ve ever seen #Eurovision.

Today, we remember 🇱🇹 Herald of Freedom – Romas Kalanta, who 50 years ago sacrificed his life in the name of our freedom. Protesting against the Soviet occupation, a 19-year-old student set himself on fire in the street of Kaunas shouting Freedom for #Lithuania!. (1/3).

Lithuania Photo,Lithuania Photo by LT MFA StratCom | #StandWithUkraine,LT MFA StratCom | #StandWithUkraine on twitter tweets Lithuania Photo

Ukraines Televote 12 Poland 🇵🇱 10 Lithuania 🇱🇹 8 Iceland 🇮🇸 7 United Kingdom 🇬🇧 6 Moldova 🇲🇩 5 Estonia 🇪🇪 4 Finland 🇫🇮 3 Netherlands 🇳🇱 2 Norway 🇳🇴 1 Spain 🇪🇸 #EUROVISION.

hate the neutral journalistic term “lawmaker,” just say they’re in the congress of lithuania or whatever.

I know this isn’t nearly as popular as making a blanket statement about how Russian speakers aren’t pro-Russian. But it simply isn’t true that there is no connection with certain segments of society. This is just as true in Ukraine, as it is in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, etc..

UK Not as good as Lithuania Is that just because you fancy the Lithuanian woman? No I thought she had a good song. And a nice dress..

✅劇団かかし座欧州ツアーレポート 昨日のルクセンブルグでの初日、盛況の内に無事終了しました。 動画は本番前の午前中の模様。 明日(5/16)、リトアニアに移動で17日にチャリティー公演本番となります。 クラウドファンディングでのご支援、引き続きよろしくお願い致します。.

My favorites tonight Sweden Lithuania Norway Serbia Uk Ukraine Armenia Finland #Eurovision.

Okay i wanted for either serbia ukraine lithuania or moldova to win and i am so happy that ukraine won but also how great placement serbia had, konstrakta you are THE COOLEST!!!!!!.

How people of Latvia voted #Eurovision Ukraine Lithuania Estonia Moldova Sweden Norway Spain The UK Serbia Finland All of the countries I personally voted made it.

Lithuania Photo,Lithuania Photo by Krista,Krista on twitter tweets Lithuania Photo

congrats lithuania, greece, sweden, and netherlands for all winning eurovision together!!!.

#Eurovision 2022. #Kalush_Orchestra set the highest scores, 12 points each, Moldova, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Romania. 10 points each - Germany, Iceland and France. Not a single point was given by 14 countries, including the Netherlands, Spain, Austria, Great Britain, Italy..

Lithuania Photo,Lithuania Photo by Харьков_Живет Kharkiv_Lives,Харьков_Живет Kharkiv_Lives on twitter tweets Lithuania Photo

Updated top picks: France, Spain, Lithuania, Sweden, Iceland, Moldova and - most ridiculously of all - the UK. #Eurovision.

So far: 1. Ukraine 2. France 3. Spain 4. Germany 5. Lithuania 6. Greece 7. UK Weirdest: Moldova Worst: Australia #Eurovision.

Really poor turnout tonight. Thank goodness for Moldova (and Finland and Lithuania if her song had a chorus) #Eurovision.

Love Lithuania for letting Zendaya represent them ❤️ #Eurovision.

Lithuania Photo,Lithuania Photo by Malthesquid,Malthesquid on twitter tweets Lithuania Photo

Ok. Vou tentar. Meu top 5 da #Eurovision 1. Espanha 2. Ucrânia 3. Lithuania 4. Reino Unido 5. Estónia Ordem de apresentação..

I really want Ukraine to win but Serbia was pretty special as was Lithuania and Moldova but France swung it for me! Great tune… plus they sand in Breton. #Eurovision I have a feeling Spain might win but not sure why… 🍑 No, it was a cracking song too!!!.

Oh god I have no idea who to pick, nothing really jumps out at me this year. I guess (not in order) France, Ukraine, Moldova, Spain, Estonia, UK, Norway, Lithuania, Serbia? If I had to pick a ballad, then Poland or Australia. #Eurovision.

Well done @SamRyderMusic - our votes went to Lithuania, Norway, Moldova and Mika. #EUROVISION.

Congratulations, Ukraine, wish you the best from Lithuania! #Eurovision #Eurovision2022.

Liza Minnelli has outlived the Liza Minnelli lookalike from Lithuania winning Eurovision 2022.

Thanks to Moldova, Lithuania and Poland for giving us maximum points! We stay together! 73!.

@CameronPengoboy I could’ve sworn the fella doing the voting from Lithuania was Right Said Fred and that Ukrainian fella is wearing a flower pot on his head! 😆😆 #Eurovision never fails to give us some epic giggles.


Ukraine has very catchy and original song, they deserve it Although I was counting on Lithuania 🤧 #EUROVISION.

@polygonreno SO TRUE im sad that Lithuania and moldova didnt do too well but this is the best outcome.

@Eurovision SONG CONTEST FINAL RESULT: Poland 🇵🇱 105pts Estonia 🇪🇪 98pts Armenia 🇦🇲 21pts Norway 🇳🇴 146pts Lithuania 🇱🇹 93pts Czechia 🇨🇿 05pts Moldova 🇲🇩 239pts Romania 🇷🇴 53pts Finland 🇫🇮 26pts Iceland 🇮🇸 10pts France 🇫🇷 08pts Germany 🇩🇪 06pts #Eurovision #EUROVISION.

Lithuania Photo,Lithuania Photo by Teshawn LeVarr Edmonds,Teshawn LeVarr Edmonds on twitter tweets Lithuania Photo

im catching up on all the eurovision songs for this year and im pretty sure lithuania is my fave.


@monettasgarden If we keep predicting it, we’ll be right one day! Lithuania will have their first win sooner or later.

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