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Mayweather vs Logan Paul this year! No that’s boxing insider just told

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Ian ()

@BoxingHistory Lol, Logan Paul could have extra seasoning with a side of biscuits and still not have a chance of beating Conor or Floyd.

Jorge JJ
Jorge JJ ()

@BoxingKingdom14 Logan paul wins inside 6 round. Floyd is 45 years old and logan is a elite boxer in his prime. And he was an elite wrestler too so he knows how to use his weight to make floyd tired then tko him. The uppercut he landed on ksi would had ko floyd. Logan a natural cruserweight

#LetsTLK ()

So Floyd Mayweather is going to wake up early morning train his butt off, restrict his eating and all sorts to fight Logan Paul 😖🤣 Money really makes the world go round!

Adam🐺🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇵🇹 ()

You could give Logan Paul as long as he wanted to train then tell mayweather the day of the fight that it’s happening and he’s still be able to beat Paul in the first round

May ()

tw// suicide fuck off preaching mental health & suicide prevention etc and then supporting logan paul, a man who literally exploited suicide. may i remind you he PARADED around the dead body. idc what u do, there’s no coming back from that in my books.

Bobby Axelrod
Bobby Axelrod ()

If Floyd fights Logan Paul 😔😔 i get it the bread will be mad but not everyday fuck up your legacy for p

Jack Roffey
Jack Roffey ()

Are you for real Mayweather VS Logan Paul? 😭 I’m tired of all this YouTube boxing #MayweatherPaul

Southgate OUT
Southgate OUT ()

Logan Paul couldn’t even beat the sponsor on the Iceland national team kit and he’s tryna fit Mayweather LOL GET OUT OF HERE!!!1

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Belt News
Belt News ()

BREAKING: Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul signed for 2020, per Boxing Insider! (via @keemstar)⁣ ⁣ Question: What happened to BOXING? @ Las Vegas, Nevada

BAT ()

If Logan Paul Vs Mayweather gets booked, boxing is the biggest joke in the sporting industry

daddy 𓅰
Daddy 𓅰 ()

why are kanye and logan paul trending what did i miss anyways stream echope

JJK 4 ()

Now I gotta research LOGAN PAUL who are u !!!!! My daughter is making my hair like whomever Logan Paul is . HE MUST GOT NICE HAIR . LOOOOOOGAAAAN 👁 seeeee you buddy . My daughter likes you gotta be a good guy

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Dave ()

Can someone help me who is this idiot called logan Paul or what ever his name is who wants to fight mayweather has he got a brain has he ever boxed in his life the stupid clown

ℤ𝕒𝕔𝕙? ツ➐
ℤ𝕒𝕔𝕙? ツ➐ ()

Please tell me you don’t actually think Floyd fucking Mayweather would lose to Logan fucking Paul in a boxing match

Karen 🪓
Karen 🪓 ()

@KEEMSTAR I still wanna see KSI vs Jake Paul. Logan won’t last half a round in a fight with Floyd. It’s going to be an exhibition fight though right? Hopefully Floyd just knocks him out either way. Lol

Lee ()

any truth to this floyd vs logan paul match? yes match idk if i can call that a

Jeff Rozines
Jeff Rozines ()


logan paul vs floyd mayweather Live Stream
Logan paul vs floyd mayweather Live Stream ()

Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather is set to make his sensational return against YouTube star Logan Paul in an exhibition fight #floydmayweather #loganpaul

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Heavy D🦋
Heavy D🦋 ()

@hansgriffiths i think it’s gonna be a close one if it really does happen! i think logan paul can handle mayweather’s punches!

Fight Island Dana
Fight Island Dana ()

Logan Paul is way out of Floyd’s weight class & Floyd’s 43 now. Yet I still see Floyd winning

DGJ🇾🇪🔴 ()

@IK3Tips Imagine calling logan paul a trained fighter you fucking tool 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 12 is quite a bit off pal but you tried 🤗

PureMMA ()

Rumours that Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul is signed for 2020 😶🔥

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dean 🇺🇸
Dean 🇺🇸 ()

This will possibly be the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. Logan Paul boutta get clowned

Deemz ()

Yo on G, this generation is so messed up, how are ppl believing Logan Paul would beat Mayweather 🤦🏽‍♂️ kids of today for you

Binary Truth
Binary Truth ()

@dillondanis This will not Imagine Floyd taking his first loss to ..LOGAN FUCKING PAUL?

Daanyaal ()

This mf Floyd Mayweather went from talking about fighting Khabib McGregor and Pacquiao in 2020 to fighting Logan Paul

Exodia, The Forbidden One
Exodia, The Forbidden One ()

Can you fucking imagine if Logan Paul knocked out Floyd Mayweather and is the ONE loss in Floyds career? That would be a story for generations to come LOLOLOL Logan fucking Paul The one who dropped the best defensive boxer That would be the greatest boxing moment of all time

Ollie Macnaughton
Ollie Macnaughton ()

@KEEMSTAR Jake Paul going to be like this when Logan gets obliterated.

Tonobarona ()

Logan Paul couldn’t beat KSI, you all really think he’s about to win vs Mayweather—

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KEEM 🍿 ()

Mayweather vs Logan Paul this year! No that’s boxing insider just told

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