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Sadiq Khan is an utter disgrace, we were told on Tuesday at Budget meeting that no decision had been made. This will cost hard working Londoners £ a day #TheULEZscandal.

This. The man has spent years virtue signalling about working class Londoners yet stuck the knife in the second he got the opportunity to.

After the news out this morning that Sadiq Khan is pushing ahead with #ULEZ expansion to Greater London against the wishes of the majority of Londoners, including thousands in Bexley, I visited Bexley Village to discuss this with local business owners 🚗 #TheULEZScandal.

Win one-of-a-kind @CPFC memorabilia 🤝 help south Londoners Join our raffle today for only £5 and win your own piece of Palace History ❤️💙 #CPFC #PalaceforLife.

It’s a @labour Mayor that is “clobbering” Londoners. So many people need to drive into London for work and can’t afford a new car/van, so will have to pay #ULEZExpansion.

@MayorofLondon Resign your contempt for Londoners is a disgrace!.

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I see the usual suspects are getting angry about Londoners being able to breathe cleaner air again..

@AndyKyr @LBCNews So ULEZ is very popular with the Londoners and Khan has done them a favour?🤣.

@danwootton Usual Tory Witch hunt against twice elected Labour mayor Khan. He’s a very popular mayor amongst Londoners. It’s the meagre budget that he gets from Tory government which is hampering the improvements he’d like to make. He’s a million times better than useless spaffer Johnson..

@ShaunBaileyUK Sadiq Khan cares for the health of Londoners, particularly the young, clearly you don’t give a damn. #ULEZ.

@Alyaalsultani @davekanebass Exactly what I said bro. Londoners are geographically challenged 😂😂😂.

lailaforlondon: It’s a @labour Mayor that is “clobbering” Londoners. So many people need to drive into London for work and can’t afford a new car/van, so will have to pay #ULEZExpansion.

Unfortunately the idiot Londoners voted him in 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️.

@HagertyUK And Londoners keep voting for him. Brainwashed metro-centrics who think the only thing that matters is London..

what an absolute joke @MayorofLondon, no matter that 2 out of 3 Londoners where against the expansion, during a time where the poor cant afford to live never mind change cars, you bring this.

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@RossLydall @SadiqKhan Sadiq Khan is a disgrace. He is anti-Londoners. We need a new mayor..

[SIGN OUT] Sudah pukul 9 malam yang mana hari ini di #FREEQUEST Friday I’m in Love @goahantuu & @atanaaaaa harus pamit, Londoners! Selamat istirahaattt🫂.

East/North Londoners - does anyone know of any reasonably-priced halls or pubs or theatres or ANYTHING in Homerton? looking for a unit base for a day tomorrow.

Another tax for Londoners ruining many small businesses in process, awful mayor.

@Councillorsuzie 66% of Londoners voted against this in the air improvement claims are very dubious to say the least. This is just another tax raising scheme where hardworking residents, the disabled and local business will all suffer once again..

@MayorofLondon Despite Londoners not wanting it. Hopefully you will be voted out in time before this vanity project wastes tax payer money..

@MayorofLondon 66% of respondents opposed it. What happened to democracy? You made a proposal and it got rejected following a public consultation. Why are you flagrantly ignoring the majority opinion? You weren’t voted in to ignore the voice of Londoners..

@MayorofLondon The knife crime and the poverty you make is killing more Londoners then the cars #mayoroflondonout.

@TfL Sadie Khan saying give me £ a day and I am happy for you kill Londoners with you car fumes !!!!.

Last week the @MayorofLondon launched #LondonMultiply to help Londoners use maths in their everyday life. There are nearly 300 free numeracy courses ranging from short, flexible courses in money management to career focused courses. Find out more:.

@RichWDartford Fair enough and well done for ducking the other questions. If enough Londoners are opposed to his plans, no doubt they will vote him out at the next mayoral election..

It’s also a win for social justice. The poorest Londoners, and those from ethnic minority backgrounds, are the least likely to own a car but also the worst affected by toxic air. #CleanAirForAll.

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@SadiqKhan is just an absolute cun+!!! Causing more misery for many Londoners,while freeloading off the tax payer in all the carbon blastering vehicles he uses!!! Hypocritical w⚓️.

@MayorofLondon #notmymayor you need to go, the majority of Londoners have voted against the expansion.

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