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36 points. 11 assists. Lou Will is a certified bucket-getter..

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GSW couldn’t contain 6 man Lou Will and Montrelz Harrel at their home in a playoff game what makes you think they’re going to be able to contain guys like Harden, Russ and Giannis 😂😂😂.

Lou Will said he eats Pizza, Tacos, and I better not hear anyone tell me those aren’t good for you🤣.

O jogador preferido do meu irmão é o Lou Will Quando ele saber o que o Clippers fez vai ficar maluco kkkkkkkkkkkk.

I need a Derrick white, D-Lo, and Lou will jersey. That’s it that’s all. Fuck everyone else.

I happen to be that le mafs parent that will growl your kids off in front of you if you continue to sit there like a princess. Ma lave foi ma se po ia oe i lou faavalevalea..

Be careful what you post online. People will dry snitch on you and not even know the full story. - Lou Pocus.

Thank you to @WhatsGoodToRead for the great review of Teachers on Pluto by @LouTreleaven You can read about it: Book 3 of the Penpals on Pluto series is out now to buy:.

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CASTING NEWS: We are delighted to announce that award-winning Ugly Sisters, Dean Horner and Oliver Gray, will star as Lav and Lou Hardup in Cinderella at The Palace Theatre Redditch this Christmas! Book your tickets now 🌟.

24 years ago, this epic event unfolded Andy Prieboy, Body Count, Cosmic Psychos, Custard, Def FX, Faith No More, Ice‐T, L7, Lou Reed, LĪVE, Nine Inch Nails, Nitocris, Pennywise, Pop Will Eat Itself,....

Lou Will s election the people, issues and preparations in the world’s third-biggest democracy….

There’s only one player that has played the 6th man role better than Lou Will n thats J Crossover 🤷🏽‍♂️.

Stopped watching the Clipper game cause they were getting blown out still in the 4th, come find out they made a 31pt comeback. Sick ! Lou Will so nice wit it.

Bro i just woke up to PANDEMONIUM Demarcus out til the finals (if they even get there now) Warriors blew a 30 point lead in the 4TH QUARTER 🤯🤯🤯 LOU MUST HAVE HAD BOTH GIRLFRIENDS AND HIS MOMMA AT THE GAME CAUSE SHEESH I will never again go to sleep before the game is over..

Bon sinon Lou Will/Harrell en pick & roll en sortie de banc, Ça nous pose un gros problème et va falloir trouver une solution défensive. KD énerve plus que tout, fais ce que tu sais faire bordel et arrête de laisser ce chien de Pat faire le buzz sur ton.

warriors blew a 31-point lead 😱 Lou Will issa walking bucket on any given day.

Still can’t believe the Lakers let go of Lou Will 😪.

36 points. 11 assists. Lou Will is a certified bucket-getter..

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Since D Wade is done Lou Will is my favorite player in the league at the moment I’ve been a fan since my freshman year of high school just a legend.

Shamet & Beverley’s Defense late was really good, which is weird considering they gave up 58 points in the 2H, but it was. Quinn Cook can’t play any more mins when Lou Will is out there. Bc Quinn gets Cooked. Y’all see what I did there?.

I told y’all Lou Will is the kinda silent Fire that’ll burn the whole house down before u That nigga took his team from 31pts down and they won. Nah.

I was so happy that @_valherrera and I brought home some Thai food and got the chance to witness an epic playoff game. Lou Will is is a BALLER!!!.

@ChrisPalmerNBA Should I update my profile pic to Lou Will since he’s the new goat?.

FYI the Lakers were too good with Lou Will so they traded him to be able to get the number 2 pick (Lonzo), which is the move that arguable started the whole chain to getting just saying.

36 points. 11 assists. Lou Will is a certified bucket-getter..

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JW President @TomFitton appeared on “Lou Dobbs Tonight” on @FoxBusiness to discuss Nunes’ criminal referral against the DOJ & FBI: Nunes performed some heroic work that will go down in history in terms of confronting a deep state at great personal & political cost of himself..

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