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Tweet247 | Updated: Wed, 18 Apr 2018, 00:06 AM IST

Luciana Berger Top Tweets On Twitter

  • Luciana Berger in tears during anti-Semitism debate. Corbyn walked out after her speech, so missed John Mann telling the House about rape threats against his family from far-left anti-Semites..

  • Luciana Berger directly taking on the Corbynites who abused her after attending the Westminster rally. Corbyn, need I say it, sits there impassively..

  • And this one from Luciana Berger - vital these accounts are being heard, hard to believe this taking place in 2018.

  • To hear Luciana Berger,Ruth Smeeth&other Jewish Labour MPs say what anti semitic abuse they have had was heartfelt&very distressing,even worse that its from some on the left!Too many of these antisemitic morons have been allowed to fester in Lab @jeremycorbyn must get rid of them.

  • @jruddy99 Apparently he walked out while Luciana Berger took her seat in tears. Then returned to have Diane Abbott act as his shield..

  • @Sam34948787 @the_J_Hi @jeremycorbyn Sam, it is no secret that Luciana Berger, John Mann and Ruth Smeeth are Labour friends of Israel. LfoI has a problem with Corbyn. So much that they have used #antisemitism, a serious issue, as a weapon to exploit in order to smear a Labour leader who stands for human rights..

  • @ViscountPuddle @DPJHodges Incredibly brave, along with Luciana Berger, John Mann, Margaret Hodge and many others. Complete detachment from Corbyn, a man in denial and appalling deflection from Abbott..

  • @glencoehiker @mikeallenjones @JonesCitizen @timothy_stanley I suggest you listen to the grotesque racial anti-Semitism Luciana Berger has just been discussing aimed at herself in the Commons anti-Semitism debate. None of it remotely related to Israel..

  • Brilliant and brave speech by Luciana Berger MP #LabourAntisemitism #EnoughisEnough.

  • @BBUKMIKE Hi Mike. I think this is a serious misreading of the nature of the concerns. Please listen to the debate in full, or at least the speeches of the jewish MPs in Labour, like Luciana Berger..

  • @bbclaurak Tom Mann and Luciana Berger Really #EnoughIsEnough So sad to see..

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