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Cost of Lyle Taylor to Charlton - £0 Cost of a Lyle Taylor goal for Charlton in the play-offs - priceless. #CAFC.

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Jason Pearce, Lyle Taylor, Charlton at Wembley. ❤️🍒 Let’s hope we can watch their promotion party this time. #afcb.

When @JohnMarquis09 realises Lyle Taylor is the best 9 in the league #cafc.

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@Anthony_Hornsby Next thing you know it’ll be 20 goals 20 goals Lyle 🤦🏼‍♂️.

@butler__andy Has lyle Taylor popped out your pocket Please tell the lads so proud of you.

@lyletaylor90 another Wembley final for Lyle Taylor Baby. Enjoy your day out fella and well done on getting there.

Just had w a cig on the Valley’s pitch and touched our mate Lyle Taylor, happy Friday x.

Catts to absolutely nail Lyle taylor within 5 mins get ya house on it 💪🏻👊🏻.

@CAFCofficial Gillingham fan here. Congratulations! I hope you go on and beat Sunderland in the final. You have the best player in the league in Lyle Taylor, and hopefully he will fire you into the Championship. Good luck!.

Wow, what a Semi-Final! Incredible twists and turns throughout. Well done to #CAFC on getting to Wembley - though I suspect if Lyle Taylor had put them three up in the first leg it might have been easier for their fans’ blood pressure!.

1998 play-off final repeat Lyle Taylor turned down one side for the other #SAFC started League One life by beating Charlton Charlton draw 4-4 and win on penalties Narratives.

Mad that everyone watching lost their nerve as Lyle Taylor strolled up for his except for him. Damn, what a playoff tie that was. Charlton vs Sunderland then. Anyone got Clive Mendonca’s number?.

Lyle Taylor was immense. Absolutely immense. Stood up when others were massively flapping. #cafc.

Lyle Taylor “The fans have spoilt that for me by coming on the pitch” Sorry wrong player..

Lyle Taylor just said the atmosphere at the Valley has been very good this season 😂😂😂😂.

Tommy Rowe wtf was that? Some great penaltie, great ‘walk’ up by Lyle Taylor. Well done Bowyer #cafc.

GOAL! Charlton 3-2 Doncaster Lyle Taylor makes no mistake. LIVE: #CHADON #bbcefl.

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Lyle Taylor and the low, driven ball across the six yard box is nearly as iconic a duo as Jack Stacey and the low, driven ball across the six yard box.

Very flexible man, that Lyle Taylor. #CharltonvDoncaster.

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Gotta be honest though. I can’t believe Millwall watched Lyle Taylor & Elliott at AFC Wimbledon and said “We’ll have that one” What the skilful blonde one? “ The lanky one, who can’t head a ball to save his fuckin’ life”.

@Stefan44036341 Don’t want charlton to go through just because of Lyle Taylor, the guys a melt..


Andy Butler has a good way of letting Lyle Taylor to keep his mouth shut by scoring #CHADON.

Lyle Taylor is not only a very decent player but a top quality shithouse too & I love it @lyletaylor90.

Use the Saville money to buy Lyle Taylor if/when Charlton bottle the playoffs. Everything we need in a striker.

Cost of Lyle Taylor to Charlton - £0 Cost of a Lyle Taylor goal for Charlton in the play-offs - priceless. #CAFC.

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