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Fancy that Maddison rucksack? £6500 😳 @BBCMOTD #LEITOT.

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Just a reminder that James Maddison still hasn’t played a game for England yet. Absolutely crazy..

Would love James Maddison at UTD. He would allow Scott Mctominay to sit in the pocket instead of being IN his pocket..


Safe to say Maddison has had something of a belter of a day all round..

Manchester United please sign James Maddison from Leicester please, thank you🤝.

I really played my wildcard this weekend and took out Ricardo, Maddison and Silva and they ALL SCORED..

How To Truly Impress Girls via @Necro__art Watford #MCIWAT #LEITOT Maddison Man City Sterling Norwich Etihad Tottenham Aguero.

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Estamos ante la temporada cúspide de James Maddison, este chico fichará por un grande muy pronto & será una venta multimillonaria, nuevamente para Leicester City; no se esconde los grandes, todo lo contrario, se juega los partidos de su vida. Admirable su nivel, potencia inglesa..

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@LCFC mimpin 1-0 gol dianulir VAR, kane bikin 1-0. Lawan nambah gol ke-2, eh gajadi kena VAR juga. Riki bikin 1-1. Maddison 2-1. Comeback! 😂.

Noticias de España : Maddison castiga al Tottenham y culmina la remontada del Leicester: Un gol de James Daniel Maddison, a cinco minutos de la conclusión, culminó la remontada casera del Leicester sobre el Tottenham (2-1), castigando a un equipo del….

Fancy that Maddison rucksack? £6500 😳 @BBCMOTD #LEITOT.

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Maddison, Henderson, to make a few..

@LCFC We are playing too defensively. We don’t need Choudhury and Nindidi in the same centre mids. If we need 2 at the centre, play Praet for more creativity. We are not getting the best out of Maddison and Tielemans.

@WazzaEra Chilwell, Maddison, and that Luis kid from I’d be happier,. Maybe Harvertz and Werner from the German league as well but I can Glazers holding their penny pouch.

Match Summary: - Disappointing performance. - Some players were very poor. - Ricardo, not his usual self. - Evans, solid as always. - Ndidi, not bad. - Tielemans, ineffective. - Maddison, dangerous at times. - Vardy, very quiet. - Fair play United. Tottenham Hotspur (H), next..

Sauced throughout the match. Balled Maddison and Tielemans* off the bark.

@richo164 @mikeegee70 Far too good for that Rochdale shambles of a side that’s for sure. Maddison and Toney far too good at this level Mock Goo.

@SkySportsNews if you want goal of the day you might as well just do a Marcus Maddison.

All the pre-match talk was about a certain Leicester midfielder, but McTominay re-wrote the script #mufc.

@thatjamesboy Yes for Maddison. Chilwell should never have been a yellow. Literally did nothing to warrant it!.

@johncrossmirror Maguire brutal for the Maddison chance but he is English so that is ok..

Such a good squad yet stupid decisions cost us. Rash challenge from Soyuncu who’s still raw, Maddison out wide has and will never work and how we’re still pissing around with Gray shows us we’re still not 100% there #LCFC.

Analysis from today: 1. Sign Maddison yesterday 2. Aaron Wan Bissaka is outrageous 3. I’m better than Matic #MUFCLFC.

Yes : we have to wait for the likes of hopefully Sancho, Rice and Maddison. No : we shouldn’t have to watch Matic and Mata..

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